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Physics of Fluids

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Vortex-motion, Fluid dynamics, Statistical analysis, Aerodynamics, Differential geometry, Flow visualization, Unsteady flow (Fluid dynamics)


Unsteady flow separation in rotationally augmented flow fields plays a significant role in a variety of fundamental flows. Through the use of time-resolved particle image velocimetry, vorticity accumulation and vortex shedding during unsteady separation over a three-dimensional airfoil are examined. The results of the study describe the critical role of surface vorticity accumulation during unsteady separation and reattachment. Through evaluation of the unsteady characteristics of the shear layer, it is demonstrated that the buildup and shedding of surface vorticity directly influence the dynamic changes of the separation point location. The quantitative characterization of surface vorticity and shear layer stability enables improved aerodynamic designs and has a broad impact within the field of unsteady fluid dynamics.


Originally appeared in Physics of Fluids, 30, 045108 (2018). May be found at Published by AIP Publishing.



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