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Computer software -- Development, System analysis


This paper suggests a technique for improving the conceptualization of models. The key aspect of this technique is to set aside the main model for a period of time during the model conceptualization process and focus on building a "watchdog" submodel. The primary purpose of the watchdog submodel is to assure that the main model remains internally consistent during its operation. In the experience of this author, such a submodel can help to identify model conceptualization errors and to determine if a model is sufficiently "robust" to adequately replicate the behavior of the system being modeled.

This is not a research paper. Rather, it is a discussion paper intended to stimulate thought and to encourage dialogue among modelers regarding the challenging task of model conceptualization. The ideas presented herein have not been fully tested by this author through appropriate research; they are merely concepts that appear to have potential within the modeling field.


Presented at the ISSS 1990 Annual Conference

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