Submissions from 2021

Health Technology Diffusion: Case of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for the Care of Senior Population, Hamad Alanazi and Tugrul U. Daim

Models for Energy Efficiency Obligation Systems through different perspectives, Irem Duzdar Argun, Gulgun Kayakutlu, Neslihan Yilmaz Ozgozen, and Tugrul Daim

Editorial: Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals, Alexander Brem, Elif Kongar, Claudia Eckert, Leonardo P. Santiago, and Tugrul Daim

Expanding Horizons in Business Decision Making, Maoloud Dabab, Mike Freiling, and Daniel Sagalowicz

Achieving an Effective Energy Sustainability Strategy, Maoloud Dabab, Thanh Nguyen, and Timothy Anderson

40 Years of Excellence: An Overview of Technovation and a Roadmap for Future Research, Marina Dabić, Giacomo Marzi, Božidar Vlačić, Tugrul U. Daim, and Wim Vanhaverbeke

Providing a Framework for Selecting the Appropriate Method of Technology Acquisition Considering Uncertainty in Hierarchical Group Decision-making: Case Study: Interactive Television Technology, Jalil Heidary Dahooie, Ali Reza Qorbani, and Tugrul Daim

Guest Editorial - Mapping Knowledge to Identify Future Innovation Trajectories: Cases in Emerging Technological Innovations, Tugrul Daim, Marina Dabic, and Edwin Garces

R&D Project Evaluation: Technology Transfer Focus, Judith Estep, Tugrul Daim, and Amir Shaygan

Evaluating R&D Projects in Regulated Utilities: the Case of Power Transmission Utilities, Edwin Garces, Tugrul U. Daim, and Marina Dabić

A Scoring Model to Evaluate Offshore Oil Projects, Abdulhakim Giadedi and Tugrul U. Daim

R&D Trend Analysis Based on Patent Mining: an Integrated Use of Patent Applications and Invalidation Data, Xiaotong Han, Donghua Zhu, Ming Lei, and Tugrul Daim


What’s Left Before Participatory Modeling can Fully Support Real-World Environmental Planning Processes: A Case Study Review, Beatrice Hedelin, S. Gray, S. Woehlke, Todd K. BenDor, Alison Singer, R. Jordan, Moira Zellner, Philippe J. Giabbanelli, Pierre D. Glynn, Antoine J. Jetter, and multiple additional authors

Unraveling the Dynamics of Immigrant Engineers’ Full-Utilization in Australia, Dilek Cetindamar Kozanoglu, Tugrul U. Daim, and Angel Contreras-Cruz

Design based exploration of medical system adoption: Case of wheelchair ramps, Elvan Doğan Kumtepe, Eda Corbacioglu, Ahmet Nuri Başoğlu, Tugrul Daim, and Amir Shaygan

Technology Transfer Evaluation: Driving Organizational Changes Through a Hierarchical Scoring Model, Joao Ricardo Lavoie, Tugrul Daim, and Elias G. Carayannis

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Future Generation Smart Cities Research—part II: Services, Applications, Case Studies, and Policymaking Considerations for Well-Being, Miltiadis D. Lytras, Anna Visvizi, Akila Sarirete, Miguel Torres-Ruiz, and Tugrul U. Daim

Exploring the Factors Influencing Big Data Technology Acceptance, Nayem Rahman, Tugrul Daim, and Nuri Basoglu

Factors Influencing Student Information Technology Adoption, Hans P. VanDerSchaaf, Tugrul U. Daim, and Nuri A. Basoglu

Mining Research and Invention Activity for Innovation Trends: Case of Blockchain Technology, Haydar Yalcin and Tugrul Daim

Augmented Reality Technology Adoption: Case of a Mobile Application in Turkey, Merve Yavuz, Ahmet Nuri Başoğlu, Tugrul Daim, and Amir Shaygan

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: Bibliometric and Content Analysis, Gordana Zeba, Marina Dabić, Mirjana Čičak, and Tugrul Daim

Integrating Patent Analysis Into Technology Roadmapping: A Latent Dirichlet Allocation Based Technology Assessment and Roadmapping in the Field of Blockchain, Hao Zhang, Tugrul Daim, and Peggy Zhang

What Drives Continuance Intention of Disruptive Technological Innovation? the Case of E-Business Microcredit in China, Wenyao Zhang, Wei Zhang, Chenxiao Wang, and Tugrul U. Daim

