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Journal of Fluid Mechanics

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Wakes (Aerodynamics), Wind turbines -- Aerodynamics


This study presents the findings of a wind tunnel experiment investigating the behaviour of micrometric inertial particles with Stokes numbers around unity in the turbulent wake of a stationary porous disk. Various concentrations Φv ∈ ([6 − 19] × 10−6) of poly-disperse water droplets (average diameter 40–50μm) are compared with sub-inertial tracer particles. Hot-wire anemometry, phase Doppler interferometry and particle image velocimetry were implemented in the near- and far-wake regions to study the complex dynamics of such particles. Quadrant analysis is used to explore the shear effects of the particle wake interaction. Turbulence statistics and particle size distributions reveal distinct differences in the structure of the wake when inertial particles are present in the flow. Additionally, there are different structures in the near and far wake regions and structures change with particle volume fraction.


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