Submissions from 2019


Timing of Antiretroviral Therapy and Systemic Inflammation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Results From the META Longitudinal Cohort Study, Mark J. Siedner, Bosco M. Bwana, Stephen Asiimwe, Gideon Amanyire, Nicholas Musinguzi, Jose R. Castillo-Mancilla, Russell P. Tracy, Ingrid T. Katz, David Bangsberg, and multiple additional authors

Inflammatory Biomarkers Prior to Antiretroviral Therapy as Prognostic Markers of 12-month Mortality in South Africa and Uganda, Mark J. Siedner, MB Bwana, Stephen Asiimwe, Nicholas Musinguzi, Jose R. Castillo-Mancilla, G Amanyire, RP Tracy, David R. Bangsberg, C. Orrell, and Jessica E. Haberer

All Things Being Equal: Distinguishing Proportionality and Equity in Moral Reasoning, Chris Skurka, Liana B. Winett, Hannah Jarman-Miller, and Jeff Niederdeppe


Relative Wealth, Subjective Social Status, and Their Associations with Depression: Cross-Sectional, Population-Based Study in Rural Uganda, Meghan L. Smith, Bernard Kakuhikire, C. Baguma, Justin D. Rasmussen, David Bangsberg, and multiple additional authors

Unexpected Term NICU Admissions: a Marker of Obstetrical Care Quality?, Jonathan Snowden, Suzan L. Carmichael, and Mark A. Klebanoff

Opposing or Complementary Perspectives? Perinatal Outcomes, Causality, and Time Zero, Jonathan M. Snowden

Invited Commentary: The Causal Association Between Obesity and Stillbirth-Strengths and Limitations of the Consecutive-Pregnancies Approach, Jonathan M. Snowden and Stephanie A. Leonard


Prescription Opioid Use Patterns, Use Disorder Diagnoses, and Addiction Treatment Receipt after the 2014 Medicaid Expansion in Oregon, Rachel Springer, Miguel Marino, Steffani R. Bailey, Heather Angier, Jean O'Malley, Megan Hoopes, Stephan Lindner, Jennifer E. DeVoe, and Nathalie Huguet

Rhesus Macaque Rhadinovirus Encodes a Viral Interferon Regulatory Factor To Disrupt Promyelocytic Leukemia Nuclear Bodies and Antagonize Type I Interferon Signaling, Laura K. Springgay, Kristin Fitzpatrick, Byung Park, Ryan D. Estep, and Scott W. Wong

Reducing Risk for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Through a Preconception Counseling Program for American Indian/Alaska Native Girls: Perceptions From Women With Type 2 Diabetes or a History of GDM, Sarah Stotz, Denise Charron-Prochownik, Martha Ann Terry, Kelly Gonzales, and Kelly Moore

Access to HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis in Practice Settings: A Qualitative Study of Sexual and Gender Minority Adults' Perspectives, Christina J. Sun, Kirsten M. Anderson, David Bangsberg, Kim Toevs, Dayna Morrison, Caitlin Wells, Pete Clark, and Christina Nicolaidis


“Little Tablets of Gold”: An Examination of the Psychological and Social Dimensions of PrEP Among LGBTQ Communities, Christina J. Sun, Kirsten M. Anderson, Kim Toevs, Dayna Morrison, Caitlin Wells, and Christina Nicolaidis


Correlates of Same-sex Behavior Disclosure to Health Care Providers Among Black MSM in the United States: Implications for HIV Prevention, Christina J. Sun, Karin Tobin, Pilgrim Spikes, and Carl Latkin

The Social Network Context of HIV Stigma: Population-based, Sociocentric Network Study in Rural Uganda, Sae Takada, Viola Nyakato, Akihiro Nishi, James A. O'Malley, Bernard Kakuhikire, Jessica M. Perkins, David R. Bangsberg, Nicholas A. Christakis, and Alexander C. Tsai

