Submissions from 2018

A Magnetic Gearbox With an Active Region Torque Density of 239 N.m/L, Kiran K. Uppalapati, Matthew D. Calvin, Jason D. Wright, J. Pitchard, Wesley B. Williams, and Jonathan Z. Bird

Buffered-Interconnect Performance and Power Dissipation in 3D ICs with Temperature Profile, Satya K. Vendra and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske


Thermal Management in 3D IC Designs for Nano-CMOS Technologies: Analysis on Graphene- vs. Graphite-based TIM, Satya K. Vendra and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Weak-Assert: A Weakness-Oriented Assertion Recommendation Toolkit for Program Analysis, Cong Wang, Yu Jiang, Xibin Zhao, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and jiaguang Sun

From Offline Towards Real-Time Verification for Robot Systems, Rui Wang, Yingxia Wei, Houbing Song, Yu Jiang, Yong Guan, Xiaoyu Song, and Xiaojuan Li

Comparative Analysis of a Coaxial Magnetic Gearbox with a Flux Concentration Halbach Rotor and Consequent Pole Rotor Typology, D. H. Wong, S. Modaresahmadi, Jonathan Z. Bird, and W. Williams


Modeling Harmonic Impacts of Electric Vehicle Chargers on Distribution Networks, Nicole Woodman, Robert B. Bass, and Mike Donnelly

A Dynamic Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Nontrivial Upper Bounds of Real-Time Tasks in Embedded System Design, Haifeng Xing, Jiantao Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, and Ruidong Qi

Digital Predistortion for Spectrum Compliance in the Internet of Things, Siyuan Yan, Xiao Li, Changhong Jiang, Hui Li, Lingmei Wang, and Fu Li

A Cloud Workflow Model Based on Resources Selection, Jiantao Zhou, Xianyang Li, Yan Wang, and Xiaoyu Song

Temporal Coverage Analysis for Dynamic Verification, Min Zhou, William N. N. Hung, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Submissions from 2017

Future Proof IoT: Composable Semantics, Security, QoS and Reliability, Tim Abels, Rahul Khanna, and Kevin Midkiff

Performance Optimization and Power Efficiency in 3D IC With Buffer Insertion Scheme, Mohammad A. Ahmed, Sucheta Mohapatra, and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Extended Saleh Model for Behavioral Modeling of Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers, Haider Al-kanan, Fu Li, and Felice Francesco Tafuri

Comparison of 2-D Behavioral Models for Modeling and Digital Predistortion of Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers, Haider Al-kanan, Fu Lo, and Felice Francesco Tafuri

Modeling Undependable Subsidies with Three-player Generalized Divide the Dollar, Daniel Ashlock and Garrison Greenwood


Shift-Symmetric Configurations in Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata: Irreversibility, Insolvability, and Enumeration, Peter Banda, John S. Caughman IV, Martin Cenek, and Christof Teuscher

Analysis and Testing of a Hybrid Halbach Magnetic Gearbox, Jonathan Z. Bird, Kang Li, Joshua Kadel, Jason D. Wright, Debarupa Som, and Wesley Williams


Feedforward Chemical Neural Network: An In Silico Chemical System That Learns XOR, Drew Blount, Peter Banda, Christof Teuscher, and Darko Stefanovic

What We Know After Twelve Years Developing and Deploying Test Data Analytics Solutions, Kenneth M. Butler, Amit Nahar, and W. Robert Daasch

Instrumentation Receiver for Medium Frequency Propagation and Noise Measurements, Richard L. Campbell and James Davey

Portable Objective Assessment of Upper Extremity Motor Function in Parkinson's Disease, L. M. Chahine, L. Uribe, P. Hogarth, James McNames, A. Siderowf, K. Marek, and D. Jennings

Modeling Power System Buses Using Performance Based Earthquake Engineering Methods, Vishvas Chalishazar, Chen Huo, Ian Fox, Travis Hagan, Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez, Annette Von Jouanne, Julia Zhang, Ted Brekken, and Robert B. Bass

