Submissions from 2021

The Influence of Microsite Conditions on Early Performance of Planted Nothofagus Nitida Seedlings when Restoring Degraded Coastal Temperate Rain Forests, Jan R. Bannister, Manuel Acevedo, German Travieso, Andres Holz, and Nicole Galindo

Combating Ecosystem Collapse from the Tropics to the Antarctic., Dana M. Bergstrom, Barbara C. Wienecke, John van den Hoff, Lesley Hughes, David B. Lindenmayer, Tracy D. Ainsworth, Christopher M. Baker, Lucie Bland, David M J S Bowman, Shaun T. Brooks, Josep G. Canadell, Andrew J. Constable, Katherine A. Dafforn, Michael H. Depledge, Catherine R. Dickson, Norman C. Duke, Kate J. Helmstedt, and Andrés Holz


Regulators and Utility Managers Agree About Barriers and Opportunities for Innovation in the Municipal Wastewater Sector, Alida Cantor, Luke Sherman, Anita Milman, and Michael Kiparsky

Effects of Land Use Change, Wetland Fragmentation, and Best Management Practices on Total Suspended Sediment Concentrations in an Urbanizing Oregon Watershed, USA., Heejun Chang, Yasuyo Makido, and Eugene Foster

Understanding Urban Flood Resilience in the Anthropocene: A Social-Ecological-Technological Systems (SETS) Learning Framework, Heejun Chang, David J. Yu, Samuel A. Markolf, Chang-yu Hong, Sunyong Eom, Wonsuh Song, and Deghyo Bae

Socio-Spatial Analysis of Residential Water Demand in Mexico City, Arturo Ramos-Bueno, Maria Perevochtchikova, and Heejun Chang

A Multivariate Assessment of Climate Change Projections over South America Using the Fifth Phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, Valerie Thaler, Paul C. Loikith, C. Roberto Mechoso, and Luana Albertani Pampuch

Submissions from 2020

Planned Retreat in Global South Megacities: Disentangling Policy, Practice, and Environmental Justice, Idowu Ajibade

Why Climate Migration is Not Managed Retreat: Six Justifications., Idowu Ajibade, Meghan E. Sullivan, and Melissa Haeffner

The World's Southernmost Tree and the Climate and Windscapes of the Southernmost Forests, Brian Buma, Andres Holz, Ivan Diaz, and Ricardo Rozzi


High-severity and Short-interval Wildfires Limit Forest Recovery in the Central Cascade Range, Sebastian Upton Busby, Kevan B. Moffett, and Andres Holz


The Fire and Tree Mortality Database, for Empirical Modeling of Individual Tree Mortality after Fire, C. Alina Cansler, Sharon M. Hood, J. Morgan Varner, Phillip J. van Mantgem, Michelle C. Agne, Matthew Ayres, Robert A. Andrus, Jonathon D. Bakker, Michael A. Battaglia, Shelby A. Weiss, and multiple additional authors


Legal Geographies and Political Ecologies of Water Allocation in Maui, Hawai'i, Alida Cantor, Kelly Kay, and Chris Knudson


Evaluating CMIP6 Model Fidelity at Simulating Non-Gaussian Temperature Distribution Tails, Arielle J. Catalano, Paul Loikith, and J. David Neelin

Seasonal Variation in Hydrologic Performance of Ecoroofs of Multiple Depths – A Case Study in Portland, Oregon, USA, Heejun Chang, Ashley M. Baker, Olyssa Starry, and Junjie Chen

A Community-Engaged Approach to Transdisciplinary Doctoral Training in Urban Ecosystem Services, Heejun Chang, Elise F. Granek, David Ervin, J. Alan Yeakley, Veronica Dujon, and Vivek Shandas


Dropsonde Observations of the Ageostrophy within the Pre-Cold-Frontal Low-Level Jet Associated with Atmospheric Rivers, Rueben Demirdgian, Joel R. Norris, Andrew Martin, and F. Martin Ralph

Making Sense of Food System Transformation in Mexico, Diana Denham and Fiona Joy Gladstone

Sustaining Future Environmental Educators: Building Critical Interdisciplinary Students, Diana Denham, Mary Ann Rozance, Melanie Malone, and Erin Goodling


Associations of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Conditions with Self-Rated Health, Mental Distress, and Health Behaviors: A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Study in Japan, Tomoya Hanibuchi and Tomoki Nakaya