Reducing the Burden of False-Positive Tests: It Is Time to Optimize Diagnostic Testing for Undifferentiated Conditions, Elliot B. Tapper, Luke Strnad, and Robert Shmerling


Internet Addiction, Smartphone Addiction, and Hikikomori Trait in Japanese Young Adult: Social Isolation and Social Network, Masaru Tateno, Alan R. Teo, Wataru Ukai, Junichiro Kanazawa, Ryoko Katsuki, Hiroaki Kubo, and Takahiro A. Kato

Using Skype to Beat the Blues: Longitudinal Data from a National Representative Sample, Alan R. Teo, Sheila Markwardt, and Ladson Hinton

High Prevalence of Maternal Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Deficiency Is Not Associated With Poor Birth Outcomes Among Healthy White Women in the Pacific Northwest, Doria K. Thiele, Elise N. Erickson, and Jonathan M. Snowden


Quantifying Increased Ground Water Demand from Prolonged Drought in the East African Rift Valley, Evan A. Thomas, Joseph A. Needoba, Doris Kaberia, John Butterworth, Emily C. Adams, Phoebe Oduor, Denis Macharia, and multiple additional authors

New Research Directions on Disparities in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, Pamela L. Thornton, Shiriki K. Kumanyika, Edward W. Gregg, Maria Araneta, Monica L. Baskin, Marshall Chin, Carlos J. Crespo, Mary de Groot, David O. Garcia, Debra Haire-Joshu, Michele Heisler, Felicia Hill-Briggs, Joseph A. Ladapo, Nangel M. Lindberg, Spero M. Manson, David G. Marrero, Monica E. Peek, Alexandra E. Shields, Deborah F. Tate, and Carol M. Mangione

Describing Latent Phase Duration and Associated Characteristics among 1281 Low-Risk Women in Spontaneous Labor, Ellen L. Tilden, Julia C. Phillippi, Mia Ahlberg, Tekoa L. King, Mekhala Dissanayake, Christpher S. Lee, Jonathan Snowden, and Aaron B. Caughey

Education Program Regarding Labor Epidurals Increases Utilization by Hispanic Medicaid Beneficiaries: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Brandon M. Togioka, Katherine M. Seligman, Megan K. Werntz, N. David Yanez, Lorna M. Noles, and Miriam M. Treggiari


Shared Medical Appointments and Patient-Centered Experience: a Mixed-Methods Systematic review, Kim H. Wadsworth, Trevor G. Archibald, Allison E. Payne, Anita K. Cleary, Byron L. Haney, and Adam S. Hoverman

Building a Social Justice Narrative for Public Health, Lawrence Wallack

Injured Older Adults Transported by Emergency Medical Services: One Year Outcomes by POLST Status, Dana Zive, Craig D. Newgard, Amber Lin, Aaron B. Caughey, Susan Malveau, and Elizabeth Eckstrom

Submissions from 2018

Total Worker Health® Intervention for Construction Workers Alters Safety, Health, Well-Being Measures, Kent Anger, Jason Kyler-Yano, Katie Vaughn, Bradley Wipfli, Ryan Olson, and Magali Blanco

Disparities in Smoking Cessation Assistance n US Primary Care Clinics, Steffani R. Bailey, John Heintzman, R. Lorie Jacob, Jon Puro, and Miguel Marino


Use of Quality Improvement Strategies Among Small to Medium-Size US Primary Care Practices, Bijal A. Balasubramanian, Miguel Marino, Deborah J. Cohen, Rikki L. Ward, Alex Preston, Rachel Springer, Stephan R. Lindner, Samuel Edwards, John McConnell, Benjamin F. Crabtree, William L. Miller, Kurt C. Stange, and Leif I. Solberg