Submissions from 2020

Technology Adoption in Emerging Regions: Case of the Smartphone in Saudi Arabia, Fahad Abdulaziz Aldhaban, Tugrul Daim, Robert R. Harmon, and Nuri A. Basoglu

An Assessment of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: the Case of Saudi Arabia, Mustafa Almuzel and Timothy R. Anderson

Wisdom of Stakeholder Crowds in Complex Social-ecological Systems, Payam Aminpour, Steven A. Gray, Antonie Jetter, Joshua E. Introne, Alison Singer, and Robert Arlinghaus

The Use of Readiness Assessment for Big Data Projects, Husam Barham and Tugrul Unsal Daim

The Anniversary Tribute of PICMET: 1989–2018, Dilek Cetindamar, Thorsten Lammers, Dundar F. Kocaoglu, and Yi Zhang

Forecasting Technological Positioning Through Technology Knowledge Redundancy: Patent Citation Analysis of Iot, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain, Tugrul Daim, Kuei Kuei Lai, Haydar Yalcin, Fayez Alsoubie, and Vimal Kumar

Kaiser Permanente Internet of Things (IoT) Roadmap, Tugrul Daim, Mohammed Marthed, and Marina Dabic

Engineering and Technology Management: A Growing Field, Tugrul U. Daim

Measuring Perceived Usability of University Students Towards a Student Information System (SIS): A Turkish University Case, Denizhan Demirkol, Cagla Seneler, Tugrul U. Daim, and Amir Shaygan

Optimization of Battery and Wind Technologies: Case of Power Deviation Penalties, Bilge Dilara Iskeceli, Gulgun Kayakutlu, Tugrul Daim, and Amir Shaygan

Project Assessment Tools Evaluation and Selection Using the Hierarchical Decision Modeling: Case of State Departments of Transportation in the United States, Rafaa Ibrahim Khalifa and Tugrul Daim


Fuzzy Cognitive Maps-Based Switched-Mode Power Supply Design Assistant System, Yi Kuang, Zhiyong Johnny Zhang, Bin Duan, and Pei Zhang

A Smart Mass Customization Design Tool: a Case Study of a Portable Ramp for Wheelchair Users, Elvan Doğan Kumtepe, Ahmet Nuri Başoğlu, Eda Corbacioglu, Tugrul Daim, and Amir Shaygan

Towards the Assessment of Technology Transfer Capabilities: An Action Research-Enhanced HDM Model, Joao Lavoie and Tugrul Daim

Measuring Strategic Technological Strength :Patent Portfolio Model, Shuying Li, Xian Zhang, Haiyun Xu, Edwin Garces, and Tugrul U. Daim

A Three Decade Mixed-Method Bibliometric Investigation of the IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Giacomo Marzi, Andrea Caputo, Edwin Garces, and Marina Dabić


A New Innovation Paradigm: European Cohesion Policy and the Retreat of Public Science in Countries in Europe's Scientific Periphery, Jadranka Švarc, Marina Dabic, and Tugrul Daim

Submissions from 2019


Capital Efficiency for Development Stage Biotech-Based Firms: An IPO Perspective, Mark J. Ahn and Amir Shaygan

Impact of Genomics on Biopharmaceutical Industry: Rare Diseases as Disruptive Innovation, Mark J. Ahn, Amir Shaygan, and Charles Weber


Patient Empowerment via Mobile Personal Health Records and Mobile Health Applications: A Review of the Current Use, Abdulaziz S. Alhomod and Saeed Alzahrani

Pathways for Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Innovations: A Review and Expansion of Ambidexterity Theory, Yasser Alizadeh and Antonie Jetter


Using the Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM) to Select a Sustainable Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Provider, Fayez Alsoubaie


An Assessment of the Factors Influencing the Selection of the Best Carsharing Alternative in Portland Area Using Hierarchical Decision Modeling (HDM), Saeed Alzahrani, Ahmed Alzahrani, Xuran Dai, Wei-Chen Hsu, and Rashi Tiwari


Analysis of the Cryptocurrency Adoption Decision: Literature Review, Saeed Alzahrani and Tugrul Daim


Evaluation of the Cryptocurrency Adoption Decision Using Hierarchical Decision Modeling (HDM), Saeed Alzahrani and Tugrul Daim


Strategic Alliances for Technology Adoption: Alliances and Partnerships for Blockchain Adoption, Anju Babu and Charles Weber


