Submissions from 2023


Portland State University Spring Symposium Report, Stephen Percy, Amy Mulkerin, Anna Ruby, Andria Johnson, Rowanna L. Carpenter, Jill Emery, Jennifer H. Allen, Kevin Neely, Lindsey Wilkinson, Cara Meyer, Michelle Janke, Jen Gray-O'Connor, Brad Simmons, and Kelly Fry

Submissions from 2022


The Reimagine Campus Safety Committee Final Report to President Stephen Percy and the Greater PSU Community, Jose Coll, Vicki Reitenauer, Ed Washington, Zachary Mettler, Charlie Evans, Crystal Renee Tenty, Deborah Mayo Kelley, Kimberly Barsamian Kahn, Marcy Hunt, Molly Gunderson, Roberto Valentin, Scott Merriman, Stéphanie Wahab, and Yves Labissiere


Creating a Just Climate Future: A Community Dialogue, Stephen Percy; Cynthia Carmina Gomez; Lindsay Romasanta; Ira Cuello Martinez; Misha Beldon; Nikita Daryanani; Carmen Rubio; Margi Bradway; John Wasiutynski; Alli Miller; Jules Roth; Pavithra Prasad; Heifara Wheeler; Jennifer H. Allen; Todd Rosenstiel; Jenny McNamara; and Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr.

Submissions from 2021


University Metrics Annual Report, Office of Institutional Research and Planning


The Imperative for Climate Action at Portland State University, Stephen Percy

Submissions from 2020


The Remote Learning Experience at Portland State University in Spring 2020, Liana Bernard, Phoebe Brown, Peter Chaille, Brenden Clenaghen, Joshua Eastin, Andrea Garrity, Sherril B. Gelmon, Carolina Gomez-Montoya, Laura E. Jacobson, Susan Lindsay, Maya McGill, Nate Midgley, Stephen Percy, Judith A. Ramaley, Risto Rushford, Gayle Y. Thieman, and Luis Balderas Villagrana

Submissions from 1989


Disability Rights Mandates: Federal and State Compliance with Employment Protection and Architectural Barrier Removal, Stephen Percy and United States Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations