Submissions from 2021

The Hyperperception Model: when Your Partner's New Friends Inspire Jealousy and Failing to Use Social Distancing, Christopher J. Carpenter and Erin L. Spottswood


Entertainment-Education Behind the Scenes: Case Studies for Theory and Practice, Lauren B. Frank and Paul Falzone

Extending Rice Et Al. (2017): the Measurement of Social Media Affordances, Brian Manata and Erin Spottswood

The "Thinking Meme" Meme Person and Organism Metaphors in Daniel Dennett's Theory of Cultural Evolution, L. David Ritchie

Strengthening Public Engagement on Environmental Hazards: Insights from Cross-Disciplinary Air Pollution Research, Brianne Suldovsky and Lauren B. Frank

Epistemic Engagement: Examining Personal Epistemology and Engagement Preferences with Climate Change in Oregon, Brianne Suldovsky and Daniel Taylor-Rodriguez


“It’s Like 1998 Again”: Why Parents Still Refuse and Delay Vaccines, Jiana L. Ugale, Heather Spielvogle, Christine Spina, Cathryn Perreira, Ben Katz, Barbara Pahud, PhD Amanda F. Dempsey MD, Jeffrey D. Robinson PhD, Kathleen Garrett MA, MPH Sean T. O’Leary MD, and MPH Douglas J. Opel MD

Submissions from 2020

No Sympathy for the Bully A Metaphor Analysis of Two Speeches on the Topic of Immigration, Scott Atkins, Ashley Mote, Kimberly Gonzalez, and Krystal Alexander

Winning hearts and minds: A critical analysis of independent media development in Afghanistan, Azeta Hatef and Tanner R. Cooke

Reducing Antibiotic Prescribing in Primary Care for Respiratory Illness, Matthew P. Kronman, Jeffrey S. Gerber, Robert W. Grundmeier, Chuan Zhou, Jeffrey D. Robinson, John Heritage, James Stout, Dennis Burges, Benjamin Hedrick, and multiple additional authors

The Effects of LMX Differentiation on Team Performance: Investigating the Mediating Properties of Cohesion, Brian Manata


Rheumatology Clinicians’ Perceptions of Telerheumatology Within the Veterans Health Administration: A National Survey Study, Rachel Matsumoto, Bryant R. England, Ginnifer L. Mastarone, J. Steuart Richards, Elizabeth Chang, Patrick R. Wood, and Jennifer Barton

The Effects of Workplace Inclusion on Employee Assimilation Outcomes, Marisa Jean Miller and Brian Manata

Using a Culturally Tailored Narrative to Increase Cervical Cancer Detection Among Spanish-Speaking Mexican-American Women, Carol Y. Ochoa, Sheila T. Murphy, Lauren B. Frank, and Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati


‘Presumptively Initiating Vaccines and Optimizing Talk with Motivational Interviewing’ (PIVOT with MI) Trial: a Protocol for a Luster Randomised Controlled Trial of a Clinician Vaccine Communication Intervention, Douglas J. Opel, Jeffrey D. Robinson, Heather Spielvogle, Christine Spina, Kathleen Garrett, Amanda F. Dempsey, Cathryn Perreira, Miriam Dickinson, Chuan Zhou, Barbara Pahud, and multiple additional authors

Modulating Action Through Minimization: Syntax in the Service of Offering and Requesting, Chase Wesley Raymond, Jeffrey Robinson, Barbara A. Fox, Sandra A. Thompson, and Kristella Marie Montiegel

One Type of Polar, Information-Seeking Question and Its Stance of Probability: Implications for the Preference for Agreement, Jeffrey Robinson

Revisiting Preference Organization in Context: A Qualitative and Quantitative Examination of Responses to Information Seeking, Jeffrey Robinson


The SciCommDiversity Travel Fellowship: The Challenge of Creating a Sustainable Intervention, Alberto I. Roca, Cynthia-Lou Coleman, Tara S. Haelle, and Danielle N. Lee

Facebook Jealousy: A Hyperperception Perspective, Erin L. Spottswood and Christopher J. Carpenter

Online Social Capital: Recent Trends in Research., Erin L. Spottswood and Donghee Yvette Wohn


