PSA, Portland Dance Theater (1977)

PSA, Portland Dance Theater (1977)


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Performed by Susan Howard and Carl Rowe in Portland, Oregon.

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In 1971, Portland Dance Theater began as a professional dance company, originally formed by four former Portland State University students and professional dancers: Jann McCauley, Cathy Evleshin, Bonnie Jo Merrill, and Pat Wong.

They started out teaching dance at the Hillside Center, the former Catlin Gabel School facility, which then developed into a center for the arts. The Hillside Center offered classes and studio space for visual and performing artists. It had four buildings, one of which housed the Playmakers and Portland Dance Theater.

Later that year, Judy Patton joined Portland Dance Theater as a principal dancer, and Penelope Boals, Adrian Kahtany and Gregg Bielemeier joined as apprentices. The Portland Dance Theater performed at various venues around Portland, supported by funding that included a grant from the NEA.

Portland Dance Theater ended in October 1979. Many dancers continued on with their own companies, and some of its members reorganized as the Cirque studio. Jann McCauley was the artistic director and choreographer of Cirque.


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PSA, Portland Dance Theater (1977)