Submissions from 2016

Quantum Machine Learning Based on Minimizing Kronecker-Reed-Muller Forms and Grover Search Algorithm with Hybrid Oracles, Bryan Lee and Marek Perkowski

A 3-D Analytical Model of a Halbach Axial Magnetic Coupling, Kang Li and Jonathan Bird

Torque Density Comparison of Axial and Radial Halbach Couplings, Kang Li and Jonathan Bird

Fault Models in Reversible and Quantum Circuits, Martin Lukac, Michitaka Kameyama, Marek Perkowski, Pawel Kerntopf, and Claudio Moraga


Design of Introspective Circuits for Analysis of Cell-Level Dis-orientation in Self-Assembled Cellular Systems, Nicholas J. Macias, Christof Teuscher, and Lisa J. K. Durbeck


A Backend Framework for the Efficient Management of Power System Measurements, Benjamin McCamish, Rich Meier, Jordan Landford, Robert B. Bass, David Chiu, and Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez


Frequency Based Noise Coherence-Function Extension and Application to Passive Bottom-Loss Estimation, Lanfranco Muzi, Martin Siderius, and Peter L. Nielsen

Trends and Challenges of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems – A Review, Manasseh Obi and Robert B. Bass

Calculation of Levelized Costs of Electricity for Various Electrical Energy Storage Systems, Manasseh Obi, S. M. Jensen, Jennifer Ferris, and Robert B. Bass


Assembly of a 3D Cellular Computer Using Folded E-Blocks, Shivendra Pandey, Nicholas J. Macias, Carmen Ciobanu, ChangKyu Yoon, Christof Teuscher, and David H. Gracias

Improved Analytic Model for Eddy Current Force Considering Edge-effect of a Conductive Plate, S. Paul and Jonathan Bird


Designing a Continuously Variable Magnetic Gear, J. Pritchard, Pavithra Padmanathan, and Jonathan Z. Bird

Counterintuitive Results in Underwater Acoustic Communications, Daniel Rouseff

On the Sign of the Waveguide Invariant, Daniel Rouseff and Lisa M. Zurk

Context-Aware Fall Detection Using Inertial Sensors and Time-of-flight Transceivers, Mahesh C. Shastry, Meysam Asgari, Eric A. Wan, Joseph Leitschuh, Nicholas Preiser, Jon Folsom, John Condon, Michelle Cameron, and Peter Jacobs


A Brief Review of Speaker Recognition Technology, Clark D. Shaver and John M. Acken


Task and Participant Scheduling of Trading Platforms in Vehicular Participatory Sensing Networks, Heyuan Shi, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Consistency in Wafer Based Outlier Screening, Sebastian Siatkowski, Chuanhe Jay Shan, Li-C. Wang, Nikolas Sumikawat, W. Rober Daasch, and John M. Carulli

Passive Acoustical Oceanography, Martin Siderius

Effects of Surface Charge on the Anomalous Light Extinction From Metallic Nanoparticles, Edin Sijercic and P.T. Leung

Approximate In-Memory Hamming Distance Calculation With a Memristive Associative Memory, Mohammad M.A. Taha, Walt Woods, and Christof Teuscher

Designed Versus Intrinsic Computation, Christof Teuscher

An Improved Factorization Approach to Reversible Circuit Synthesis Based on EXORs of Products of EXORs, Linh Tran, Addison Gronquist, Marek Perkowski, and John S. Caughman IV

Uncertainty Model for Configurable Hardware/Software and Resource Partitioning, Rui Wang, William N. N. Hung, Guowu Yang, and Xiaoyu Song

Synthesis of Memristive Circuits Based on Stateful IMPLY Gates Using an Evolutionary Algorithm With a Correction Function, Xiaoxiao Wang, Robin Tan, and Marek Perkowski

A QoS Evolutionary Method of Cloud Service Based on User Utility Model, Yan Wang, Jiantao Zhou, Jing Liu, Tenghe Au, and Xiaoyu Song