Reflection of Critical Thinking on the Sustainable Educational Development: A Case Study of the Middle East and North Africa, Dana Bakry, Maoloud Dabab, and Rafaa Ibrahim Khalifa


The Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Programs to Reduce Unemployment in Developing Countries: The Case of Saudi Arabia, Dana Bakry, Rafaa Ibrahim Khalifa, and Maoloud Dabab

Surveying the Future of Science, Technology and Business - A 35 Year Perspective, Ulrich A. K. Betz, Frederick Betz, Rachel Kim, Brendan Monks, and Fred Phillips


Planning for Change in the Electric Power Industry: A Primer for Transactive Energy Scenario Development, Joshua Binus


A Bibliometric Analysis of Technology Management Research at PICMET for 2009–2018, D. Centindamar, Dundar Kocaoglu, T. Lammers, and J. M. Merigo


Deploying Natural Language Processing to Extract Key Product Features of Crowdfunding Campaigns: The Case of 3D Printing Technologies on Kickstarter, Nina Chaichi and Tim R. Anderson

Energy Technology Adoption: Case of Solar Photovoltaic in the Pacific Northwest USA, Yonghee Cho, Amir Shaygan, and Tugrul Daim


Mitigating High-Skill Brain Drain in Low-Growth Economies: An Examination of Existing Brain-Drain Threats in New Mexico and Strategy and Policy Alternative to Address Them, Aaron T. Cowan, Kelly R. Cowan, and Steven T. Walsh


Evaluating the Selection of Cellular Business Using a Hierarchical Decision Model: The Case of Libya, Maoloud Dabab, Rafaa Ibrahim Khalifa, and Nader Beltaif

Roadmapping for Engineering and Technology Management, Tugrul Daim, Dirk Meissner, and Elias Carayannis


The Main Sources for Technology Management Research: A Bibliometric Approach, Tugrul Daim and H Yalcin

The Intersection of Agent Based Models and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: A Review of an Emerging Hybrid Modeling Practice, Christopher W.H. Davis, Philippe J. Giabbanelli, and Antoine J. Jetter


From Clinical Phenotype to Genotypic Modelling: Incidence and Prevalence of Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB), Shaundra Eichstadt, Jean Y. Tang, Daniel C. Solis, M. Peter Marinkovich, Nedra Whitehead, Fang Fang, Stephen W. Erickson, Mary E. Ritchey, Max Colao, Kaye Spratt, Amir Shaygan, Mark Ahn, and Kavita Y. Sarin

Evaluating University Industry Collaborative Research Centers, Elizabeth Gibson, Tugrul Daim, and Marina Dabic


A Preliminary Strategic Framework for Enhancing the Sustainability of International Technology Transfer: The Case of Libya, Rafaa Ibrahim Khalifa, Maoloud Dabab, and Husam Barham


Cybersecurity Planning for Artificial Intelligent Systems in Space, Gary Langford, Lucas Beaulieu, Jeffery Carpenter, Ian Watkins, Brock Marsh, Teah Heidorn, and Chris Chase


Building a Sustainable Business Model through Technology Entrepreneurship: An Analysis of Business Models from a System and a System of Systems Perspective, Gary Langford and Teresa Langford


The Changing Moral Mirror of Society: from Human to Artifical Intelligent Systems, Gary Langford and Teresa Langford


Contingent Requirements for Artifical Intelligent Systems Development, Gary Langford and Herman Migliore


Domain Process Model Overcome Limitations of Engineering Models for Developing Artificial Intelligent Systems, Gary O. Langford, John Green, Daniel P. Burns, Alexander Keller, and Dean C. Schmidt

Technology Forecasting by Analogy-based on Social Network Analysis: The Case of Autonomous Vehicles, Shuying Li, Edwin Garces, and Tugrul Daim

Forecasting Technology Trends Using Text Mining of the Gaps Between Science and Technology: The Case of Perovskite Solar Cell Technology, Xin Li, Qianqian Xie, Tugrul Daim, and Lucheng Huang


Do Directionality and Network Size Affect Network Structure in Online Social Networks?, Nitin V. Mayande and Charles Weber


Benchmarking and Evaluating the Efficiency of Mass Transit Systems Based on Best Practice Using Data Envelopment Analysis, Jacqueline Nayame, Maoloud Dabab, and Timothy Anderson

Identifying Technology and Research Communication Case of Wireless Power, Abdalilah Owaishiz, Mike Smith, Mustafa Almuzel, Drew Beseau, Tugrul U. Daim, and Haydar Yalcin

Entrepreneurship Education from a Croatian Medical Student's Perspective, Dilek Ozdemir, Marina Dabic, and Tugrul Daim


Technological Cooperation Network in Biotechnology Analysis of Patents with Brazil as the Priority Country, Cristiano Goncalves Pereira, Rodrigo Ribeiro da Silva, Joao Ricardo Lavoie, and Geciane Silveira Porto

Forecasting of Emerging Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Patents Based on a Decision Model, Cristiano Goncalves Pereira, Joao Ricardo Lavoie, Edwin Garces, Fernanda Basso, Marina Dabic, Geciane Silveira Porto, and Tugrul Daim

Knowledge Pathways and Performance: An Empirical Study of the National Laboratories in a Technology Latecomer Country, Pattravadee Ploykitikoon and Charles Weber

A Technology Roadmap to Uncontested Market Space Using Autonomous Vehicles in the Transportation Industry, Bobby Romanski and Tugrul U. Daim

Blockchain Technology Through the Lens of Disruptive Innovation Theory, Mohammadsaleh Saadatmand and Tugrul U. Daim


Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Academic Environment, Cagla Seneler, Marina Dabic, Abdalilah Owaishiz, and Tugrul Daim


Technology Management Maturity Assessment Model: An Exploratory Multi-Criteria Approach for Healthcare Organizations, Amir Shaygan and Tugrul Daim

Adoption Factors of Electronic Health Record Systems, Daria Spatar, Orhun Kok, Nuri A. Basoglu, and Tugrul Daim

A Systems Approach to Project Stakeholder Management: Fuzzy Cognitive Map Modeling, Richard Sperry and Antoine J. Jetter


Try, Try Again: Lessons Learned from Success and Failure in Participatory Modeling, Eleanor J. Sterling, Moira Zellner, Karen E. Jenni, Kirsten Leong, Pierre D. Glynn, Todd K. BenDor, Pierre Bommel, Klaus Hubacek, Antonie J. Jetter, Rebecca Jordan, Laura Schmitt Olabisi, Michael Paolisso, and Steven Gray


Critical Factors Related to Student Success Technology, Hans VanDerSchaaf and Tugrul Daim

Exploring the Impact of the Level of Absorptive Capacity in Technology Development Firms, Ernest Vlačić, Marina Dabić, Tugrul Daim, and Davor Vlajčić

Exploring Technology and Engineering Management Research Landscape, Haydar Yalcin, Tugrul U. Daim, Marina Dabic, and Edwin Garces


Strategic Technology Planning in Product-Service Systems with Embedded Customer Experience Requirements, Soheil Zarrin and Tugrul Daim

Exploring the Multi-Phase Driven Process for Disruptive Business Model Innovation of E-Business Microcredit: a Multiple Case Study from China, Wenyao Zhang, Tugrul Daim, and Qingpu Zhang

Submissions from 2018


Genomics, Rare Diseases, and Disruptive Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Industry, Mark J. Ahn, Amir Shaygan, and Charles Weber


Assessing Photovoltaic Solar Technologies as a Solution for the Problem of Power Shortage in Iraq, Ahmed A. Alibage


Nokia Phones: From a Total Success to a Total Fiasco, Ahmed Alibage and Charles Weber


Organizational Project Management (OPM): Exploring Its Need in Organizations, Yaser Alnasri and Jeffrey S. Busch

Technology Assessment: Developing Geothermal Energy Resources for Supporting Electrical System in Oregon, Ahmed Shehab Alshareef, Tugrul U. Daim, and Ibrahim Iskin


A Review of In-Situ and Remote Sensing Technologies to Monitor Water and Sanitation Interventions, Luis Andres, Kwasi Boateng, Christian Borja-Vega, and Evan Thomas

Identifying Critical Issues in Smart City Big Data Project Implementation, Husam Barham and Tugrul Daim


Exploring Adoption of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: Applications in the Medical Industry, Nuri A. Basoglu, Muge Goken, Marina Dabic, Dilek Ozdemir Gungor, and Tugrul U. Daim

Technology Assessment: Study of User Preferences for Weight Loss Mobile Applications Both Globally and in the United States, Ahmed Bohliqa, Apisit Charoensupyanant, Daria Spatar, Jejung Ha, Selen Yulmaz, and Tugrul U. Daim