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Water -- Purification -- Equipment and supplies


A method and apparatus for filtering a fluid is presented. In one embodiment, the apparatus converts contaminated water into water having a lower turbidity and bacterial contamination level than the contaminated water. The apparatus includes a settling unit for at least partially settling a portion of the water; a filter unit having a filtration media; wherein the filtration media comprises sand, anthracite coal, burnt rice husks, diatomaceous earth, gravel, pumice gravel, or combinations thereof; a sanitation unit; wherein the sanitation unit is an ultraviolet disinfection unit; a backwash unit; wherein the settling unit is in fluid communications with the filter unit and the backwash unit, the backwash unit is in fluid communications with the filter unit, and the filter unit is in fluid communications with the sanitation unit; and wherein at least a portion of the settling unit is elevated above the filter unit.


Patent No.: US 8,002,993 B2. Filed Aug. 23, 2011.

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