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The 2023 Spring Symposium arose in response to a request to PSU administrators in a Faculty Senate Resolution. That resolution noted the high level of interest by the Faculty Senate in both understanding and engaging in the university’s budgeting processes.

The Symposium offered an opportunity for all PSU employees to come together to identify priorities and shared purpose regarding the university’s approach to long term financial planning. The recommendations created during the symposium are being shared with incoming president Ann Cudd to inform her thinking as PSU pursues a path toward financial sustainability.

Table of Contents

04 Statement from President and Faculty Senate
05 2023 Faculty & Staff Spring Symposium Event Overview
08 Collaborative Governance Overview
10 Report Purpose & Intention 11 Process Recommendations
13 Next Steps
15 Acknowledgements
16 Appendix: Process Recommendation Tool


PSU’s Spring Symposium was held on April 27th, 2023. The focus of the event was to engage in dialogue for the purpose of gathering input from Faculty and Staff regarding the process and outcomes of decision-making at the university, particularly related to budget planning processes.

The event was organized for the participants to engage in a World Café Activity, gathering in groups to discuss pertinent questions and unearth possible solutions. Participants were able to participate either in-person at the Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom or online via Zoom; both formats offered two sessions of 15 minutes of discussion with one question per table or breakout room. The in-person event had approximately 150 participants and the online event had approximately 70 participants.

Questions Discussed:
a. How might we design processes in a way that increases trust across campus?
b. What are the characteristics of a healthy budgeting process?
c. How might we utilize collaborative governance principles while making decisions and developing processes?
d. What are traps we want to avoid while making decisions and developing processes?
e. Given the financial challenges we face and the sense of fragmentation across campus, how can PSU build more collaboration and engagement principles to achieve financial sustainability?
f. What areas of investment (new or continued) are most important to us?

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