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Northwest Philosophy Conference

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Fall 11-4-2023


Graham Harman, speculative realism, systems theory, systems metaphysics, dualism, structure and function, coherence and correspondence criteria of truth, deontological & virtue & utilitarian ethics, AI and the Turing Test, Rosenstock-Huessy’s cross of reality


Graham Harman writes that the “basic dualism in the world lies…between things in their intimate reality and things as confronted by other things.” This paper supports Harman’s assertion from a systems theoretic perspective and illustrates it with some examples, including conceptions about truth, ethics, value, and intelligence. But dualism implies irreconcilable difference; what Harman points to is better expressed as a dyad, where the two components not only imply one another but are related, and where this spatial dyad is usefully augmented with a temporal dimension, expressed in a third component or an additional orthogonal dyad.

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