IntPTI: Automatic Integer Error Repair with Proper-type Inference, Xi Cheng, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Liquid Crystal-Based Mueller Matrix Spectral Imaging Polarimetry for Parameterizing Mineral Structural Organization, James C. Gladish and Donald D. Duncan

A Fuzzy System Approach for Choosing Public Goods Game Strategies, Garrison W. Greenwood


Altruistic Punishment Can Help Resolve Tragedy of the Commons Social Dilemmas, Garrison W. Greenwood


A Timed Colored Petri Net Simulation-Based Self-Adaptive Collaboration Method for Production-Logistics Systems, Zhengang Guo, Yingfeng Zhang, Xibin Zhao, and Xiaoyu Song

An Introductory Course in Electrical Engineering: Lessons Learned and Continuing Challenges, Melinda Holtzman and Branimir Pejcinovic


Mining PMU Data Streams to Improve Electric Power System Resilience, Jun Jiang, Xinghui Zhao, Scott Andrew Wallace, Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez, and Robert B. Bass

ACODS: Adaptive Computation Offloading for Drone Surveillance System, Woo-Sung Jung, Jinhyuk Yim, Young-Bae Ko, and Suresh Singh


Analysis of a Magnetically Geared Lead Screw, Mojtaba Bahrami Kouhshahi and Jonathan Bird

An Axial Flux-Focusing Magnetically Geared Motor, Mojtaba Bahrami Kouhshahi, Jonathan Z. Bird, Viral Acharya, Ke Li, Melvin Calvin, and Wesley B. Williams

Wideband Acoustic Positioning With Precision Calibration and Joint Parameter Estimation, Amit Kumar and James McNames


Marine Mammal Tracks from Two-Hydrophone Acoustic Recordings Made with a Glider, Elizabeth T. Küsel, Tessa Munoz, Martin Siderius, David K. Mellinger, and Sara L. Heimlich


Ideal Radial Permanent Magnet Coupling Torque Density Analysis, Kang Li, Jonathan Bird, and Vedanadam M. Acharya

Designing the First Stage of a Series Connected Multistage Coaxial Magnetic Gearbox for a Wind Turbine Demonstrator, K. Li, J. Wright, S. Modaresahmadi, D. Som, W. Williams, and Jonathan Z. Bird

Formal Modeling and Verification of a Rate-Monotonic Scheduling Implementation with Real-Time Maude, Jiaxiang Liu, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Quantum Circuit Synthesis Using a New Quantum Logic Gate Library of NCV Quantum Gates, Zhiqiang Li, Sai Chen, Xiaoyu Song, Marek Perkowski, Hanwu Chen, and Wei Zhu


Minimization of Quantum Circuits using Quantum Operator Forms, Martin Lukac, Michitaka Kameyama, Marek Perkowski, and Pawel Kerntopf


Passive Bottom Reflection-Loss Estimation Using Ship Noise and a Vertical Line Array, Lanfranco Muzi, Martin Siderius, and Christopher M. Verlinden

Seabed Characterization From Ambient Noise Using Short Arrays and Autonomous Vehicles, Peter Louring Nielsen, Lanfranco Muzi, and Martin Siderius

Active Learning, Labs and Maker-spaces in Microwave Circuit Design Courses, Branimir Pejcinovic

Assessing Student Preparedness for Introductory Engineering and Programming Courses, Branimir Pejcinovic, Melinda Holtzman, Philip K. Wong, and Gerald Recktenwald


Evolution of an Introductory Electrical Engineering and Programming Course, Branimir Pejcinovic and Phillip Wong


Electrodynamic Wheel Magnetic Rolling Resistance, Wei Qin and Jonathan Z. Bird

Memristor Based 8-Bit Iterative Full Adder with Space-Time Notation and Sneak-Path Protection, Kamela Choudhury Rahman, Masoodur Rahman Khan, and Marek A. Perkowski

How to Think about Self-Timed Systems, Marly Roncken, Ivan Sutherland, Chris Chen, Yong Hei, Warren Hunt, Cuong Chau, Swetha Mettala Gilla, Hoon park, Xiaoyu Song, Anping He, and Hong Chen