The Role of Perceptual Simulation in L2 Vocabulary Acquisition, Min Zhu and L. David Ritchie

Submissions from 2019

It's Not Easy - Impacts of Suicide Prevention Research on Study Staff, Jason I. Chen, Ginnifer L. Mastarone, and Lauren M. Denneson

Predictors of HPV Knowledge and HPV Vaccine Awareness Among Women in Panama City, Panama, Lisa Gantz, Arlene Calvo, Morgan Hess-Holtz, Fiorella Gonzalez, Lourdes Alguero, Sheila Murphy, Maghan Moran, Lauren B. Frank, Joyee S. Chatterjee, Paula Amezola de Herrera, and Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati

Promoting Collaboration: The Role of Relational Multiplexity in an Interorganizational Health Justice Network, Wenlin Liu, Amanda M. Beacom, Lauren B. Frank, Jonathan Nomachi, Sonya Vasquez, and Lark Galloway-Gilliam

Assessing the Effects of Partisan Bias at the Group Level of Analysis: A Hidden Profile Experiment, Brian Manata, Franklin J. Boster, Gwen W. Wittenbaum, and Daniel E. Bergan

"First" Matters: A Qualitative Examination of a Strategy for Controlling the Agenda when Answering Questions in the 2016 US Republican Primary Election Debates, Kristella Montiegel and Jeffrey D. Robinson


Reclaiming a Unified American Narrative Lexical, Grammatical, and Story Metaphors in a Discussion of Polarized Identities, L. David Ritchie

Review of, Repairing the Broken Surface of Talk: Managing Problems in Speaking, Hearing, and Understanding in Conversation, Jeffrey D. Robinson


From the Studio to the Street: Cultivating Democratic Norms in Uganda, Lee Shaker, Paul Falzone, Paul Sparks, and Ruth Kugumikiriza

Beyond the "Like": How People Respond to Negative Posts on Facebook, Erin Spottswood and Donghee Yvette Wohn

Public Perceptions of Who Counts as a Scientist for Controversial Science, Brianne Suldovsky, Asheley Landrum, and Natalie Jomini Stroud

Provider Information Provision and Breast Cancer Patient Well-Being, Maria K. Venetis, Shelley Staples, Jeffrey Robinson, and Thomas Kearney

The Power of Brokerage: Case Study of Normative Behavior, Latinas and Cervical Cancer, Nathan Walter, Sheila T. Murphy, Lauren B. Frank, and Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach

Submissions from 2018

Understanding Cervical Cancer Screening among Latinas through the Lens of Structure, Culture, Psychology and Communication, Nancy Nien-Tsu Chen, Meghan B. Moran, Lauren B. Frank, Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach, and Sheila T. Murphy

Measuring Key Communication Behaviors in Integrated Project Delivery Teams, Brian Manata, Vernon Miller, Sinem Mollaoglu, and Angelo J. Garcia

Neighborhoods and Perceived Norms: Understanding the Impact of Neighborhoods on Perceived Norms and Cancer Screening, Nan Zhao Martin, Sheila T. Murphy, Sandra Ball-Rokeach, Lauren B. Frank, and Meghan B. Moran


Impact of the Childhood Vaccine Discussion Format over Time on Immunization Status, Douglas J. Opel, Chuan Zhou, Jeffrey D. Robinson, Nora Henrikson, Katherine Lepere, Rita Mangione-Smith, and James A. Taylor

Rhetorical Confinement, Contrasting Metaphors, and Cultural Polarities "Yes we can" Meets "Carnage in the cities", L. David Ritchie, Alex Feliciano, and Ashley Sparks

Does Racial Bias Affect NCI-Funded PIs' Willingness to Mentor Prospective Graduate Students?, Jeffrey D. Robinson, N Dieckmann, E Withers, D Hassouneh, and R. Thomas Charles


Exploring the Policy Value of Cable Franchise and PEG Fees, Duncan Stewart and Lee Shaker


Communicating Environmental Risks: Local Newspaper Coverage of Shellfish Bacterial Contamination in Maine, Brianne Suldovsky, Eva Arbor, Victoria Skillin, and Laura Lindenfeld

