Witness Grete Weil: An Intensive Summer Graduate Seminar

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Shedding Light on the Darkness: A Guide to Teaching the Holocaust

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Book chapter in a book about how to teach about the Holocaust.

Book table of contents:

Introduction / Nancy A. Lauckner -- 1. The Holocaust through Literature and Film / David Scrase -- 2. The Well-Utilized Survivor / Susan E. Cernyak-Spatz -- 3. Victims and Perpetrators: The Many Voices of the Holocaust / Thomas Freeman -- 4. Designing within and around Limits: The Holocaust, Madonna, and Me / Linda Feldman -- 5. The Difficulty of Breaking the Silence: Teaching the Holocaust in a Program of German Literature and Culture / Dagmar C.G. Lorenz -- 6. Four Genres and One Question: Why? / Steven R. Cerf -- 7. The Holocaust and Resistance in German Literature / Gisela Brude-Firnau -- 8. Inserting a Short Course on the Holocaust into German Offerings at a Small Liberal Arts College / Nancy M. Decker -- 9. Teaching the Shoah in Context: A Course on Jewish German Relations / Karen Remmler -- 10. German Myths and Jewish Traumas: Teaching Postwar Cultural History 1945-1995 / Florentine Strzelczyk -- 11. Witness Grete Weil: An Intensive Summer Graduate Seminar / Laureen Nussbaum -- 12. A Graduate Seminar on the Holocaust and the Third Reich as Reflected in Postwar German Literature / Nancy A. Lauckner -- 13. The Nazi Period, the Holocaust, and German-Jewish Issues as Integral Subjects in a German Language Course / Karin Doerr -- 14. The Holocaust in an Introductory German Literature Course: Problematic Responses as a Catalyst for Curricular Change / Miriam Jokiniemi -- 15. Beyond Cultural Literacy: "Interactive Autobiography" as Holocaust Pedagogy / William Collins Donahue -- 16. The Teaching (and Not Teaching) of "the Disaster" / Leslie Morris -- Important Historical Readings on the Holocaust and the Nazi Era.

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