Submissions from 2024

Universal and Language-Specific Connected Speech Characteristics of Bilingual Speakers with Alzheimer's Disease: Insights from Case Studies of Structurally Distinct Languages, Manaswita Dutta, Tina M. D. Mello, Yesi Cheng, Niladri Sekhar Dash, Ranita Nandi, Aparna Dutt, and Arpita Bose

Impact of Testosterone Therapy on Pulmonary Function in Transgender and Gender Expansive Individuals Assigned Female at Birth: A Cross-Sectional Comparative Study, Ali Heitzman, Jillian River Browy, Deanna Britton, Jeff Conn, and Aaron Ziegler

Response Latencies During Confrontation Picture Naming in Aphasia: Are Proxy Measurements Sufficient?, Barnali Mazumdar, Nora M. De La Mora, Teresa M. Roberts, Alexander M. Swiderski, Maria Kapantzoglou, and Gerasimos Fergadiotis


Behavioral Management of Respiratory/Phonatory Dysfunction for Dysarthria Associated With Neurodegenerative Disease: A Systematic Review, Sarah E. Perry, Michelle Troche, Jessica E. Huber, Jordanna Sevitz, James Curtis, Brianna Kiefer, Qiana Dennard, Deanna Britton, and multiple additional authors


Developmental Change in English-Learning Children’s Interpretations of Salient Pitch Contours in Word Learning, Carolyn M. Quam and Daniel Swingley

Submissions from 2023

Communicative Participation Outcomes in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease Receiving Standard Care Speech-Language Therapy Services in Community Settings, Carolyn Baylor, Jingyu Linna Jin, Helen Mach, and Deanna Britton

Item Response Theory Modeling of the Verb Naming Test., Gerasimos Fergadiotis and Mikala S. Fleegle

Identifying an Appropriate Picture Stimulus for a Bangla Picture Description Task, Barnali Mazumdar, Neila J. Donovan, and E Susan Duncan


Automating Intended Target Identification for Paraphasias in Discourse using a large language model, Alexandra C. Salem, Robert Gale, Mikala S. Fleegle, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, and Steven Bedrick

Accuracy of Naming Error Profiles Elicited from Adaptive Short Forms of the Philadelphia Naming Test., Alexander M. Swiderski, William D. Hula, and Gerasimos Fergadiotis

Submissions from 2022

Extreme Sawtooth-Sign in Motor Neuron Disease (MND) Suggests Laryngeal Resistance to Forced Expiratory Airflow, Deanna Britton, Alexander Kain, Yu-Wen Chen, Jack Wiedrick, Joshua O. Benditt, Albert L. Merati, and Donna J. Graville

Promotion of Communication Access, Choice, and Agency for Autistic Students., Amy L. Donaldson, Endever Corbin, Alyssa Hillary Zisk, and Brandon S. Eddy


Perceptual Flexibility for Speech: What Are the Pros and Cons?, F. Sayako Earle and Carolyn M. Quam

Is Sentence Ambiguity Comprehension Affected After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury? Results Suggest Cognitive Control is More Important Than Diagnosis., Sarah E. Key-DeLyria, Yvonne Rogalski, Todd E. Bodner, and Amanda Weichselbaum


A Systematic Review of Research on Augmentative and Alternative Communication Brain-Computer Interface Systems for Individuals with Disabilities., Betts Peters, Brandon Eddy, Deirdre Galvin-McLaughlin, Gail Betz, Barry Oken, and Melanie Fried-Oken

Measurement Properties of Mean Length of Utterance in School-Age Children, Jill R. Potratz, Christina E. Gildersleeve-Neumann, and Melissa A. Redford


A Protracted Developmental Trajectory for English-Learning Children's Detection of Consonant Mispronunciations in Newly Learned Words, Carolyn M. Quam and Daniel Swingley