Product Transformation and Heuristic EXOR-AND-OR Logic Synthesis of Incompletely Specified Functions, Ben Schaeffer

Non-Temporal Logic Performance of an Atomic Switch Network, Kelsey Scharnhorst, Walt Woods, Christof Teuscher, Adam Stieg, and James Gimzewski

Striation Processing of Data From the 2013 Target and Reverberation Experiment (TREX13), Scott Schecklman and Lisa M. Zurk


Memetic-Based Schedule Synthesis for Communication on Time-Triggered Embedded Systems, Heyuan Shi, Kun Tang, Chengbao Lio, Xiaoyu Song, Chao Hu, and Jiaguang Sun


Analysis and Testing of a Coaxial Magnetic Gearbox with Flux Concentration Halbach Rotors, Debarupa Som, Kang Li, Joshua Kadel, Jason Wright, Sina Modaresahmadi, Jonathan Bird, and W. William

Music to Motion: Using Music Information to Create Expressive Robot Motion, Mathias Sunardi and Marek A. Perkowski

Spatial and Temporal Probabilistic Inference Using a Memristive Associative Memory, Mohammed M.A. Taha, Wesley Chavez, and Christof Teuscher

Naive Bayesian Inference of Handwritten Digits using a Memristive Associative Memory, Mohammed M.A. Taha and Christof Teuscher

ECG Biometric Identification Using Wavelet Analysis Coupled with Probabilistic Random Forest, Robin Tan and Marek Perkowski


Toward Improving Electrocardiogram (ECG) Biometric Verification using Mobile Sensors: A Two-Stage Classifier Approach, Robin Tan and Marek Perkowski


A Comparison of Two Innovation Tools: Application on Smart Kitchen Design, Burcu Taşkın

The Weird, the Small, and the Uncontrollable: Redefining the Frontiers of Computing, Christof Teuscher


Memcapacitive Devices in Logic and Crossbar Applications, Dat Tran and Christof Teuscher

Memcapacitive Reservoir Computing, Dat Tran and Christof Teuscher

Comparison of Various Error-Detecting and Error-Correcting Encodings of Reversible Automata Built from Irreversible State Tables Using EPOE Circuits with EXOR Lattices, Linh Tran, Bruce Yen, and Marek A. Perkowski

Equity Option Strategy Discovery and Optimization Using a Memetic Algorithm, Richard Tymerski, Garrison Greenwood, and Devin Sills


A Low Assembly Cost Coaxial Magnetic Gearbox, Kiran Uppalapati, Joshua Kadel, Jason Wright, Kang Li, Wesley Williams, and Jonathan Bird


Inertial and Time-of-Arrival Ranging Sensor Fusion, Paul Vasilyeav, Sean Pearson, Mahmoud El-Gohary, Mateo Aboy, and James McNames

Research on QoS Optimization Method of Cloud Service Based on Utility Game Between Users and Service Providers in the Cloud Market, Yan Wang, Jiantao Zhou, Jing Liu, Gang Xu, and Xiaoyu Song

A Static Analysis Tool with Optimizations for Reachability Determination, Yuexing Wang, Min Zhou, Yu Jiang, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Constructing Cost-Aware Functional Test-Suites Using Nested Differential Evolution Algorithm, Yuexing Wang, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Approximate Vector Matrix Multiplication Implementations for Neuromorphic Applications using Memristive Crossbars, Walt Woods and Christof Teuscher


Fast and Accurate Sparse Coding of Visual Stimuli with a Simple, Ultra-Low-Energy Spiking Architecture, Walt Woods and Christof Teuscher

Formalization and Analysis of Jacobian Matrix in Screw Theory and its Application in Kinematic Singularity, Aixuan Wu, Zhiping Shi, Xiumei Yang, Yong Guan, Yongdong Li, and Xiaoyu Song


On Dual-Band Amplifications Using Dual Two-Tones: Clarifications and Discussion, Siyuan Yan, Xianzhen Yang, Xiao Li, and Fu Lo

