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ISSN 2375-7809

Anthós is a student-run, peer-reviewed, open-access undergraduate academic journal published by the University Honors College of Portland State University.


Anthós (1990-1996)

This site contains the Anthós publication from (1990-1996). Anthós published noteworthy baccalaureate theses as well as a number of papers from writings done for the first-year humanities core of the Honors Program (now the University Honors College).

For current issues, see Anthós


Communications in Information Literacy

ISSN 1933-5954

Communications in Information Literacy (CIL) is a peer-reviewed, independently published, and open access journal devoted to advancing research, theory, and practice in the area of information literacy in higher education.


Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs

ISSN 2474-1078

The Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs is a graduate student-led academic journal of the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government in the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University. The journal features faculty, practitioner, and graduate student submissions that explore a range of public affairs issues. Open Access Statement


Northwest Journal of Teacher Education

ISSN 2638-4035

The Northwest Journal of Teacher Education is the peer-reviewed journal of the Northwest Association of Teacher Educators. NWJTE publishes original contributions from teacher educators, teachers, teacher candidates, and other stakeholders interested in the exchange of ideas related to teacher education. NWJTE offers thoughtful, innovative, and practical ideas grounded in research. At the heart, NWJTE is written for educators by educators.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.


PSU McNair Scholars Online Journal

ISSN 2375-7833

McNair Scholars Journal is the culmination of intensive research conducted by our student scholars and their faculty mentors through our Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program.