Submissions from 2005

Reflecting Black: Maintaining a Politics of Opposition in Academe, Marvin Lynn


Leveling the Field: Using Rubrics to Achieve Greater Equity in Teaching and Grading, Dannelle D. Stevens and Antonia Levi

Submissions from 2004


Inserting the ‘Race’ into Critical Pedagogy: An Analysis of ‘Race‐Based Epistemologies', Marvin Lynn


Teaching Transitions: Techniques for Promoting Success Between Lessons, Kent McIntosh, Keith Herman, Amanda K. Sanford, Kelly McGraw, and Kira Florence

From Jim Crow to Affirmative Action and Back Again: A Critical Race Discussion of Racialized Rationales and Access to Higher Education, Tara Yosso, Laurence Parker, Daniel Solorzano, and Marvin Lynn

Submissions from 2003


Beyond Guilt: How to Deal with Societal Racism, Lauren N. Nile and Jack C. Straton


Senior Inquiry: A University/High School Collaboration, Barbara Jean Traver, Jack C. Straton, Jan Whittlesey, Dave Erhenkranz, Tom Wells, Pat McCreery, Maarja Paris, Candyce Reynolds, and Judy Patton

Submissions from 2002


Classroom Instruction in Gates Grantee Schools A Baseline Report, Jeffrey T. Fouts, Carol Brown, and Gayle Yvonne Thieman

Critical Race Theory and the Perspectives of Black Men Teachers in the Los Angeles Public Schools, Marvin Lynn

What’s Race Got to Do With It? Critical Race Theory’s Conflicts With and Connections to Qualitative Research Methodology and Epistemology, Laurence Parker and Marvin Lynn


Turkish Student Teachers' Early Experiences in Schools: Critical Incidents, Reflection, and a New Teacher Education Program, Dannelle D. Stevens, Serap Sarigul, and Hulya Deger

Submissions from 2001


Low SES Black College Choice: Playing on an Unlevel Playing Field, Michael J. Smith

Submissions from 2000


Designing and Tailoring School/University Partnerships: A Straightjacket, Security Blanket, or Just a Loose Coat?, Dannelle D. Stevens and Robert B. Everhart

Submissions from 1999


Feedback, Accountability, and the Standards-based System, Dannelle D. Stevens

Submissions from 1997


Multicultural Admission: From Paper Policy to Institutional Commitment, Michael J. Smith