Submissions from 2016

The N-Player Trust Game and its Replicator Dynamics, Hussein Abbass, Garrison W. Greenwood, and Eleni Petraki

A Compact Triple Band BSF Design Based on Minkowski Fractal Geometry, Hayder S. Ahmed, Jawad K. Ali, Ali J. Salim, and Nasr N. Hussain

TSV- and Delay-Aware 3D-IC Floorplanning, Mohammad A. Ahmed, S. Mohapatra, and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Buffered Interconnects in 3D IC Layout Design, Mohammad A. Ahmed, Sucheta Mohapatra, and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Fast and Accurate Evaluation of Delay in CNFET Circuits, Muhammad Ali, Mohammad Ahmed, and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske


Memristor-Based Volistor Gates Compute Logic with Low Power Consumption, Muayad Aljafar and Marek Perkowski

Generalized Divide the Dollar, Daniel Ashlock and Garrison Greenwood


COEL: A Cloud-Based Reaction Network Simulator, Peter Banda and Christof Teuscher


Determining the Power and Energy Capacities of a Battery Energy Storage System to Accommodate High Photovoltaic Penetration on a Distribution Feeder, Robert B. Bass, Jennifer Carr, José Aguilar, and Kevin Whitener

Applying Scrum Project Management in ECE Curriculum, Robert B. Bass, Branimir Pejcinovic, and John Grant

Automatic Fix for C Integer Errors by Precision Improvement, Xi Cheng, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Tutorial 2A: 3D Integration - Challenges and Advantages, Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske and Juergen Becker

Prescribed Gait Tests Versus Continuous Monitoring of Gait in People With Parkinson’s Disease, Carolin Curtze, James McNames, Mahmoud El-Gohary, John G. Nutt, Martina Mancini, Patricia Carlson-Kuhta, and Fay Horak


Using Portable Transducers to Measure Tremor Severity, Rodger J. Elble and James McNames


Exploring Proficiency Testing of Programming Skills in Lower-division Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Courses, Karla Steinbrugge Fant, Branimir Pejcinovic, and Phillip Wong

Drag Force Fault Extension to Evolutionary Model Consistency Checking for a Flapping-wing Micro Air Vehicle, John C. Gallagher, Monica Sam, Sanjay Boddhu, Eric T. Matson, and Garrison W. Greenwood


Head Wave Correlations in Ambient Noise, John Thomas Gebbie and Martin Siderius


Memory and Information Processing in Recurrent Neural Networks, Alireza Goudarzi, Sarah Marzen, Peter Banda, Guy Feldman, Matthew R. Lakin, Christof Teuscher, and Darko Stefanovic

Reservoir Computing: Quo Vadis?, Alireza Goudarzi and Christof Teuscher

On the Use of Spatial Games in Explaining Human Cooperation, Garrison W. Greenwood

Waveform Reconstruction for Recurrent Non-uniform Discrete-time Sampling Scheme: Discussion of Its Instability, Wei-Da Hao, Yih-Chuyn Jenq, and David H. Chiang

Alleviating Freezing of Gait Using Phase-dependent Tactile Biofeedback, Will Harrington, Andrew Greenberg, James McNames, and Lars Holmstrom

Experimental Research on Fault Location for the Axle of Railway Vehicles Based on Acoustic Emission Technique, Chang Hong Jiang, Su Pan, Chao Zhang, and Fu Li


A Novel Particle Filtering Method for Estimation of Pulse Pressure Variation During Spontaneous Breathing, Sunghan Kim, Fouzia Noor, Mateo Aboy, and James McNames


Performance Metrics for Depth-Based Signal Separation using Deep Vertical Line Arrays, Gabriel Paul Kniffin, John Kenneth Boyle, Lisa Zurk, and Martin Siderius

Parabolic Equation Methods for Terahertz 3-D Synthetic Aperture Imaging, Gabriel Kniffin and Lisa M. Zurk


Single-Sensor, Cue-Counting Population Density Estimation: Average Probability of Detection of Broadband Clicks, Elizabeth T. Küsel, Martin Siderius, and David K. Mellinger