Call for a special issue of the Northwest Journal of Teacher Education, around the theme of “A Critical Reimagination of Teacher Education for Sustainable Social Justice in a Time of Crisis.”

Special Issue Editors: Maika J. Yeigh, Portland State University and Richard D. Sawyer, Washington State University Vancouver.

The Northwest Journal of Teacher Education invites manuscripts for a special issue focused on critical responses to and reflections of teacher educators and students in the northwest United States and southwest Canada to the current COVID-19 crisis facing education. At a time when education is increasingly mediated by technology and online platforms and when the use of such platforms is perceived by many as a remedy if not a panacea for the crisis in education, many of us are deeply troubled by either real or potential issues facing teacher education and preparation programs. However, as a broad and diverse community of teacher educators, many of us are currently engaged in thoughts and actions to lessen threats to social justice or even reimagine and strengthen social justice foundations and dynamics in education. In this issue, we seek to present a collective yet pluralistic response to this crisis.

We invite 1,500 to 3,000 word manuscripts (although there may be exceptions to the length) in a range of genres and formats, including empirical studies, reflection pieces, position papers, auto/duoethnographies, dialogic essays, and/or arts-based (e.g. PhotoVoice) inquiries. The only specific requirement is that the manuscripts take a critical, social justice stance to teacher education at this time of the COVID-19 crisis.

Additional possible topics may include the following:

Indigenous pedagogies and teacher education/preparation

Identity more generally (K-12 student, teacher candidate, faculty members) and crisis education (e.g., isolation, reclaiming self, privileging/erasing identity, technology regulation of identity, various identity markers)

Culturally Sustainable Pedagogy

Trauma (K-12 students, teacher candidates, faculty members)

Anti-trauma education

English Language Learners

EcoJustice Education

Neoliberalism and education (e.g., regulatory discourses, the role of ideology, the privatization of education)

Ability, access, and equity issues

The reimagination of education

The above topics are suggestions and we invite you to be creative with the manuscript call. The call is open to faculty members as well as graduate students.

Submission date: July 1, 2020, via the website for the Northwest Journal of Teacher Education: https://pdxscholar.library.pdx.edu/nwjte/. The projected publication date is late fall, 2020.

CALL for Manuscripts: The Northwest Journal of Teacher Education

The NWJTE is a peer-reviewed journal that serves as a forum for a network of scholars, supervisors, pre-service teachers, K-12 practitioners and administrators, and others who work to bring forth new insights and wisdom about what it means to prepare and support teachers for democratic education. We share unique cross-border educational perspectives from both the northwest United States and Canada and from elsewhere in the world. The journal is committed to highlighting the interdependent, cooperative nature of teacher education and fostering a sense of common purpose among the people and institutions who work to empower and support the next generation of teachers. NWJTE offers a space to collectively work through the interconnected demands of equity, excellence, and sustainability related to the issues of our time. To that end, and in an effort to record such dialogue and action, the journal seeks out and invites contributions that represent the diverse roles, perspectives, and methodologies found within teacher education. We are interested in research, practice and policy-based papers from a wide net of theoretical perspectives, and we invite authors to submit work in traditional or non-traditional representational style for review.

The NWJTE is published twice each year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The manuscript submission dates are August 15 for our fall issue and February 15 for our spring issue.