The Evolution of the Feminine Principle in Brecht's Work: An Overview

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Part I: Theory and practice of the theater. alienation in context: on the theory and practice of Brechtian theater / Reinhold Grimm -- Brecht and the problem of influence / Christine Kiebuzinska -- Brecht's Lehrstücke: a laboratory for epic and dialectic theater / Karl-Heinz Schoeps -- First comes the belly, then morality / Herbert Knust -- Part II: Poetry and prose fiction. Poetry, history and communication / Christiane Bohnert -- War-poetry, photo(epi)grammetry: Brecht's Kriegsfibel / Stefan Soldovieri -- Dialectics and reader response: Bertolt Brecht's prose cycles / Sabine Gross -- Part III: Film and music. Brecht and film / Marc Silberman -- Brecht, new waves, and political modernism in cinema / Barton Byg -- Brecht contra Wagner: the evolution of the epic music theater / Vera Stegmann -- Brecht and his musical collaborators / Thomas R. Nadar -- Part IV: Marxism and feminism. Brecht's Marxist aesthetic / Douglas Kellner -- The Evolution of the feminine principle in Brecht's work: an overview / Laureen Nussbaum -- Part V: Translation, reception, and appropriation. Negotiating meanings: thoughts on Brecht and translation / Michael Morley -- Brecht and the American theater / Carl Weber -- Brecht in Latin America: theater bearing witness / Marina Pianca -- Brecht in Asia: new agendas, national traditions, and critical consciousness / Michael Bodden -- Annotated bibliography / Siegfried Mews.

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