HLA-C Downregulation by HIV-1 Adapts to Host HLA Genotype, Nathaniel D. Batchel, Gisele Umviligihozo, Suzanne Pickering, Talia Mota, Hua Liang, Gregory Q. Del Prete, Pramita Chatterjee, Guinevere Q. Lee, Rasmi Thomas, Mark A. Brockman, Stuart Neil, Mary Carrington, Bosco M. Bwana, David Bangsberg, and multiple additional authors

Barriers to Participation in a Community-Based Program to Control Transmission of Taenia Solium in Peru, Michelle Beam, Angela Spencer, Lauralee Fernandez, Ruth Atto, Claudio C. Muru, Percy Vilchez, Ricardo Gamboa, Sandra Olaya, Viterbo Ayvar, Armando E. Gonzalez, Hector H. Garcia, Seth E. O’Neal, and Cysticercosis Working Group Peru

HIV Infection and Risk of Postpartum Infection, Complications and Mortality in Rural Uganda, Lisa M. Bebell, Joseph N. Ngonzi, Mark J. Siedner, Winnie R. Muyindike, Bosco M. Bwana, Laura E. Riley, Yap Boum II, David R. Bangsberg, and Ingrid V. Bassett

The Acute Effects of Age and Particulate Matter Exposure on Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability in Mice, Blake A. Bennett, Ernst W. Spannhake, Ana M. Rule, Patrick N. Breysse, and Clarke G. Tankersley


PCORnet Antibiotics and Childhood Growth Study: Process for Cohort Creation and Cohort Description, Jason P. Block, L. Charles Bailey, Matthew W. Gillman, Douglas Lunsford, Janne Boone-Heinonen, Lauren P. Cleveland, Jonathan Finkelstein, Casie E. Horgan, Melanie Jay, Juliane S. Reynolds, Jessica L. Sturtevant, and Christopher B. Forrest

Women Who Bedshare More Frequently at 14 Weeks Postpartum Subsequently Report Longer Durations of Breastfeeding, Marit L. Bovbjerg, Jill A. Hill, Adrienne E. Uphoff, and Kenneth D. Rosenberg


Concerning Trends in Allopathic Medical School Faculty Rank for Indigenous People: 2014–2016, Erik Brodt, Amanda Bruegl, Erin K. Thayer, M. Patrice Eiff, Kelly L. Gonzales, and Carlos J. Crespo


United States State-Level Variation in the Use of Neuraxial Analgesia During Labor for Pregnant Women, Alexander Butwick, Jason Bentley, Cynthia Wong, Jonathan Snowden, Eric Sun, and Nan Guo

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Water Insecurity and Gendered Risk for Depression in Rural Uganda: A Hotspot Analysis, Christine E. Cooper-Vince, Hawk Arachy, Bernard Kakuhikire, Dagmar Vořechovská, Rumbidzai Mushavi, C. Baguma, Amy Q. McDonough, David R. Bangsberg, and Alexander C. Tsai

The 'Indirect Costs' of Underfunding Foreign Partners in Global Health Research: A Case Study, Johanna Crane, Irene Andia Biraro, Tamer M. Fouad, Yap II Boum, and David R. Bangsberg


Effect of Metformin Exposure on Growth and Photosynthetic Performance in the Unicellular Freshwater Chlorophyte, Chlorella vulgaris, Brittany M. Cummings, Joseph A. Needoba, and Tawnya D. Peterson

The Role Of Epidemiology In Firearm Violence Prevention: A Policy Brief, Amy B. Davis, James A. Gaudino, Colin L. Soskolne, and Wael K. Al-Delaimy

Spontaneously Arrested Transmission of Cysticercosis in a Highly Endemic Village with a Very Low Migration Rate, Oscar H. Del Brutto, Seth E. O'Neal, Pierre Dorny, and Hector H. Garcia


Correlates of Motivational Interviewing Use Among Substance Use Treatment Programs Serving American Indians/Alaska Natives, Daniel Dickerson, Laura A. Moore, Traci Rieckmann, Calvin D. Croy, Kamilla Venner, Jacquelene Moghaddam, Rebekah Gueco, and Douglas K. Novins

