Submissions from 2022


Entrainment, Diffusion and Effective Compressibility in a Self-Similar Turbulent Jet, Thomas Basset, Bianca Viggiano, Thomas Barois, Mathieu Gibert, Nicolas Mordant, Raúl Bayoán Cal, Romain Volk, and Mickael Bourgoin


Measuring Volatile Emissions from Moss Gametophytes: A Review of Methodologies and New Applications, Danlyn L. Brennan, Leslie M. Kollar, Scott Kiel, Timea Deakova, Aurélie Laguerre, Stuart F. McDaniel, Sarah Eppley, Elliott T. Gall, and Todd Rosenstiel

High sensitive room temperature NO2 gas sensor based on the avalanche breakdown induced by Schottky Junction in TiO2-Sn3O4 Nanoheterojunctions, Duo Chen, Wencheng Yu, Lin Wei, Jiasheng Ni, Hui Li, Yanxue Chen, Yufeng Tian, Shishen Yan, Liangmo Mei, and Jun Jiao

Decoupling Wind-Wave-Wake Interactions in a Fixed-Bottom Offshore Wind Turbine, Ondrej Fercak, Juliaan Bossuyt, Naseem K. Ali, and Raul Bayoan Cal


Understanding the Transport and Chemistry of Indoor Air During Wildfire Smoke Events with Elliott Gall, Elliott T. Gall


Identifying Population Hollowing Out Regions and Their Dynamic Characteristics across Central China, Bin Guo, Yi Bian, Lin Pei, Xiaowei Zhu, Dingming Zhang, Wencai Zhang, Xianan Guo, and Qiuji Chen

Overlap Welded Joint Strength of 2.0 Gpa-Strength Steel Sheets Using Single-Mode Laser Wobbling, Minjung Kang, Yeonho Kwak, Hyeonjeong You, Sanghoon Kang, and Cheolhee Kim


Novel Fabrication of Silver-Coated Copper Nanowires with Organic Compound Solution, Suhyun Lee, Chien Wern, and Sung Yi


Ti–6Al–4V Alloy Deposition Characteristics at Electrode-Negative Polarity in the Cold Metal Transfer–gas metal Arc Process, Tae Hyun Lee, Dong Hyuck Kam, Je Hoon Oh, and Cheolhee Kim


Effects of Electrode Negative Pulsing Ratio in Direct Energy Deposition via Variable-Polarity Cold Metal Transfer Process on the Deposition Behavior and Microstructural Characteristics, Tae Hyun Lee, Cheolhee Kim, and Minjung Kang

Contamination Suppression of Coupling Glass During Vacuum Laser Welding, Yongki Lee, Jason Cheon, Byung-Kwon Min, and Cheolhee Kim

Optimization of Gas Shielding for the Vacuum Laser Beam Welding of Ti-6al-4 V Titanium Alloy, Yongki Lee, Jason Cheon, Byung-Kwon Min, and Cheolhee Kim


Thermophysical Properties of Inorganic Phase-Change Materials Based on MnCl2·4H2O, Kyung-Eun Min, Jae-Won Jang, Jun-Ki Kim, Chien Wern, and Sung Yi


A Novel VOC Breath Tracer Method to Evaluate Indoor Respiratory Exposures in the Near- and far-fields; implications for the spread of respiratory viruses, Hooman Parhizkar, Mark Fretz, Aurelie Laguerre, Jason Stenson, Richard Corsi, Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, and Elliott T. Gall


Technoeconomic Analysis of Changing PV Array Convective Cooling Through Changing Array Spacing, Matthew Prilliman, Sarah E. Smith, Brooke Stanislawski, Janine M.F. Keith, Timothy J. Silverman, Marc Calaf, and Raul Bayoan Cal


A Lacunarity-Based Index for Spatial Heterogeneity, Ryan H. Scott, Hawwa Falih Kadum, G. Salmaso, Marc Calaf, and Raul Bayoan Cal


