Introduction: Howard Mancing's Autopoiesis: a Journey of Self-Creation and Adventure

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Self, other, and context in early modern Spain : studies in honor of Howard Mancing



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Spanish literature -- Classical period, 1500-1700 -- History and criticism Self in literature Other (Philosophy) in literature Mind and body in literature Cognition in literature


Introduction to a collection of articles that honor of Howard Mancing.

This volume includes scholarship in some of the areas of research and themes that Howard has cultivated along his path of letters. It is intended to honor his autopoietic process of constant self-creation as a scholar and, also, to echo his voice, to make his work resonate with the strength of a polyphony sparked by admiration and friendship. We are very grateful to all the scholars who have contributed enthusiastically to this project and we are certain that, just as their essays are animated by Howard’s ingenious research, they will in turn inspire the making of other original pieces, which will add to his legacy.


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