Refining Semantic Similarity of Paraphasias Using a Contextual Language Model, Alexandra C. Salem, Robert Gale, Marianne Casilio, Mikala S. Fleegle, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, and Steven Bedrick

Submissions from 2021

Sensitivity of the Communicative Participation Item Bank for Measuring Patient-Reported Outcomes After Treatment of Unilateral Vocal Fold Immobility, Carolyn Baylor, Albert L. Merati, Tanya Eadie, Mara Kapsner-Smith, Tanya K. Meyer, Deanna Britton, Helen Mach, Sapna Patel, and Kathryn Yorkston

Effects of Mouthpiece Noninvasive Ventilation on Speech in Men with Muscular Dystrophy: A Pilot Study., Deanna Britton, Elizabeth Pullen, Jeannette D. Hoit, and Joshua O. Benditt

Assessment of Communication Disorders: New Frontiers and Challenges., Gerasimos Fergadiotis


Computer Adaptive Testing for the Assessment of Anomia Severity, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Marianne Casilio, William D. Hula, and Alexander Swiderski

Code-Switching and Language Proficiency in Bilingual Children with and Without Developmental Language Disorder., Maria Kapantzoglou, Julie Esparza Brown, Lauren M. Cycyk, and Gerasimos Fergadiotis

A Preliminary Comparison of In-Person and Telepractice Evaluations of Stuttering., Megann McGill, Jordan Siegel, and Natasha Noureal

Dysphagia in Parkinson's Disease Patients Prior to Deep Brain Stimulation: is Screening Accurate?, Andrew D. Palmer, Sara Charney, Jessica Pietrowski, Shannon Anderson, Deanna Britton, Linda Bryans, and Donna J. Graville

Impacts of Acoustic-Phonetic Variability on Perceptual Development for Spoken Language: A Review., Carolyn Quam and Sarah C. Creel

Effects of Phonomotor Therapy and Semantic Feature Analysis on Discourse Production, JoAnn P. Silkes, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Kasey Graue, and Diane L. Kendall

Submissions from 2020

Swallowing with Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation (NPPV) in Individuals with Muscular Dystrophy: A Qualitative Analysis, Deanna Britton, Jeannette D. Hoit, Joshua O. Benditt, Justine Poon, Meghan R. Hansen, Carolyn R. Baylor, and Kathryn M. Yorkston

Human Visual Skills for Brain-Computer Interface Use: a Tutorial, Melanie Fried-Oken, Michelle Kinsella, Betts Peters, Brandon Eddy, and Bruce Wojciechowski


Sound Discrimination and Explicit Mapping of Sounds to Meanings in Preschoolers with and Without Developmental Language Disorder, Carolyn Quam, Holly Cardinal, Celeste Gallegos, and Todd Bodner


Infants’ Discrimination of Consonant Contrasts in the Presence and Absence of Talker Variability, Carolyn Quam, Lauren Clough, Sara Knight, and LouAnn Gerken

Submissions from 2019


Investigating Metrical Context Effects on Anticipatory Coarticulation in Connected Speech Development, Jillian Adkins, Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann, and Melissa A. Redford

Experiences of Speaking With Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation: A Qualitative Investigation, Deanna Britton, Jeannette D. Hoit, Elizabeth Pullen, Joshua O. Benditt, Carolyn Baylor, and Kathryn Yorkston

Enhancing the Efficiency of Confrontation Naming Assessment for Aphasia Using Computer Adaptive Testing, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, William D. Hula, Alexander M. Swiderski, Chia-Ming Lei, and Stacey Kellough

Modeling Confrontation Naming and Discourse Informativeness Using Structural Equation Modeling, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Maria Kapantzoglou, Stephen Kintz, and Heather Harris Wright

Predicting Confrontation Naming Item Difficulty, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Alexander Swiderski, and William D. Hula

Adults Fail to Learn a Type of Linguistic Pattern that is Readily Learned by Infants, LouAnn Gerken, Carolyn Quam, and Lisa Goffman