Semiconductor Devices in Harsh Conditions, Kirsten Weide-Zaage and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Geometric Pattern Match Using Edge Driven Dissected Rectangles and Vector Space, Jea Woo Park, Robert Todd, and Xiaoyu Song

Comparison and Analysis of Dual Stator Permanent Magnet Vernier Machines with Different Pole/Slot Combinations for Low Speed Direct Drive Applications, Yang Zhang, Heyun Lin, Shuhua Fang, and Yunkaia Huang

Improving Failure Detection by Automatically Generating Test Cases Near the Boundaries, Min Zhou, Xi Cheng, Xinrui Guo, Ming Gu Tshinghua, Hongyu Zhang, and Xiaoyu Song


Exploitation of Frequency Information in Continuous Active Sonar, Lisa Zurk, Daniel Rouseff, and Scott Schecklman

Submissions from 2015

Dynamic Nets-to-TSVs Assignment in 3D Floorplanning, M. A. Ahmed, S. Mohapatra, and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Logical Effort Model for CNFET Circuits with CNTs Variations, Muhammad Ali, M. A. Ahmed, Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, and James Morris

A Statistical Characterization of the Finger Tapping Test: Modeling, Estimation, and Applications, Daniel Austin, James McNames, Krystal Klein, Holly Jimison, and Misha Pavel

A Linear High Efficiency Doherty Amplifier with 40 dBm Sauturated Output Power using GaN on SiC HEMT Devices, Bryant Baker and Richard L. Campbell

Ultra-wideband Balun using a Multiaperture Ferromagnetic Core, Bryant Baker and Richard L. Campbell

Measurements and Modeling of the Variability in Normally Incident Reflections from the Seabed, Saroj Bardewa and Martin Siderius

Fully Automated Assessment of the Severity of Parkinson's Disease from Speech, Alireza Bayestehtashk, Meysam Asgari, Izhak Shafran, and James McNames

Cerebellar Theta-Burst Stimulation for the Evaluation of the Pathophysiology and the Therapeutic Potential for Rest Tremor in Parkinson’s Disease, D. Benninger, James McNames, Francois Herrmann, F. Medlin, F. Vingerhoets, and Marianne Anke Stephan


Computational Capacity and Energy Consumption of Complex Resistive Switch Networks, Jens Bürger, Alireza Goudarzi, Darko Stefanovic, and Christof Teuscher


Hierarchical Composition of Memristive Networks for Real-Time Computing, Jens Bürger, Alireza Goudarzi, Darko Stefanovic, and Christof Teuscher


Project-based RF/Microwave Education, Richard L. Campbell and Branimir Pejcinovic

HF-VHF-UHF IQ Mixer With a Single SPDT Switch, Rick Campbell

RF and Microwave Links: The MTT Society and the Amateur Radio Community, Robert Caverly, Ward Silver, Al Katz, Marc Franco, and Richard L. Campbell

A 3-D Analytical Model for a Double Halbach Linear Array Electrodynamic Suspension System, Yin Chen, Subhra Paul, Jonathan Bird, and Kunlun Zhang

A 3-D Analytic-Based Model of a Null-Flux Halbach Array Electrodynamic Suspension Device, Yin Chen, Wenlong Zhang, Jonathan Bird, Subhra Paul, and Kunlun Zhang

Delay and Yield of CNFET-Based Circuits in the Presence of Variations, Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

A Novel Weighted Hierarchical Adaptive Voting Ensemble Machine Learning Method for Breast Cancer Detection, Clemen Deng and Marek Perkowski

Radix-2 Division Algorithms with an Over-Redundant Digit Set, Jo Ebergen and Navaneeth Jamadagni

Human Joint Angle Estimation with Inertial Sensors and Validation with A Robot Arm, Mahmoud Ahmed El-Gohary and James McNames


Continuous Monitoring of Movement in Patients with Parkinson's Disease Using Inertial Sensors, Mahmoud Ahmed El-Gohary, Sean Pearson, James McNames, Martina Mancini, and Fay Horak

Sixty Years Studying Wave Propagation in Random Media at the Applied Physics Laboratory, Terry E. Ewart and Daniel Rouseff