Exploring Treatment Needs and Expectations for People Living with HIV in South Africa: A Qualitative Study, Valerie A. Earnshaw, Laura M. Bogart, Ingrid Courtney, Holly Zanoni, David R. Bangsberg, Catherine Orrell, Kathy Goggin, and Ingrid T. Katz


Internalized HIV Stigma, ART Initiation and HIV-1 RNA Suppression in South Africa: Exploring Avoidant Coping as a Longitudinal Mediator, Valerie A. Earnshaw, Laura M. Bogart, Jean-Philippe Laurenceau, Brian T. Chan, Brendan G. Maughan-Brown, Janan Dietrich, Ingrid Courtney, Gugu Tshabalala, Catherine Orrell, Glenda E. Gray, David Bangsberg, and Ingrid T. Katz


Diagnostic Performance of Blood Inflammatory Markers for Tuberculosis Screening in People Living with HIV, Katherine Farr, Resmi Ravindran, Luke Strnad, Emily Chang, Leah H. Chaisson, Christina Yoon, William Worodria, Alfred Andama, Irene Ayakaka, Priscilla Bbosa Nalwanga, and multiple additional authors


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Strategies for Addressing the Challenges of Patient-Centered Medical Home Implementation: Lessons from Oregon, Sherril B. Gelmon, Nicole Bouranis, Billie Sandberg, and Shauna Petchel


An Indigenous Framework of the Cycle of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Risk and Prevention Across the Generations: Historical Trauma, Harm and Healing, Kelly Gonzales, Michelle M. Jacob, Amanda Mercier, Heather Heater, Lindsay Nall Goes Behind, Jillene Joseph, and Suzie Kuerschner


Analyzing Policies Through a DOHaD Lens: What Can We Learn?, Julia M. Goodman, Janne Boone-Heinonen, Dawn M. Richardson, Sarah B. Andrea, and Lynne C. Messer


Associations Between Environmental Quality and Adult Asthma Prevalence in Medical Claims Data, Christine L. Gray; Danelle T. Lobdell; Kristen M. Rappazzo; Yun Jian; Jyotsna S. Jagai; Lynne Messer PhD, MPH; Achal P. Patel; Stephanie A. DeFlorio-Barker; Christopher Lyttle; Julian Solway; and Andrey Rzhetsky


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Menthol Cigarette Smoking Among Individuals in Treatment for Substance Use Disorders, Noah R. Gubner, Denise D. Williams, Anna Pagano, Barbara K. Campbell, and Joseph Guydish

Pharmacists' Role in Opioid Safety: A Focus Group Investigation, Daniel M. Hartung, Jennifer Hall, Sarah Haverly, David Cameron, Lindsey Alley, Christi Hildebran, Nicole O'Kane, and Deborah Cohen


Medicare Accountable Care Organizations Are Not Associated With Reductions in the Use of Low-Value Coronary Revascularization, John M. Hollingsworth, Brahmajee K. Nallamothu, Phyllis Yan, Sarah Ward, Sunny C. Lin, Carrie H. Colla, Valerie A. Lewis, and multiple additional authors

Development of an Algorithm to Link Electronic Health Record Prescriptions with Pharmacy Dispense Claims, Megan Hoopes, Heather Angier, Lewis A. Raynor, Andrew Suchocki, John Muench, Miguel Marino, Pedro Rivera, and Nathalie Huguet

Postpartum Care in the United States - New Policies for a New Paradigm, Mara E. Horwitz, Rose L. Molina, and Jonathan Snowden

Pregnancy Weight Gain by Gestational Age in Women with Uncomplicated Dichorionic Twin Pregnancies, Jennifer A. Hutcheon, Robert W. Platt, Barbara Abrams, Betty J. Braxter, Cara L. Eckhardt, Katherine P. Himes, and Lisa M. Bodnar