Evaluating Epistemic Commitments and Science Communication Practice in Transdisciplinary Research, Brianne Suldovsky, Bridie McGreavy, and Laura Lindenfeld

Submissions from 2017


Media Choice Proliferation and Shifting Orientations Towards News in the United States and Norway, 1995-2012, Eiri Elvestad and Lee Shaker

Clinician-Parent Discussions About Influenza Vaccination of Children and their Association with Vaccine Acceptance, Annika M. Hofstetter, Jeffrey D. Robinson, Katherine Lepere, Morgan Cunningham, Nicole Etsekson, and Douglas J. Opel

At the Intersection of Epistemics and Action: Responding with I Know, Lisa Mikesell, Galina B. Bolden, Jenny Mandelbaum, Jeffrey D. Robinson, Tanya Romaniuk, Alexa Bolanos-Carpio, Darcey Searles, Wan Wei, Stephen M. DiDomenico, and Beth Angell

A Note About Meta-Metaphors: Considering the Theoretical Implications of Terms Used to Discuss Metaphor, L. David Ritchie

Contextual Activation of Story Simulation in Metaphor Comprehension, L. David Ritchie


Metaphor and Story-Telling, L. David Ritchie


Metaphorical Stories in Discourse, L. David Ritchie


“Metaphor Wars”: Time for a Truce?, L. David Ritchie

Should I Share That? Prompting Social Norms That Influence Privacy Behaviors on a Social Networking Site, Erin L. Spottswood and Jeffrey T. Hancock

Science Communication and Stakeholder Expertise: Insights from Sustainability Science, Brianne Suldovsky, Bridie McGreavy, and Laura Lindenfeld

Each Medium Tells a Different Story: The Effect of Message Channel on Narrative Persuasion, Nathan Walter, Sheila T. Murphy, Lauren B. Frank, and Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati

Submissions from 2016

A Meta-Analytic Review of the Effect of Guilt on Compliance, Franklin J. Boster, Shannon Cruz, Brian Manata, Briana N. DeAngelis, and Jie Zhuang

Exploring the Association Between Relationship Conflict and Group Performance, Brian Manata

How patients understand physicians' solicitations of additional concerns: implications for up-front agenda setting in primary care, Jeffrey D. Robinson and John Heritage

On the Relevance of Gender in the Analysis of Discourse: A Case Study from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Presidential Bid in 2007–2008, Tanya Romaniuk

The Positivity Bias and Prosocial Deception on Facebook, Erin L. Spottswood and Jeffrey T. Hancock

Submissions from 2015


Social Norms about a Health Issue in Work Group Networks, Lauren B. Frank


Telling Stories, Saving Lives: Creating Narrative Health Messages, Lauren B. Frank, Sheila T. Murphy, Joyee S. Chatterjee, Meghan B. Moran, and Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati


The Ability of Narrative Communication to Address Health-Related Social Norms, Meghan B. Moran, Sheila T. Murphy, Lauren B. Frank, and Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati


Information Scanning and Vaccine Safety Concerns among African American, Mexican American, and Non-Hispanic White Women, Meghan Bridgid Moran, Lauren B. Frank, Joyee S. Chatterjee, Sheila T. Murphy, and Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati


When ‘Seeking Love is Travel by Bus’: Deliberate Metaphors, Stories and Humor in a Romanian Song, Elena Negrea-Busuioc and L. David Ritchie


A “Glowing Marble”: “Brushed with Clouds” or “Parched, Scorched, and Washed Away”? Barack Obama’s use of Contrasting Metaphors and Stories in Framing Climate Change., L. David Ritchie and Mariko Thomas


“Nixon Stonewalled the Investigation”: Potential Contributions of Grammatical Metaphor to Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Analysis, L. David Ritchie and Min Zhu

Submissions from 2014


The Transformative Power of Narrative as a Behavioral Change Communication Tool to Reduce Health Disparities in Cervical Cancer among Latinas: Global Implications, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, Joyee S. Chatterjee, Lauren B. Frank, Sheila T. Murphy, Meghan B. Moran, Lisa N. Werth, Nan Zhao, Paula Amezola de Herrera, Don Mayer, Jeremy Kagan, and Dave O'Brien


