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Tori Crain

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Spring 2023

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Psychology






Help-wanted advertising, Race -- Demographic aspects, Minorities -- Recruiting, Web sites



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1 online resource (vi, 138 pages)


Prior research has examined the effects of diversity-related recruitment on racial and ethnic minority applicants, but less research has focused on how objective and realistic information about diversity influences applicant outcomes. Drawing from previous literature on realistic job previews (RJPs) and social identity theory (SIT), the current study investigates how recruitment material with objective racial demographic information (i.e., percentage of racial minorities employed) and leader diversity testimonials (i.e., positive or realistic) on diversity recruitment webpages affect racial and ethnic minority applicant outcomes (i.e., organizational attraction, sense of fit, and organizational trust) using a 3x2 between-person experimental design. Finally, the study examines how diversity centrality, or the extent to which diversity is valued by an individual, moderates the effects of recruitment material on applicant outcomes. Overall, I hypothesized that applicants would rate higher levels of attraction, sense of fit, and trust towards organizations that provided racial demographic information and a realistic diversity testimonial on their fictitious website. Furthermore, I hypothesized that these effects would be stronger for applicants with higher levels of diversity centrality. Results from multiple regressions indicated that no hypotheses were supported. Various explanations for these non-significant findings and limitations of this work are discussed that may be beneficial for future research on diversity recruitment.


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