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Brain damage -- Medical statistics -- Analysis, System analysis, Graphical modeling (Statistics), Reconstructability Analysis, Information Theory, Probabilistic graphical modeling, Multivariate analysis discrete multivariate modeling, Data mining


Clinical studies are expensive & time-consuming. Typically in these studies specific hypotheses are subjected to confirmatory test. Yet the data may harbor evidence of unanticipated relations between variables. It is thus desirable to subject the data to secondary analyses in the hope of discovering novel & valuable associations. Exploratory analysis, however, is tentative: findings should be replicated in new data. This presentation reports some secondary analyses on concussion data. Data mining on 2 datasets will be discussed, & some unexpected findings reported. The analyses use reconstructability analysis (RA), a probabilistic graphical modeling method implemented in the Occam software package developed in the Systems Science Program of Portland State University.


Presented at the System Science Seminar. Harder House. Portland, OR.

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