Anne Frank

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Anne Frank: Reflections on her Life and Legacy



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This is a citation of a book chapter about Anne Frank.

The book is a concise, readable volume of the articles and memoirs most relevant for understanding the life, death, and legacy of Anne Frank.

Table of Contents: Foreword by Buddy Elias -- Preface -- Chronology -- Introduction -- Anne Frank / Laureen Nussbaum -- The arrest and the betrayal / Henry Paape -- Visiting hours after 9 A.M. / Ernst Schnabel -- The last days of Margot and Anne Frank. A. "Her last days" / Hannah Pick-Goslar. B. Bergen-Belsen / Lienjte Rebling-Brilleslijper -- The darkest days / Miep Gies -- Epilogue to the diary of Anne Frank / Simon Wiesenthal -- The legend and art of Anne Frank / Henry F. Pommer -- The development of Anne Frank / John Berryman -- Introduction to the tales from the house behind / G.B. Stern -- Anne Frank: self-portrait as an artist / Rachel Feldhay Brenner -- Death and the maiden / Harry Mulisch -- Anne Frank's reading: a retrospective / Sylvia Iskander -- Reading Anne Frank as a woman / Berteke Waaldijk -- The American history of.

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