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Community engagement in higher education, Climatic changes -- Social aspects, Wildfire -- Effect of climatic changes on, Energy policy -- Social aspects, Climatic changes -- Effect of human beings on, Land use – Political aspects, Urban climatology -- Social aspects, Forest canopies -- United States -- Metropolitan areas -- Social aspects, Sustainable development, Plant dispersal -- Socioeconomic factors, Environmental justice -- Governmental policy -- United States, City planning -- Environmental aspects, Sustainable urban development, Trees in cities -- Oregon -- Portland, Urban forestry -- Oregon -- Portland, Air quality – Environmental aspects, Air -- Pollution -- Health aspects -- Oregon -- Portland, Energy consumption -- Social aspects -- United States, Fossil fuels -- Social aspects -- United States, Environmental justice, Social justice, Racial justice


On May 12, Portland State hosted a symposium on climate justice that brought together staff members from community organizations, regional and local climate policy leaders, and student activists from PSU and PCC to discuss their priorities and explore how PSU can aid and elevate the efforts of those working directly on this important issue.

The event, “Creating a Just Climate Future: A Community Dialogue," paired with PSU’s 15th Annual Sustainability Celebration, was seeded by PSU President Stephen Percy’s climate initiative announcement.

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Event Details.pdf (230 kB)
Description, Timestamped Index, Speaker Biographies

What should PSU do.pdf (67 kB)
Responses to the question: "What do you think PSU should be doing on climate and climate justice?"

Climate change course ideas.pdf (58 kB)
Responses to the question: "If Portland State offered a course that was open to all on “What Everyone Should Know about Climate Change”, what would you like to see addressed in that course?"