Submissions from 2019

Impact of Genomics on Biopharmaceutical Industry: Rare Diseases as Disruptive Innovation, Mark J. Ahn, Amir Shaygan, and Charles Weber

Pathways for Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Innovations: A Review and Expansion of Ambidexterity Theory, Yasser Alizadeh and Antonie Jetter

Surveying the Future of Science, Technology and Business - A 35 Year Perspective, Ulrich A. K. Betz, Frederick Betz, Rachel Kim, Brendan Monks, and Fred Phillips

Energy Technology Adoption: Case of Solar Photovoltaic in the Pacific Northwest USA, Yonghee Cho, Amir Shaygan, and Tugrul Daim

Roadmapping for Engineering and Technology Management, Tugrul Daim, Dirk Meissner, and Elias Carayannis

Evaluating University Industry Collaborative Research Centers, Elizabeth Gibson, Tugrul Daim, and Marina Dabic

Forecasting Technology Trends Using Text Mining of the Gaps Between Science and Technology: The Case of Perovskite Solar Cell Technology, Xin Li, Qianqian Xie, Tugrul Daim, and Lucheng Huang

Entrepreneurship Education from a Croatian Medical Student's Perspective, Dilek Ozdemir, Marina Dabic, and Tugrul Daim


Technological Cooperation Network in Biotechnology Analysis of Patents with Brazil as the Priority Country, Cristiano Goncalves Pereira, Rodrigo Ribeiro da Silva, Joao Ricardo Lavoie, and Geciane Silveira Porto

Forecasting of Emerging Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Patents Based on a Decision Model, Cristiano Goncalves Pereira, Joao Ricardo Lavoie, Edwin Garces, Fernanda Basso, Marina Dabic, Geciane Silveira Porto, and Tugrul Daim

Knowledge Pathways and Performance: An Empirical Study of the National Laboratories in a Technology Latecomer Country, Pattravadee Ploykitikoon and Charles Weber

Adoption Factors of Electronic Health Record Systems, Daria Spatar, Orhun Kok, Nuri A. Basoglu, and Tugrul Daim


Try, Try Again: Lessons Learned from Success and Failure in Participatory Modeling, Eleanor J. Sterling, Moira Zellner, Karen E. Jenni, Kirsten Leong, Pierre D. Glynn, Todd K. BenDor, Pierre Bommel, Klaus Hubacek, Antonie J. Jetter, Rebecca Jordan, Laura Schmitt Olabisi, Michael Paolisso, and Steven Gray

Exploring the Impact of the Level of Absorptive Capacity in Technology Development Firms, Ernest Vlačić, Marina Dabić, Tugrul Daim, and Davor Vlajčić

Exploring the Multi-Phase Driven Process for Disruptive Business Model Innovation of E-Business Microcredit: a Multiple Case Study from China, Wenyao Zhang, Tugrul Daim, and Qingpu Zhang

Submissions from 2018


Genomics, Rare Diseases, and Disruptive Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Industry, Mark J. Ahn, Amir Shaygan, and Charles Weber


Assessing Photovoltaic Solar Technologies as a Solution for the Problem of Power Shortage in Iraq, Ahmed A. Alibage


Nokia Phones: From a Total Success to a Total Fiasco, Ahmed Alibage and Charles Weber


Organizational Project Management (OPM): Exploring Its Need in Organizations, Yaser Alnasri and Jeffrey S. Busch

Technology Assessment: Developing Geothermal Energy Resources for Supporting Electrical System in Oregon, Ahmed Shehab Alshareef, Tugrul U. Daim, and Ibrahim Iskin


A Review of In-Situ and Remote Sensing Technologies to Monitor Water and Sanitation Interventions, Luis Andres, Kwasi Boateng, Christian Borja-Vega, and Evan Thomas

Identifying Critical Issues in Smart City Big Data Project Implementation, Husam Barham and Tugrul Daim


Exploring Adoption of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: Applications in the Medical Industry, Nuri A. Basoglu, Muge Goken, Marina Dabic, Dilek Ozdemir Gungor, and Tugrul U. Daim

Technology Assessment: Study of User Preferences for Weight Loss Mobile Applications Both Globally and in the United States, Ahmed Bohliqa, Apisit Charoensupyanant, Daria Spatar, Jejung Ha, Selen Yulmaz, and Tugrul U. Daim

