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W. Robert Daasch

Term of Graduation

Winter 1997

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical Engineering




Integrated circuits -- Very large scale integration, Continuous-time filters, Complementary metal oxide semiconductors



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1 online resource (xii, 83 pages)


Automatic synthesis of digital VLSI layout has been available for many years. It has become a necessary part of the design industry as the window of time from conception to production shrinks with ever increasing competition. However, automatic synthesis of analog VLSI layout remains rare.

With digital circuits, there is often room for signal drift. In a digital circuit, a signal can drift within a range before hitting the threshold which triggers a change in logic state. The effect of parasitic capacitances for the most part, hinders the timing margins of the signal, but not its functionality. The logic functionality is protected by the inherent noise immunity of digital circuits.

With analog circuits, however, there is little room for signal drift. Parasitic directly influence signal integrity and the functionality of the circuit. The underlying problem, that the automatic VLSI layout programs face, is how to minimize this influence.

This thesis describes a software tool that was written to show that the minimization of parasitic influence is possible in the case of automatic layout of continuous-time filters using transconductance-capacitor methods.


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