Central Tokyo’s Low Response Rate to the 2015 Population Census and Its Related Factors, Tomoya Hanibuchi and Masakazu Yamauchi

Population collapse and retreat to fire refugia of the Tasmanian endemic conifer Athrotaxis selaginoides following the transition from Aboriginal to European fire management, Andres Holz, Samuel W. Wood, Carly Ward, Thomas T. Veblen, and David M.J.S. Bowman

Residents' Perception of Flood Risk and Urban Stream Restoration Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Chang-yu Hong and Heejun Chang


The Right to Urban Streams: Quantitative Comparisons of Stakeholder Perceptions in Defining Adaptive Stream Restoration, Chang-yu Hong, Eun-Sung Chung, and Heejun Chang


A Digital Archive of Human Activity in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica, Adrian Howkins, Stephen M. Chignell, Poppie Gullett, Andrew G. Fountain, Melissa Carrie Brett, and Evelin Preciado


A 30-Yr Climatology of Meteorological Conditions Associated with Lightning Days in the Interior Western United States, Dmitri Alexander Kalashnikov, Paul Loikith, Arielle J. Catalano, Duane E. Waliser, Huikyo Lee, and John T. Abatzoglou


Associations of Built Environment Attributes with Bicycle Use for Transport, Mohammad Javad Koohsari, Rachel Cole, Koichiro Oka, Ai Shibata, Akitomo Yasunaga, Tomoya Hanibuchi, Neville Owen, and Takemi Sugiyama


Disturbance Refugia within Mosaics of Forest Fire, Drought, and Insect Outbreaks, Meg A. Krawchuk, Garrett W. Meigs, Jennifer M. Cartwright, Jonathan D. Coop, Raymond Davis, Andres Holz, Crystal Kolden, and Arjan JH Meddens


Environmental and Spatial Factors Affecting Surface Water Quality in a Himalayan Watershed, Central Nepal, Janardan Mainali and Heejun Chang

Putting Space into Modeling Landscape and Water Quality Relationships in the Han River Basin, South Korea, Janardan Mainali and Heejun Chang

A Holocene History of Monkey Puzzle Tree (pehuen) in Northernmost Patagonia, William Nanavati, Cathy Whitlock, Valeria Outes, and Gustavo Villarosa


The Use of Wayfinding Apps by Deafblind Travelers in an Urban Environment: Insights From Focus Groups, Amy T. Parker, Martin Swobodzinski, Tara Brown-Ogilvie, and Jenna Beresheim-Kools

Socio-Hydrology with Hydrosocial Theory: Two Sides of the Same Coin?, Alexander Ross and Heejun Chang

Base-Hurricane: A New Extension for the Landis-Ii Forest Landscape Model, Paul Schrum, Robert M. Scheller, Matthew Joshua Duveneck, and Melissa S. Lucash


Examining the Complex Relationship Between Innovation and Regulation Through a Survey of Wastewater Utility Managers, Luke Sherman, Alida Cantor, Anita Milman, and Michael Kiparsky

A Climatology of Atmospheric Rivers and Associated Precipitation for the Seven US National Climate Assessment Regions, Emily A. Slinskey, Paul C. Loikith, Duane E. Waliser, Bin Guan, and Andrew Martin

Improving Inferences About Private Land Conservation by Accounting for Incomplete Reporting., Matthew A. Williamson, Brett G. Dickson, Mevin B. Hooten, Rose A. Graves, Mark N. Lubell, and Mark W. Schwartz


Socio-Hydrology: An Interplay of Design and Self-Organization in a Multilevel World, David J. Yu, Heejun Chang, Taylor T. Davis, Vicken Hillis, Landon T. Marston, Woi Sok Oh, Murugesu Sivapalan, and Timothy M. Waring

Submissions from 2019

Planning Principles and Assessment of Transformational Adaptation: Towards a Refined Ethical Approach, Idowu Ajibade and Ellis Adjei Adams

Associations of Neighborhood Walkability with Intensity- and Bout-specific Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior of Older Adults in Japan, Shiho Amagasa, Shigeru Inoue, Noritoshi Fukushima, Hiroyuki Kikuchi, Tomoki Nakaya, Tomoya Hanibuchi, James F. Sallis, and Neville Owen


Classification of Aerosol Population Type and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Properties in a Coastal California Littoral Environment Using an Unsupervised Cluster Model, Samuel A. Atwood, Sonia M. Kreidenweis, Paul J. DeMott, Markus D. Petters, Gavin Cornwell, Andrew C. Martin, and Kathryn A. Moore