Tri-Generation Investment Analysis Using Bayesian Network: A Case Study, Kezban Bulut, Gulgun Kayakutlu, and Tugrul U. Daim

Landscape Analysis: Connected Lighting System, Nina Chaichi and Tugrul U. Daim

A Research and Development Decision Model for Pharmaceutical Industry: Case of China, Leong Chan and Tugrul U. Daim


Technology Planning for Aligning Emerging Business Models and Regulatory Structures - The Case of Electric Vehicle Charging and the Smart Grid, Kelly Cowan and Tugrul Daim


Exploratory Strategic Roadmapping Framework for Big Data Privacy Issues, Maoloud Dabab, Rebecca Craven, Husam Barham, and Elizabeth Gibson


A Decision Model for Data Mining Techniques, Maoloud Dabab, Mike Freiling, Nayem Rahman, and Daniel Sagalowicz


Business Intelligence and Data Analytics as a Driver of Dynamic Capability Strategic Approach, Maoloud Dabab and Charles Weber

Strategic Roadmapping of Robotics Technologies for the Power Industry: A Multicriteria Technology Assessment, Tugrul U. Daim, Byung Sung Yoon, John Lindenberg, Robert Grizzi, Judith Estep, and Terry Oliver

Technology Roadmap: Google's Eco-friendly Mobile Phones, Xuran Dai and Tugrul U. Daim

Technology Assessment: Demand Response Technologies in the Pacific Northwest, Judith Estep and Tugrul U. Daim


Technology Foresight: A Bibliometric Analysis to Identify Leading and Emerging Methods, Elizabeth Gibson, Tugrul U. Daim, Edwin Garces, and Marina Dabic


Service Innovation in the Cloud: Implications for Strategy Development, Robert R. Harmon and Enrique G. Castro-Leon

Technology Adoption Potential of Medical Devices: The Case of Wearable Sensor Products for Pervasive Care in Neurosurgery and Orthopedics, Liliya Hogaboam and Tugrul U. Daim

Technology Assessment: Nosocomial Infection Solutions, Chris Imondi, Arundhati Shastri, Tom Shott, Jayanth Siddappa, and Tugrul U. Daim

Landscape Analysis: The Electric Car (Is It a Viable Alternative?), Henry Janzen, Deepak Yasaswi Kancherla, Sridhar Paneerselvam, and Shiva Ram Reddy


Twelve Questions for the Participatory Modeling Community, Rebecca Jordan, Steven Gray, Moira Zellner, Pierre D. Glynn, Alexey Voinov, Beatrice Hedelin, Eleanor J. Sterling, Kirsten Leong, Laura Schmitt Olabisi, Klaus Hubacek, Pierre Bommel, Todd K. BenDor, Antoine J. Jetter, Bethany Laursen, Alison Singer, Philippe J. Giabbanelli, Nagesh Kolagani, Laura Basco Carrera, Karen Jenni, Christina Prell, and National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center Participatory Modeling Pursuit Working Group

Technology Roadmap: A Roadmap for Tesla, Yasaswi Deepak Kancherla and Tugrul U. Daim

Project Delivery: Highway Construction, Rafaa Khalifa, Tugrul U. Daim, and Robert Stewart

Landscape Analysis: Fracking Technology, Rafaa Khalifa, Chih-Jen Yu, Joao Ricardo Lavoie, and Momtaj Khanam

A Regional Technology Roadmap to Enable the Adoption of CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater: A Case from the Pacific Northwest, USA, Momtaj Khanam and Tugrul U. Daim


Effects of Future Connected Autonomous Vehicles on Freeway Congestion Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping, Hakan Kutgun, Vivian Du Pont, and Henry Janzen

Novel Approach to Managing Technological Entrepreneurship Using a Model-Based Systems Approach to Develop Low Cost Earth Orbiting Satellites, Gary Langford, Jeffery Carpenter, Ian Watkins, Brock Marsh, and Lucas Beaulieu

Technology Forecasting Using DEA in the Presence of Infeasibility, Dong-Joon Lim


Keyword-Based Patent Citation Prediction Via Information Theory, Farshad Madani, Martin Zwick, and Tugrul U. Daim


