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Ethnomethodology, Conversation analysis, Small groups


Language use, second-language development, and technology mediated human activity are complex processes situated in, and in some cases demonstrably interwoven with, specific material and social contexts. Our presentation describes a project that focuses on the contextually embedded nature of communicative action. Building upon recent research on ethnomethodological analyses of talk-in-interaction while walking (Haddington et al., 2013), analyses of how communicative activity mediates our understanding of objects and environments (Nevile et al., 2014; Latour, 2005), principles of extended and embodied cognition (Atkinson, 2010), and existing research on the use of mobile place-based augmented reality (AR) techniques for language learning (Holden & Sykes, 2011; Thorne, 2013; Thorne et al., 2015), this paper investigates participants’ contextually aware interactional practices as they carry out an AR activity. In response to the question of when and how action is explicitly situated in, or catalyzed by, particular aspects of the physical surround, we report on members’ methods for making unplanned use of resources from the immediate physical context in order to co-construct actions (such as wayfinding and oral reporting) to accomplish the AR game goals.


Presented at the XVIIIth International CALL Conference: CALL in Context, 7-9 July 2017, UC Berkeley, USA

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