Empirical Evaluation of Computer-Adaptive Alternate Short Forms for the Assessment of Anomia Severity., William D. Hula, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Alexander M. Swiderski, JoAnn P. Silkes, and Stacey Kellough

Psychometric Evaluation of Lexical Diversity Indices in Spanish Narrative Samples From Children With and Without Developmental Language Disorder, Maria Kapantzoglou, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, and Alejandra Auza Buenavides

Phonomotor Versus Semantic Feature Analysis Treatment for Anomia in 58 Persons with Aphasia: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Diane L. Kendall, Megan Oelke Moldestad, Wesley Allen, Janaki Torrence, and Stephen E. Nadeau

Bang for Your Buck: A Single-Case Experimental Design Study of Practice Amount and Distribution in Treatment for Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Edwin Maas, Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann, Kathy Jakielski, Nicolette Kovacs, Ruth Stoeckel, Helen Vradelis, and Mackenzie Welsh

The Relationship between Trained Ratings and Untrained Listeners' Judgments of Global Coherence in Extended Monologues, Yvonne Rogalski, Sarah Key-DeLyria, Sarah Mucci, Jonathan P. Wilson, and Lori J. P. Altmann


Effects of Phonomotor Treatment on Discourse Production, JoAnn P. Silkes, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Rebecca Hunting Pompon, Janaki Torrence, and Diane L. Kendall

Submissions from 2018

Two Grammatical Tasks for Screening Language Abilities in Spanish-Speaking Children, Alejandra Auza Benavides, Maria Kapantzoglou, and Chiharu Murata

Efficacy of the ASAP Intervention for Preschoolers with ASD: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial, Brian A. Boyd, Linda R. Watson, Stephanie S. Reszka, John Sideris, Michael Alessandri, Grace T. Baranek, Elizabeth R. Crais, Amy L. Donaldson, Anibel Gutierrez, LeAnne Johnson, and Katie Belardi

Swallowing and Secretion Management in Neuromuscular Disease, Deanna Britton, Chafic Karam, and Joshua S. Schindler

Relationships, Friendships, and Successful Social Communication: Addressing Disability, Amy L. Donaldson, Mariella Nolfo, and Marissa Montejano

Telepractice Treatment of Stuttering: A Systematic Review, Megann McGill, Natasha Noureal, and Jordan Siegel

Self-Report of Self-Disclosure Statements for Stuttering, Megann McGill, Jordan Siegel, Denise Nguyen, and Sulema Rodriguez

Group Communication Treatment for Individuals with PPA and Their Partners, Aimee Mooney, Naomi Beale, and Melanie Fried-Oken


Procedural-Memory, Working-Memory, and Declarative-Memory Skills Are Each Associated With Dimensional Integration in Sound-Category Learning, Carolyn Quam, Alisa Wang, W. Todd Maddox, and Kimberly Golisch

Submissions from 2017

Dysarthria of Spinal Cord Injury and Its Management, Deanna Britton, Jeannette D. Hoit, and Joshua O. Benditt

Utility of Pulse Oximetry to Detect Aspiration: An Evidence-Based Systematic Review, Deanna Britton, Amy Roeske, Stephanie K. Ennis, Joshua O. Benditt, Cassie Quinn, and Donna Graville

The Effects of Self-Disclosure on Male and Female Perceptions of Individuals Who Stutter, Courtney T. Byrd, Megann McGill, Zoi Gkalitsiou, and Colleen Cappellini

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Reflections on Speech-Language Pathologists' Image as Advocates, Activists, and Aides, Amy L. Donaldson, Shelly Chabon, and Dorian Lee-Wilkerson

Language Sample Analysis and Elicitation Technique Effects in Bilingual Children With and Without Language Impairment, Maria Kapantzoglou, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, and M. Adelaida Restrepo


Program Sustainability: Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Prevention in American Indian Communities, William Hal Martin, Judith L. Sobel, Susan E. Griest, Linda C. Howarth, and Thomas Becker