Urbanization and Floods in the Seoul Metropolitan Area of South Korea: What Old Maps Tell Us, Sunhak Bae and Heejun Chang


Spatial Analysis of Landscape and Sociodemographic Factors Associated With Green Stormwater Infrastructure Distribution in Baltimore, Maryland and Portland, Oregon, Ashley Baker, Emma Brenneman, Heejun Chang, Lauren McPhillips, and Marissa Matsler


A Recent Systematic Increase in Vapor Pressure Deficit over Tropical South America, Armineh Barkhordarian, Bahareh Saatchi, Ali Behrangi, Paul C. Loikith, and Carlos R. Mechoso


The Alt-Right and Global Information Warfare, Emmi Bevensee and Alexander Ross


From Nativism to White Power: Mid-Twentieth-Century White Supremacist Movements in Oregon, Shane Burley and Alexander Ross

High-Impact Extratropical Cyclones along the Northeast Coast of the United States in a Long Coupled Climate Model Simulation, Arielle J. Catalano, Anthony J. Broccoli, Sarah B. Kapnick, and Tyler P. Janoski


Spatiotemporal Variability of Twenty‐First‐Century Changes in Site‐Specific Snowfall Frequency Over the Northwest United States, Arielle J. Catalano, Paul C. Loikith, and C. M. Aragon

Dreams and Migration in South Korea's Border Region: Landscape Change and Environmental Impacts, Heejun Chang, Sunhak Bae, and Kyunghyun Park

Dynamics of Wet-season Turbidity in Relation to Precipitation, Discharge, and Land Cover in Three Urbanizing Watersheds, Oregon, Junjie Chen and Heejun Chang

Characterizing Monthly Temperature Variability States and Associated Meteorology Across Southern South America, Judah Detzer, Paul C. Loikith, Luana Albertani Pampuch, C. Roberto Mechoso, Armineh Barkhordarian, and Huikyo Lee

Spatial Analysis of Urban Flooding and Extreme Heat Hazard Potential in Portland, OR, Benjamin Fahy, Emma Brenneman, Heejun Chang, and Vivek Shandas


Virtual Audits of Streetscapes by Crowdworkers, Tomoya Hanibuchi, Tomoki Nakaya, and Shigeru Inoue

Visualizing Ecological Data in Virtual Reality, Jiawei Huang, Melissa Lucash, Robert M. Scheller, and Alexander Klippel

Visualizing Natural Environments from Data in Virtual Reality: Combining Realism and Uncertainty, Jiawei Huang, Melissa Lucash, Mark B. Simpson, Casey Helgeson, and Alexander Klippel

Evaluation Of Cmip5 Ability To Reproduce Twentieth Century Regional Trends In Surface Air Temperature And Precipitation Over Conus, Jinny Lee, Duane Waliser, Huikyo Lee, Paul Loikith, and Kenneth Kunkel

Non-Gaussian Cold-Side Temperature Distribution Tails and Associated Synoptic Meteorology, Paul C. Loikith and J. David Neelin

A Climatology Of Daily Synoptic Circulation Patterns And Associated Surface Meteorology Over Southern South America, Paul C. Loikith, Luana Albertani Pampuch, Emily Slinskey, Judah Detzer, Carlos Mechoso, and Armineh Barkhordarian

Post-fire Management Affects Species Composition but not Douglas-fir Regeneration in the Klamath Mountains, Maria J. Lopez Ortiz, Terry Marcey, Melissa Lucash, David Hibbs, Jeffrey P.A. Shatford, and Jonathan R. Thompson

Complex Interactions Among Successional Trajectories and Climate Govern Spatial Resilience After Severe Windstorms in Central Wisconsin, USA, Melissa Lucash, Kelsey L. Ruckert, Robert E. Nicholas, Robert M. Scheller, and Erica Smithwick

A Review of Spatial Statistical Approaches to Modeling Water Quality, Janardan Mainali, Heejun Chang, and Yongwan Chun


Contrasting Local and Long-Range-Transported Warm Ice-Nucleating Particles During an Atmospheric River in Coastal California, USA, Andrew C. Martin, Gavin Cornwell, Charlotte M. Beall, Forest Cannon, Sean Reilly, Bas Schapp, Dolan Lucero, Jessie Creamean, F. Martin Ralph, Hari T. Mix, and Kimberly Prather