Open Hearts or Smoke and Mirrors: Metaphorical Framing and Frame Conflicts in a Public Meeting, L. David Ritchie and Lynne Cameron


“Now everyone knows I’m a serial killer” Spontaneous Intentionality in Conversational Metaphor and Story-Telling, L. David Ritchie and Elena Negrea-Busuioc


Dead Newspapers and Citizens’ Civic Engagement, Lee Shaker

Submissions from 2013


Combating Violence Against Women Through C4D: The “Use Your Voice” Campaign and Its Implications on Audience-Citizens in Papua New Guinea, Vipul Khosla, Akina Mikami, Lauren B. Frank, Isabel Popal, Klara Debeljak, and Amelia Shaw


Narrative versus Nonnarrative: The Role of Identification, Transportation and Emotion in Reducing Health Disparities, Sheila T. Murphy, Lauren B. Frank, Joyee S. Chatterjee, and Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati

Submissions from 2012


Gender Inequality in Deliberative Participation, Christopher F. Karpowitz, Tali Mendelberg, and Lee Shaker


Metaphor and Stories in Discourse about Personal and Social Change, L. David Ritchie


Local Political Knowledge and Assessments of Citizen Competence, Lee Shaker

Submissions from 2011


"Justice is blind": A model for analyzing metaphor transformations and narratives in actual discourse, L. David Ritchie


Why the block is the block: Reinforcing community through casual conversation, L. David Ritchie


'You're lying to Jesus!': Humor and play in a discussion about homelessness, L. David Ritchie


Community Newspapers Play Significant Role in Election, Lee Shaker


Local Political Information on the Web: The Case of the 2007 Philadelphia Mayoral Campaign, Lee Shaker

Submissions from 2010


News Images, Race, and Attribution in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina, Eran Ben-Porath and Lee Shaker


"Everybody goes down": Metaphors, Stories, and Simulations in Conversations, L. David Ritchie

Submissions from 2009


The Importance of Interpersonal Discussion and Self-Efficacy in Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Models, Joyee S. Chatterjee, Anurudra Bhanot, Lauren B. Frank, Sheila T. Murphy, and Gerry Power


Metaphors in Conversational Context: Toward a Connectivity Theory of Metaphor Interpretation, L. David Ritchie


Relevance and Simulation in Metaphor, L. David Ritchie


"The Ivory Tower" on an "Unstable Foundation": Playful Language, Humor, and Metaphor in the Negotiation of Scientists' Identities, L. David Ritchie and Char Schell


Citizens’ Local Political Knowledge and the Role of Media Access, Lee Shaker

Submissions from 2008


X IS A JOURNEY: Embodied Simulation in Metaphor Interpretation, L. David Ritchie


Hair of the Frog and other Empty Metaphors: The Play Element in Figurative Language, L. David Ritchie and Valrie Dyehouse

Submissions from 2007


Gateshead Revisited: Perceptual Simulators and Fields of Meaning in the Analysis of Metaphors, L. David Ritchie

Submissions from 2005


Frame-Shifting in Humor and Irony, L. David Ritchie

Submissions from 2004


Lost in "Conceptual Space" : Metaphors of Conceptual Integration, L. David Ritchie

Submissions from 2003


Essay Review of Higher Education’s Imperative: Rising to the Challenge of Educating Citizens, Priya Kapoor and Dilafruz R. Williams

The Concept of Shinyuu in Japan: A Replication of and Comparison to Cole and Bradac's Study on U.S.Friendship, Eriko Maeda and L. David Ritchie


"ARGUMENT IS WAR"-Or is it a Game of Chess? : Multiple Meanings in the Analysis of Implicit Metaphors, L. David Ritchie


Categories and Similarities: A Note on Circularity, L. David Ritchie


Statistical Probability as a Metaphor for Epistemological Probability, L. David Ritchie

Submissions from 2000

The Concept of Trustworthiness: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between Japanese and U.S. Business People, Masami Nishishiba and L. David Ritchie

Submissions from 1997

Parents' Workplace Experiences and Family Communication Patterns, L. David Ritchie

Submissions from 1994

Communication Schemata Within the Family: Multiple Perspectives on Family Interaction, Mary Anne Fitzpatrick and L. David Ritchie