Product Popularity versus Size of Conversation in Social Media: An Analysis of Twitter Conversations about YouTube Product Categories, Nitin Mayande and Charles Weber

Landscape Analysis: Regulations, Policies, and Innovation in Photovoltaic Industry, Dmitriy Moskovkin, Anna Mary Mathew, Qin Guo, Tugrul U. Daim, and Roli Eyetsemitan

Technology Assessment: Emerging Automotive Technologies for the Future, Aurobindh Kalathil Puthanpura, Rafaa Khalifa, Leong Chan, and Husam Barham


Unified Business Intelligence Ecosystem: A Project Management Approach to Address Business Intelligence Challenges, Bhavana Ramesh and Akash Ramakrishna


Dynamics of Competition and Strategy: A Literature Review of Strategic Management Models and Frameworks, Mohammadsaleh Saadatmand, Maoloud Dabab, and Charles Weber

Exploring Capability Maturity Models and Relevant Practices as Solutions Addressing Information Technology Service Offshoring Project Issues, Rosine Salman, Tugrul U. Daim, and David Raffo

Landscape Analysis: What Are the Forefronts of Change in the US Hospitals?, Amir Shaygan

Technology Roadmap: Drone Delivery - Amazon Prime Air, Shiva Ram Reddy Singireddy and Tugrul U. Daim

Structuring Financial Incentives for Residential Solar Electric Systems, Kevin van Blommestein, Tugrul U. Daim, Yonghee Cho, and Paul Sklar


Tools and Methods in Participatory Modeling: Selecting the Right Tool for the Job, Alexey Voinov, Karen Jenni, Steven Gray, Nagesh Kolagani, Pierre D. Glynn, Pierre Bommel, Christina Prell, Moira Zellner, Michael Paolisso, Rebecca Jordan, Eleanor J. Sterling, Laura Schmitt Olabisi, Philippe J. Giabbanelli, Zhanli Sun, Christophe Le Page, Sondoss Elsawah, Todd K. BenDor, Klaus Hubacek, Bethany Laursen, Antoine J. Jetter, Laura Basco-Carrera, Alison Singer, Laura Young, Jessica Brunacini, and Alex Smajgl

Technology Assessment: Cloud Service Adoption Decision, Greg Wease, Kwasi Boateng, Chih-Jen Yu, Leong Chan, and Husam Barham

Toward a Pragmatic Theory for Managing Nescience, Charles Weber, Rainer P. Hasenauer, and Nitin V. Mayande

Technology Assessment: The Evaluation of Residential Pool Sanitation Options Using TOPSIS, Ori Wolman, Joseph C. Edmondson, and Leong Chan


Framework for Building Integrative Scenarios of Autonomous Vehicle Technology Application and Impacts, Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCM), Pei Zhang and Antoine J. Jetter

Understanding The Disruptive Business Model Innovation Of E-Business Microcredit: A Comparative Case Study In China, Wenyao Zhang, Tugrul U. Daim, and Qingpu Zhang

Submissions from 2017

A New Hybrid Fuzzy Cognitive Map-based Scenario Planning Approach for Iran's Oil Production Pathways in the Post-sanction Period, M. Alipour, R. Hafezi, Muhammad Amer, and A. N. Akhavan


Improving the Effectiveness of Fuzzy Front End Management: Expanding Stage-Gate Methodologies Through Agile, Aruna Bhatia, Juchun Cheng, Sadaf Salek, Vidhi Chokshi, and Antonie J. Jetter


Monitoring and Anticipating the Convergence of Lighting Control Strategies, Nina Chaichi and Tugrul Unsal Daim

Forecasting MBT Technologies Using DEA and LR, Yonghee Cho and Timothy R. Anderson


Contextual Differentiation of Absorptive Capacity: Empirical and Conceptual Development, Marina Dabic, Ernest Vlačić, and Tugrul Unsal Daim

Forecasting the Electric Transformation in Transportation: The Role of Battery Technology Performance, Tugrul U. Daim, Elizabeth Gibson, Kevin van Blommestein, Jisun Kim, and Edwin Garces

Technology Roadmap: Cattle Farming Sustainability in Germany, Alvaro Rigel Gallegos Rivero and Tugrul U. Daim


Survey of Value Assessment Programs within Transportation Construction Projects in U.S, Rafaa Khalifa and Robert Stewart


