Sightnoise (1985)

Sightnoise (1985)


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A collaborative work by The Company We Keep, a professional dance company in residence at Portland State University School of the Performing Arts. Performed at Lincoln Hall Auditorium, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.

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Choreography: Tami Gray, Sara Grindle, Terri Mathern, Bonnie Nedrow, Judy Patton, and Wade Madsen.

Music: Dale Svart, Phil Royer, Britt Peddie, Michael Hornburg, and Bill Nelson.

Dancers: Sue Brantley, Rob Bruce, Tami Gray, Sara Grindle, Dan John, Terri Mathern, Wade Madsen, Bonnie Nedrow, Judy Patton, Janet Varga.

Set: Lee Read with photography by Amy Schutzer-Moore and Dale Svart.

Films: David Bryant and Michael Hornburg


This recording is made available through the Portland State University Library Special Collections and University Archives with permission and is for educational and non-commercial use only. It cannot be reproduced in any form, distributed or played for commercial purposes. For more information, please contact Special Collections at Portland State University Library at: or (503) 725-9883

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Sightnoise (1985)