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Quantifying Bias in Measuring Insecticide-treated Bednet Use: Meta-analysis of Self-reported vs Objectively Measured Adherence, Paul J. Krezanoski, David R. Bangsberg, and Alexander C. Tsai


The Relationship Between Hospital and Ehr Vendor Market Dynamics on Health Information Organization Presence and Participation, Sunny C. Lin and Julia Adler-Milstein

Technology, Incentives, or Both? Factors Related to Level of Hospital Health Information Exchange, Sunny C. Lin, Jordan Everson, and Julia Adler‐Milstein

Electronic Health Records Associated With Lower Hospital Mortality After Systems Have Time To Mature, Sunny C. Lin, Ashish K. Jha, and Julia Adler-Milstein


Harnessing Social Media to Explore Youth Social Withdrawal in Three Major Cities in China: Cross-Sectional Web Survey, Lucia Lin Liu, Tim MH Li, Alan R. Teo, Takahiro A. Kato, and Paul W.C. Wong

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Role of Survey Response Rates on Valid Inference: an Application to HIV Prevalence Estimates, Miguel Marino and Marcello Pagano


Opposing Effects of Impulsivity and Mindset on Sources of Science Self- 5 Efficacy and STEM Interest in Adolescents, Lisa K. Marriott, Leigh A. Coppola, Suzanne H. Mitchell, Jana L. Bouwma-Gearhart, Zunqiu Chen, Dara Shifrer, Alicia Feryn, and Jackilen S. Shannon

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Toward an Intergenerational Model for Tobacco-Focused CBPR: Integrating Youth Perspectives via Photovoice, Ryan J. Petteway, Payam Sheikhattari, and Fernando Wagner

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The Curse of the Perinatal Epidemiologist: Inferring Causation Amidst Selection, Jonathan M. Snowden, Marit L. Bovbjerg, Mekhala Dissanayake, and Olga Basso

Further Applications of Advanced Methods to Infer Causes in the Study of Physiologic Childbirth, Jonathan Snowden and Ellen L. Tilden

Formulating and Answering High-Impact Causal Questions in Physiologic Childbirth Science: Concepts and Assumptions, Jonathan Snowden, Ellen L. Tilden, and Michelle C. Odden


Oregon Medicaid Expenditures after the 2014 Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion: Over-time Differences among New, Returning, and Continuously Insured Enrollees, Rachel Springer, Miguel Marino, Jean P. O'Malley, Stephan R. Lindner, Nathalie Huguet, and Jennifer E. DeVoe


Perceptions of Needs, Assets, and Priorities Among Black Men Who Have Sex With Men With HIV: Community-Driven Actions and Impacts of a Participatory Photovoice Process, Christina J. Sun, Jennifer L. Nall, and Scott D. Rhodes


Gender Differences in Sexual and Reproductive Health Protective and Risk Factors of Batswana Adolescents: Implications for Parent and Adolescent Interventions, Christina J. Sun, Esther S. Seloilwe, Mabel Magowe, Kefalotse S. Dithole, Kim S. Miller, and Janet S. St. Lawrence


Comparing Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender Women who Use Grindr, Other Similar Social and Sexual Networking Apps, or no Social and Sexual Networking Apps: Implications for Recruitment and Health Promotion, Christina J. Sun, Erin L. Sutfin, Laura H. Bachmann, Jason Stowers, and Scott D. Rhodes

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Reaching Those at Risk for Psychiatric Disorders and Suicidal Ideation: Facebook Advertisements to Recruit Military Veterans, Alan R. Teo, Samuel B.L. Liebow, Benjamin Chan, Steven K. Dobscha, and Amanda L. Graham


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Rising Food Security Concerns Among New Zealand Adolescents and Association with Health and Wellbeing, Jennifer Utter, Betty T. Izumi, Simon Denny, Theresa Fleming, and Terryann Clark

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