Technology Readiness Levels Improving R&D Management: A Grounded Theory Analysis, Joao Ricardo Lavoie and Tugrul Unsal Daim

Product and Process Innovation in Manufacturing Firms: A 30-Year Bibliometric Analysis, Giacomo Marzi, Marina Dabic, and Tugrul U. Daim

Lessons from a Successful Data Warehousing Project Management, Nayem Rahman


Energy Efficiency Measures in Oregon Instructional School Facilities Implemented Under SB 1149, and Improved Student Performance, Virginia Saraswati, Timothy Hulseman, and John Bauer

Evaluation of Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Technologies for Renewable Energy: A Case from the US Pacific Northwest, Yulianto Suharto, Tugrul U. Daim, and Jisun Kim


Knowledge Flows and Influence in Online Social Networks: Proposing a Research Agenda, Charles M. Weber and Nitin V. Mayande


Benchmarking of Technology Roadmapping Process in Energy Sector: A Literature Review, Chih-Jen Yu and Tugrul Unsal Daim

Submissions from 2016


Consistency Thresholds for Hierarchical Decision Model, Mustafa S. Abbas and Dundar F. Kocaoglu


Exploring the Adoption and Use of the Smartphone Technology in Emerging Regions: Case of Saudi Arabia, Fahad Aldhaban, Tugrul Unsal Daim, and Robert Harmon


Selecting Medical Hardware using Pairwise Comparisons: A Patient's Perspective of Cochlear Implant Device Selection, Timothy R. Anderson and Shabnam Razeghian Jahromi

Exploring Technology Adoption in the Case of the Patient-Centered Medical Home, Nima A. Behkami and Tugrul Unsal Daim


Managing Technology in Financial Innovation, Frederick Betz


A model of Academic Community Entrepreneurship (ACE): Initiation, Innovation, and Impacts of PICMET, Min-Seok Cha

OLED TV Technology Forecasting Using Technology Mining and the Fisher-Pry Diffusion Model, Yonghee Cho and Tugrul Daim

An Industrial Technology Roadmap for Supporting Public R&D Planning, Yonghee Cho, Seong-Pil Yoon, and Karp-Soo Kim


Technology Planning for Emerging Business Model and Regulatory Integration: The Case of Electric Vehicle Smart Charging, Kelly Cowan and Tugrul U. Daim

The Application of Social Network Analysis: Case of Smart Roofing, Tugrul U. Daim, Monticha Khammuang, and Edwin Garces


A Framework for Technology Transfer Potential Assessment, Judith Estep and Tugrul U. Daim


A Measurement System for Science and Engineering Research Center Performance Evaluation, Elizabeth Carole Gibson and Tugrul U. Daim


The Future of Rail Automation: A Scenario-Based Technology Roadmap for the Rail Automation Market, Christoph Hansen, Tugrul Unsal Daim, Horst Ernst, and Cornelius Herstatt


Technology Readiness, Market Readiness and the Triple Bottom Line: An Empirical Analysis of Innovating Startups in an Incubator, Rainer Hasenauer, Andreas Gschöpf, and Charles Weber


Survey of Value Assessment Programs Within Transportation Construction Projects in U.S, Rafaa Khalifa and Robert Stewart

Inverse DEA with Frontier Changes for New Product Target Setting, Dong-Joon Lim


Technology Trajectory Mapping Using Data Envelopment Analysis: The Ex-ante use of Disruptive Innovation Theory on Flat Panel Technologies, Dong-Joon Lim and Timothy R. Anderson

Technometrics Study Using DEA on Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), Dong-Joon Lim, Shabnam R. Jahromi, Timothy R. Anderson, and Anca-Alexandra Tudori


Managing the Ethical and Risk Implications of Rapid Advances in Artificial Intelligence: A Literature Review, Taylor Meek, Husam Barham, Nader Beltaif, Amani Kaadoor, and Tanzila Akhter


A Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM) for Exploring the Adoption of Electronic Health Records, Caroline Mudavadi, Liliya Hogaboam, and Tugrul Unsal Daim


An Inductive Ethnographic Study in Elderly Woman Technology Adoption and the Role of her Children, Noshad Rahimi; Antonie J, Jetter; and Charles M. Weber

An Empirical Study of Data Warehouse Implementation Effectiveness, Nayem Rahman