A Two-hydrophone Range and Bearing Localization with Performance Analysis, John Thomas Gebbie, Martin Siderius, and John S. Allen III

Emotions and Their Effect on Cooperation Levels in N-Player Social Dilemma Games, Garrison W. Greenwood

Evolving Strategies to Help Resolve Tragedy of the Commons Social Dilemmas, Garrison W. Greenwood

Cyber-Physical Systems: The Next Generation of Evolvable Hardware Research and Applications, Garrison W. Greenwood, John Gallagher, and Eric Matson

Metamorphic Systems: A Schema for Adaptive Autonomous Systems, Garrison W. Greenwood and Andy M. Tyrrell


Modeling and Experimental Demonstration of a Hopfield Network Analog-to-Digital Converter with Hybrid CMOS/Memristor Circuits, Xinjie Guo, Farnood Merrikh-Bayat, Ligang Gao, Brian D. Hoskins, Fabien Alibart, Bernabe Linares-Barranco, Luke Theogarajan, Christof Teuscher, and Dmitri B. Strukov

First, Debug the Test Oracle, Xinrui Guo, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Generalized Interface Automata with Multicast Synchronization, Fei He, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Objective Measurement of Gait Abnormalities in Huntington Disease using a Shoe-Worn Inertial Sensor (P5.291), Penelope Hogarth, Arthur Lenahan, Alicia Portillo, Ravi Ramachandran, Katie Stenson, Anna Legedza, Martyn Botfield, Fay Horak, James McNames, and Mahmoud Ahmed El-Gohary

Assessment of Oxygen Saturation in Retinal Vessels of Normal Subjects and Diabetic Patients with and without Retinopathy using Flow Oximetry System, Mohamed Ibrahim, Rachel E. Annam, Yasir J. Sepah, Long Luu, Millena G. Bittencourt, Hyun S. Jang, Paul Lemaillet, Beatriz Munoz, Donald D. Duncan, Sheila West, Quan Dong Nguyen, and Jessica C. Ramella-Roman

Simple GHz Resonator for Superconducting Materials Characterization, Shauna Marie Jensen, Robert B. Bass, Arthur W. Lichtenberger, and Aaron M. Datesman

Design and Optimization of Multiclocked Embedded Systems Using Formal Techniques, Yu Jiang, Hehua Zhang, Zonghui Li, Yangdong Deng, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Design of Mixed Synchronous/Asynchronous Systems with Multiple Clocks, Yu Jiang, Hehua Zhang, Huafeng Zhang, Han Liu, Xiaoyu Song, and Ming Gu


Tracking of Rhythmical Biomedical Signals Using the Maximum A Posteriori Adaptive Marginalized Particle Filter, Sunghan Kim, Lars Andreas Holmstrom, and James McNames

Deep Ocean Vector Sensor Array Performance Metrics, Gabriel Kniffin and Lisa Zurk

Terahertz Non-Destructive Sensing of Layered Materials with Curved Surfaces, Gabriel Kniffin and Lisa Zurk

Single-sensor Density Estimation of Highly Broadband Marine Mammal Calls, Elizabeth T. Küsel, Martin Siderius, and David K. Mellinger

Application of Density Estimation Methods to Datasets Collected from a Glider, Elizabeth T. Küsel, Martin Siderius, David K. Mellinger, and Sara L. Heimlich


Fast Sequence Component Analysis for Attack Detection in Synchrophasor Networks, Jordan Landford, Rich Meier, Richard Barella, Xinghui Zhao, Robert B. Bass, and Scott Wallace

Pareto Optimal Mapping for Tile-based Network-on-Chip under Reliability Constraints, Qianqi Le, Guowu Yang, William N.N. Hung, Xiaoyu Song, and Xinpeng Zhang

A Flux-Focusing Cycloidal Magnetic Gearbox, Kang Li, Jonathan Bird, Joshua Kadel, and Wesley Williams

Statistical Model of OFDM and its Application in Nonlinearity Analysis of LTE-Advanced Systems, Xiao Li, Kwok-Wai Tam, and Fu Lo