Rapid Cyclogenesis from a Mesoscale Frontal Wave on an Atmospheric River: Impacts on Forecast Skill and Predictability during Atmospheric River Landfall, Andrew C. Martin, F. Martin Ralph, Anna Wilson, Laurel DeHaan, and Brian Kawzenuk

Spatial Characteristics And Frequency of Citizen-Observed Pluvial Flooding Events in Relation to Storm Size in Portland, Oregon, Katelyn Michelson and Heejun Chang


California Groundwater Management, Science-Policy Interfaces, and the Legacies of Artificial Legal Distinctions, David Owen, Alida Cantor, Nell Green Nylen, Thomas Harter, and Michael Kiparsky

Developing Knowledge Systems for Urban Resilience to Cloudburst Rain Events, Bernice Rosenzweig, Benjamin L. Ruddell, Lauren McPhillips, Robert Hobbins, Timon McPhearson, Zhongqi Cheng, Heejun Chang, and Yeowon Kim

Examining the Scalar Knowledge Politics of Risk within Coastal Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning Knowledge Systems, Mary Ann Rozance, Ashlie Denton, A. Marissa Matsler, Zbigniew Grabowski, and Wendy Mayhugh

Building Water-Efficient Cities A Comparative Analysis of How the Built Environment Influences Water Use in Four Western US Cities, Philip Stoker, Heejun Chang, Elizabeth Wentz, Britt Crow-Miller, Gabrielle Jehle, and Matthew Bonnette


Aligning Endangered Species Management with Fire-Dependent Ecosystem Restoration: Manager Perspectives on Red-Cockaded Woodpecker and Longleaf Pine Management Actions, Shelby A. Weiss, Eric L. Toman, and R. Gregory Corace III

Submissions from 2018

Spaces of Exclusion' in Community Water Governance: A Feminist Political Ecology of Gender and Participation in Malawi's Urban Water User Associations, Ellis Adjei Adams, Luke Juran, and Idowu Ajibade


Simultaneous Regional Detection of Land-Use Changes and Elevated GHG Levels: The Case of Spring Precipitation in Tropical South America, Armineh Barkhordarian, Hans von Storch, Ali Behrangi, Paul C. Loikith, Carlos R. Mechoso, and Judah Detzer


NewWater Regimes: An Editorial, Alida Cantor and Jacque Emel


Speculations on the Postnatural: Restoration, Accumulation, and Sacrifice at the Salton Sea, Alida Cantor and Sarah Knuth


Putting Rooted Networks Into Practice, Alida Cantor, Elizabeth A. Stoddard, Dianne Rocheleau, Jennifer F. Brewer, Robin Roth, Trevor Birkenholtz, Katherine Foo, and Padini Nirmal


Sources of Contaminated Flood Sediments in a Rural–urban Catchment: Johnson Creek, Oregon, Heejun Chang, Deonie Allen, Jennifer L. Morse, and Janardan Mainali

Climate Change and Stream Temperature in the Willamette River Basin: Implications for Fish Habitat, Heejun Chang, Eric Craig Watson, and Angela L. Strecker

Fracturing Dams, Fractured Data: Empirical Trends and Characteristics of Existing and Removed Dams in the United States, Zbigniew J. Grabowski, Heejun Chang, and Elise F. Granek


Holocene Dynamics of Temperate Rainforests in West-Central Patagonia, Virginia Iglesias, Simon G. Haberle, Andrés Holz, and Cathy Whitlock


Regional Climate Model Evaluation System Powered by Apache Open Climate Workbench v1.3.0: An Enabling Tool for Facilitating Regional Climate Studies, Huikyo Lee, Alexander Goodman, Lewis McGibbney, Duane E. Waliser, Jinwon Kim, Paul C. Loikith, Peter B. Gibson, and Elias C. Massoud

Short Warm-Side Temperature Distribution Tails Drive Hot Spots of Warm Temperature Extreme Increases under Near-Future Warming, Paul C. Loikith, J. David Neelin, Joyce Meyerson, and Jacob S. Hunter

Evaluation of Cool Season Precipitation Event Characteristics Over the Northeast US in a Suite of Downscaled Climate Model Hindcasts, Paul C. Loikith, Duane E. Waliser, Jinwon Kim, and Robert Ferraro