Mandarin-English Bilinguals Process Lexical Tones in Newly Learned Words in Accordance with the Language Context, Carolyn Quam and Sarah C. Creel

Tone Attrition in Mandarin Speakers of Varying English Proficiency, Carolyn Quam and Sarah C. Creel


The Distribution of Talker Variability Impacts Infants’ Word Learning, Carolyn Quam, Sara Knight, and LouAnn Gerken

Incorporating the Principles of Self-Management into Treatment of Dysarthria Associated with Parkinson's Disease, Kathryn Yorkston, Carolyn Baylor, and Deanna Britton

Speech Versus Speaking: The Experiences of People With Parkinson's Disease and Implications for Intervention, Kathryn Yorkston, Carolyn Baylor, and Deanna Britton

Submissions from 2016

Beyond Tracheostomy: Noninvasive Ventilation and Potential Positive Implications for Speaking and Swallowing, Deanna Britton, Joshua O. Benditt, and Jeannette D. Hoit


Participation in Camp Dream. Speak. Live: Affective and Cognitive Outcomes for Children who Stutter, Courtney T. Byrd, Elizabeth Hampton, Megann McGill, and Zoi Gkalitsiou

Modelling Confrontation Naming and Discourse Performance in Aphasia, Gerasimos Fergadiotis and Heather Harris Wright

Infant Learning is Influenced by Local Spurious Generalizations, LouAnn Gerken and Carolyn Quam


Semantic Knowledge Use in Discourse Produced by Individuals with Anomic Aphasia, Stephen Kintz, Heather Harris Wright, and Gerasimos Fergadiotis


From Grapheme to Phonological Output: Performance of Adults Who Stutter on a Word Jumble Task, Megann McGill, Harvey Sussman, and Courtney T. Byrd

Can Bilingual Children Turn One Language Off? Evidence from Perceptual Switching, Leher Singh and Carolyn Quam

Submissions from 2015

Nonword Repetition and Phoneme Elision in Adults Who Do and Do Not Stutter: Vocal Versus Nonvocal Performance Differences, Courtney T. Byrd, Megann McGill, and Evan Usler


Psychometric Evaluation of Lexical Diversity Indices: Assessing Length Effects, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Heather Harris Wright, and Samuel B. Green

Submissions from 2013


Effects of Truncation on Language Sample Analysis in Aphasia, Gerasimos Fergadiotis and Heather Harris Wright


Measuring Global Coherence in Aphasia, V. Galetto, S. Kintz, T. West, Heather Harris Wright, and Gerasimos Fergadiotis


Syllabic Patterns in the Early Vocalizations of Quichua Children, Christina E. Gildersleeve-Neumann, Barbara L. Davis, and Peter F. Macneilage

Submissions from 2010


Ethics, Equity, and English-Language Learners: A Decision-Making Framework, Shelly Chabon, Julie Esparza Brown, and Christina E. Gildersleeve-Neumann


Psychometric Properties of the Pyramids and Palm Trees Test, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, Heather Wright, and Gilson Capilouto


Coherence in Stories Told by Adults With Aphasia, Heather Harris Wright, Anthony Koutsoftas, Gerasimos Fergadiotis, and Gilson Capilouto

Submissions from 2009


Effects on L1 During Early Acquisition of L2: Speech Changes in Spanish at First English Contact, Christina E. Gildersleeve-Neumann, Elizabeth D. Peña, Barbara L. Davis, and Ellen S. Kester

Submissions from 2007


The Acquisition of Two Phonetic Cues to Word Boundaries, Melissa A. Redford and Christina E. Gildersleeve-Neumann

Submissions from 2000


Contingencies Governing the Production of Fricatives, Affricates, and Liquids in Babbling, Christina E. Gildersleeve-Neumann, Barbara L. Davis, and Peter F. MacNeilage