Submissions from 2008


The Color Appearance of Stimuli Detected via Short-Wavelength-Sensitive Cones: Comparisons with Visual Adaptation and Visual Field Data for Peri- or Post-Menopausal Women Under 70 Years of Age, Alvin Eisner and Maureen D. Toomey


The Older Driver in Oregon: A Survey of Driving Behavior and Cessation, Margaret B. Neal, Sharon Baggett, Kathleen A. Sullivan, and Tyrae Mahan

Submissions from 2007


Medication Management: Integrating the Social and Medical Models, Paula C. Carder, John G. Schumacher, Sheryl Zimmerman, and Philip D. Sloane


The World Health Organization Age-Friendly Cities Project in Portland, Oregon, USA, Margaret B. Neal and Alan Kenneth DeLaTorre

Submissions from 2006


Age-Related Shifts in Housing and Transportation Demand : A Multidisciplinary Study Conducted for Metro by Portland State University's College of Urban and Public Affairs, Final Report, Margaret B. Neal, Nancy J. Chapman, Jennifer Dill, Irina V. Sharkova, Alan Kenneth DeLaTorre, Kathleen A. Sullivan, Tomoko Kanai, and Sheila A. Martin

Submissions from 2002


Working Caregivers: Issues, Challenges, And Opportunities For The Aging Network, Margaret B. Neal and Donna Wagner