Increased Panel Height Enhances Cooling for Photovoltaic Solar Farms, Sarah E. Smith, Bianca Viggiano, Naseem Ali, Timothy J. Silverman, Martin Obligado, Marc Calaf, and Raul Bayoan Cal


Per-Person and Whole-Building VOC Emission Factors in an Occupied School with Gas-Phase Air Cleaning., Brett W. Stinson, Aurélie Laguerre, and Elliott T. Gall

Expected Life-Time of an Optical Silica Fiber Intended for Open Space Applications: Probabilistic Predictive Model, Ephraim Suhir

Predictive Modeling Sheds Useful Light on Burn-In Testing (BIT): Brief Review and Recent Extension, Ephraim Suhir


Secondary Motions above a Staggered Multi-scale Rough Wall, Bianca Viggiano, Juliaan Bossuyt, N. Ali, Johan Meyers, and Raul Bayoan Cal

Isothermal Aging Effect on Sn-58bi Solder Interconnect Mechanical Shear Stability, Gihan Dodanduwa Waduge, Greg D. Baty, Young-woo Lee, and Tae-Kyu Lee


Characteristics of the Wake of an Inclined Prolate Spheroid in Uniform Shear Flow, Zhe Wang, Jianzhi Yang, Helge I. Andersson, Xiaowei Wu, Yuxin Wu, Liping Wang, and Minghou Liu


How Advances in Low-G Plumbing Enable Space Exploration, Mark M. Weislogel, John Graft, Andrew P. Wollman, Karl Cardin, Logan Torres, J. E. Goodman, and J. C. Buchli


Wake Bifurcations Behind Two Circular Disks in Tandem arrangement, Jianzhi Yang, Xiaowei Wu, Minghou Liu, Changjian Wang, Yuxin Wu, and Zhihe Shen


Analyzing Modeled Torque Profiles to Understand Scale-Dependent Active Muscle Responses in the Hip Joint, Fletcher Young, Hillel J. Chiel, Matthew Tresch, Charles Heckman, Alexander J. Hunt, and Roger Quinn

Thermal Cycling Induced Interconnect Stability Degradation Mechanism in Low Melting Temperature Solder Joints, Kendra A. Young, Raiyo Aspandiar, Nilesh Badwe, Satyajit Walwadkar, Young-Woo Lee, and Tae-Kyu Lee

Submissions from 2021

Cluster-Based Probabilistic Structure Dynamical Model of Wind Turbine Wake, Naseem Ali, Marc Calaf, and Raúl Bayoán Cal

Clustering Sparse Sensor Placement Identification and Deep Learning Based Forecasting for Wind Turbine Wakes, Naseem Ali, Marc Calaf, and Raúl Bayoán Cal

Data-Driven Machine Learning for Accurate Prediction and Statistical Quantification of Two Phase Flow Regimes, Naseem Ali, Bianca Viggiano, Murat Tutkun, and Raul Bayoan Cal

Forecasting The Evolution of Chaotic Dynamics of Two-Phase Slug flow Regime, Naseem Ali, Bianca Viggiano, Murat Tutkun, and Raul Bayoan Cal

Impact of Thermal Cycling on Cu Press-Fit Connector Pin Interconnect Mechanical Stability, Yeon-Jin Baek, Aruna Palaniappan, Greg Baty, Li Li, Seung-Kyun Hyun, and Tae-Kyu Lee

Production of Niobium Carbide Layers on High-Strength Bainitic Steels by Thermochemical Treatment of Thermoreactive Diffusion Followed by Austempering, Pedro Gabriel Bonella de Oliveira, Rafael Magalhaes Triani, Andre Itman Filho, Amadeu Lombardi Neto, George E. Totten, and Luiz Carlos Casteletti


Quantification of Wake Shape Modulation and Deflection for Tilt and Yaw Misaligned Wind Turbines, Juliaan Bossuyt, Ryan Scott, Naseem Ali, and Raul Bayoan Cal

Rebound of Large Jets from Superhydrophobic Surfaces in Low Gravity, Karl Cardin, Sheng Wang, Olivier Desjardins, and Mark Weislogel


