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Revista de lenguas para fines específicos

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Comparative and general Case (Grammar), Comparative and general grammar -- Morphosyntax, Comparative and general grammar -- Morphology, Albanian language -- Morphology


The purpose of this research is to compare descriptively the issues arising from comparing the direct and indirect objects in both Albanian and Spanish. Both languages belong to different Indoeuropean groups, however they keep some morphosyntactical similarities in some of the functions of these two cases. In Albanian, five cases are used to indicate relations between words. In Spanish, the morphological difference of cases (inherited from Latin) has only been kept in the third person of the indirect and direct object pronouns. We present here paralellisms and linguistic applications of these two cases: dative (indirect object) and accusative (direct object) in European languages that has never been compared before.


Originally appeared in Revista de lenguas para fines específicos (Languages for Specific Purposes), © 2014 LFE

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