More than the Sum of its Parts: How Disturbance Interactions Shape Forest Dynamics under Climate Change, Melissa S. Lucash, Robert M. Scheller, Brian R. Sturtevant, Eric J. Gustafson, Alec M. Kretchun, and Jane R. Foster

Landscape and Anthropogenic Factors Affecting Spatial Patterns of Water Quality Trends in a Large River Basin, South Korea, Janardan Mainali and Heejun Chang


Climate Change Amplifications of Climate‐Fire Teleconnections in the Southern Hemisphere, Michela Mariani, Andrés Holz, Thomas T. Veblen, Grant J. Williamson, Michael-Shawn Fletcher, and David M. J. S. Bowman


Interdependent Infrastructure as Linked Social, Ecological, and Technological Systems (SETSs) to Address Lock-in and Enhance Resilience, Samuel A. Markolf, Mikhail Chester, Daniel A. Eisenberg, David Iwaniec, Cliff I. Davidson, Rae Zimmerman, Thaddeus R. Miller, Benjamin Ruddell, and Heejun Chang


Fisheries’ Property Regimes and Environmental Outcomes: A Realist Synthesis Review, Rebecca J. McLain, Steven Lawry, and Maria Ojanen


Defining Extreme Events: A Cross-Disciplinary Review, Lauren E. McPhillips, Heejun Chang, Mikhail Chester, Yaella Dipletri, Erin Friedman, Nancy B. Grimm, John S. Kominoski, Timon McPhearson, Pablo Méndez-Lázaro, Emma J. Rosi, and Javad Shafiei Shiva


Landscape Drivers of Recent Fire Activity (2001- 2017) in South-Central Chile, David B. McWethy, Aníbal Pauchard, Rafeal García, Andrés Holz, Mauro E. Gonzales, Thomas T. Veblen, Julian Stahl, and Bryce Currey


Africa's Urban Adaptation Transition Under a 1.5° Climate, Mark Pelling, Hayley Leck, Lorena Pasquini, Idowu Ajibade, Emanuel Osuteye, Susan Parnell, Shuaib Lwasa, Cassidy Johnson, Arabella Fraser, Alejandro Barcena, and Soumana Boubacar

Pluvial Flood Risk and Opportunities for Resilience, Bernice R. Rosenzweig, Lauren McPhillips, Heejun Chang, Chingwen Cheng, Claire Welty, Marissa Matsler, David Iwaniec, and Cliff I. Davidson

Graffiti as Communication and Language, Hunter Shobe

Geographies of Graffiti Abatement: Zero Tolerance in Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle, Hunter Shobe and Tiffany Renée Conklin

Lessons from Exits Foreclosed: An Exilic Interpretation of the Mexican and Russian Revolutions, 1910-1924, Andrew R. Smolski, Javier Sethness Castro, and Alexander Ross


Patterns and Drivers of Recent Disturbances Across the Temperate Forest Biome, Andreas Sommerfeld, Cornelius Senf, Brian Buma, Anthony W. D'Amato, Tiphaine Despres, Ignacio Díaz-Hormazábal, Shawn Fraver, Lee E. Frelich, Alvaro G. Gutiérrez, Sarah J. Hart, Brian J. Harvey, Hong S. He, Tomáš Hlásny, Andrés Holz, and multiple additional authors

Relation Between Stream Temperature and Landscape Characteristics Using Distance Weighted Metrics, Eric Craig Watson and Heejun Chang

Submissions from 2017

Observed Warming Over Northern South America Has An Anthropogenic Origin, Armineh Barkhordarian, Hans Storch, Eduardo Zorita, Paul C. Loikith, and Carlos R. Mechoso


Quantifying Resilience of Multiple Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity in a Temperate Forest Landscape, Elena Cantarello, Adrian C. Newton, Phillip A. Martin, Paul M. Evans, Arjan Gosal, and Melissa S. Lucash

Determinants of Single Family Residential Water Use Across Scales in Four Western US Cities, Heejun Chang; Matthew Ryan Bonnette; Philip Stoker; Britt Crow-Miller; and Elizabeth A, Wentz


Precipitation Intensity Trend Detection using Hourly and Daily Observations in Portland, Oregon, Alexis Cooley and Heejun Chang


Removing Dams, Constructing Science: Coproduction of Undammed Riverscapes by Politics, Finance, Environment, Society and Technology, Zbigniew J. Grabowski, Ashlie Denton, Mary Ann Rozance, Marissa Matsler, and Sarah Kidd