Continuous Monitoring of Turning in Parkinson's Disease : Rehabilitation Potential, Martina Mancini, Mahmoud Ahmed El-Gohary, Sean Pearson, James McNames, Heather Schleuter, John G. Nutt, Laurie A. King, and Fay Horak


Delay Line as a Chemical Reaction Network, Josh Moles, Peter Banda, and Christof Teuscher

Nanotechnology: Simulation and Design, James Morris

Laboratory Course in Nanotechnology, James E. Morris

Nanotechnology Laboratory and Nanoelectronics Simulation Courses, James E. Morris

Improved Passive Bottom-loss Estimation Below 10 kHz Using Arrays Deployable on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Lanfranco Muzi, Martin Siderius, and Peter L. Nielsen


High-Resolution Bottom-Loss Estimation Using the Ambient-Noise Vertical Coherence Function, Lanfranco Muzi, Martin Siderius, Jorge E. Quijano, and Stan E. Dosso

Glider-based Seabed Characterization using Natural-made Ambient Noise, Peter L. Nielsen, Martin Siderius, and Lanfranco Muzi

Spatial Sampling of Seabed Properties Using a Glider Equipped with a Short Hydrophone Array, Peter L. Nielsen, Jiang Yong-Min, Martin Siderius, and Lanfranco Muzi


Coupled-Oscillator Associative Memory Array Operation for Pattern Recognition, Dmitri E. Nikonov, Gyorgy Csaba, Wolfgang Porod, Tadashi Shibata, Danny Voils, Dan Hammerstrom, Ian A. Young, and George I. Bourianoff

Quantum Phase Estimation and Arbitrary Accuracy Iterative Phase Estimation Using Multivalued Logic, Vamsi Parasa and Marek Perkowski


Semi-modular Delay Model Revisited in Context of Relative Timing, Hoon Park, Anping He, Marly Roncken, and Xiaoyu Song


Modular Timing Constraints for Delay-Insensitive Systems, Hoon Park, Anping He, Marly Roncken, Xiaoyu Song, and Ivan Sutherland


Development and Uses of Iterative Systematic Literature Reviews in Electrical Engineering Education, Branimir Pejcinovic


Using Systematic Literature Reviews to Enhance Student Learning, Branimir Pejcinovic


Enhancing Freshman Engineering Instruction with In-Class Interaction Systems and e-Books, Branimir Pejcinovic and Phillip K. Wong

A Multi-Agent System for Autonomous Adaptive Control of a Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle, Michal Podhradský, Garrison W. Greenwood, John Gallagher, and Eric Matson

Probability Distribution of Multiple-target Data Snapshots Applied to Large-aperture Array Processing, Jorge E. Quijano and Lisa Zurk


Eigenvector Pruning Method for High Resolution Beamforming, Jorge E. Quijano and Lisa M. Zurk

Eigenvector-based Signal Subspace Estimation, Jorge Quijano and Lisa Zurk

A Novel System and Technique for Enhancing the Lifetime of an Air Breathing Micro PEM Fuel Cell Based Power Source, P. Ramesh, M. Jithesh, and Varun Devaraj

Naturalized Communication and Testing, Marly Roncken, Swetha Mettala Gilla, Hoon Park, Navaneeth Prasannakumar Jamadagni, Christopher Cowan, and Ivan Sutherland

Modeling the Effects of Linear Shallow-Water Internal Waves on Horizontal Array Coherence, Dave Rouse and Andrey A. Lunkov

Developing a Model for Horizontal Array Coherence in the Presence of Random Linear Internal Waves, Daniel Rouseff and Andrey A. Lunkov

Multi-resident Identification Using Device-Free IR and RF Fingerprinting, Erich R. Schafermeyer, Eric A. Wan, Shadman Samin, Noah Zentzis, Nicholas Preiser, John Condon, Jon Folsom, and Peter Jacobs


A Computational Method to Predict and Study Underwater Noise due to Pile Driving, Scott Schecklman, Nathan Laws, Lisa M. Zurk, and Martin Siderius