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Layout, imagery, and editing: Meredith James

Issue 15.1 includes contributions responding to the following prompt: Sherrie Levine. Contributors respond to the various ways Levine’s work has influenced our concept of art, design, self, and issues still central to the lives of women. Topically, the authors vary in their responses, some more direct – as in Nicole Dyar’s social criticism on the appropriation and replication of women’s identities (can an authentic woman exist in contemporary digital culture?) – while others remain more loosely / conceptually related. Sarah McCoy rectifies a noticeable gap in graphic design history, that of early colonial women printers. Hayden Roma takes on the multifarious ways we look at Barbie, what she has meant in the past and continues to represent today - entirely revisionist. Lisa Jarrett’s lovingly poetic view on experience touches deeply upon longing and memory. And finally, editor Meredith James introduces a series of thought-provoking questions, using design thinking to offer a new approach towards understanding sex-based inequity.

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Portland State University. School of Art + Design


Art and design -- Criticism and interpretation, Art criticism, Arts and society, Digital media -- Social aspects


Art and Design | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media


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Issue 15.1 is the inaugural issue of LIVD.

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