Volume 18, Issue 1 (2023)

The Northwest Journal of Teacher Education is thrilled to bring forward research that pushes education stakeholders to consider changes that move the field forward into more equitable spaces. The four articles in this issue work toward this end. In the first manuscript, Johnson challenges readers to consider informal mentorship structures as a mechanism to re-engage mid-career teachers. The second manuscript continues in the K-12 sphere with Whitaker exploring the development of Statistics teachers in high school settings. In the third manuscript, Chant & Zoellner's research lifts up the tensions of the third-space within the Professional Development School context. And, in the final manuscript, Wellington considers some of the trauma-informed pedagogies that were honed during the pandemic and how those can be implemented in 2023 and beyond. We believe you will find these meaningful contributions ... Enjoy!


Editorial Board

Amir A. Gilmore
Daniel Ness
Matt Ridenour
Richard Sawyer
Francene Watson
Wanying Wang
Shain Wright, Associate Editor
Maika J. Yeigh