High-Entropy Alloys Properties Prediction Model by Using Artificial Neural Network Algorithm, Sanggyu Choi, Sung Yi, Junghan Kim, Byungsue Shin, and Soongkeun Hyun

Impact of in Situ Current Stressing on Sn-Based Solder Joint Shear Stability, Scott Fuller, Mohamed Sheikh, Greg Baty, Choong-Un Kim, and Tae-Kyu Lee

Investigation of Cssn0.5ge0.5i3-On-Si Tandem Solar Device Utilizing SCAPS Simulation, Md. Tohidul Islam, Md. Rafsun Jani, Azmain Faek Islam, Kazi Md. Shorowordi, Shaestagir Chowdhury, Sadiq Shahriyar Nishat, and Saquib Ahmed


The Hot Cracking Susceptibility Subjected the Laser Beam Oscillation Welding on 6XXX Aluminum Alloy with a Partial Penetration Joint, Minjung Kang, Jason Cheon, Dong Hyuck Kam, and Cheolhee Kim


Assessment of Heat-Affected Zone Softening of Hot-Press-Formed Steel over 2.0 Gpa Tensile Strength with Bead-On-Plate Laser Welding, Kwangsoo Kim, Namhyun Kang, Minjung Kang, and Cheolhee Kim


The Corrosion of Stainless Steel Made by Additive Manufacturing: A Review, Gyeongbin Ko, Wooseok Kim, Kyungjung Kwon, and Tae-Kyu Lee

Estimation of Al/cu Laser Weld Penetration in Photodiode Signals Using Deep Neural Network Classification, Kidong Lee, Sanghoon Kang, Minjung Kang, Sung Yi, and Cheolhee Kim


The Green Synthesis of 2D Copper Nanosheets and Their Light Absorption, Suhyun Lee, Suming Wang, Chien Wern, and Sung Yi

Evaluation of Low-K Integration Integrity Using Shear Testing on Sub-30 Micron Micro-Cu Pillars, Tae-Kyu Lee, Greg Baty, Omar Ahmed, Peng Su, and Bernard Glasauer

Modelling of Fume Particle Behaviour and Coupling Glass Contamination During Vacuum Laser Beam Welding, Yongki Lee, Jason Cheon, Byung-Kwon Min, and Cheolhee Kim


The Draining of Capillary Liquids from Containers with Interior Corners aboard the ISS, Joshua Thomas McCraney, Mark M. Weislogel, and Paul Steen


Differing Effects of Four Building Materials on Viable Bacterial Communities and Vocs, Gwynne Á. Mhuireach, Leslie Dietz, Willem Griffiths, Patrick Finn Horve, Aurélie Laguerre, Dale Northcutt, Roo Vandegrift, Elliott T. Gall, and Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg

Performance Analysis of Perovskite Solar Cells Using Dft-Extracted Parameters of Metal-Doped Tio2 Electron Transport Layer, Sadiq Shahriyar Nishat, Md Jayed Hossain, Faiyaz Elahi Mullick, Alamgir Kabir, Shaestagir Chowdhury, Sharnali Islam, and Mainul Hossain

Wind Turbine Wake Influence on the Mixing of Relative Humidity Quantified Through Wind Tunnel Experiments, Martin Obligado, Raul Bayoan Cal, and Christophe Brun


Impact of Green and White Roofs on Air Handler Filters and Indoor Ventilation Air, Pradeep Ramasubramanian, Irvan Luhung, Serene B. Y. Lim, Stephan C. Schuster, Olyssa Starry, and Elliott T. Gall


Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cast and Hot-Rolled Medium-Carbon Steels under Isothermal Heat-Treatment Conditions, Byungsue Shin, Kwangyuk Kim, Sung Yi, Sanggyu Choi, and Soongkeun Hyun

Exploring the Effects of Low-Level-Jets on the Energy Entrainment of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines, Diego Siguenza-Alvarado, Ali Doosttalab, Shyuan Cheng, Humberto Bocanegra Evans, Raul Bayoan Cal, Leonardo P. Chamorro, and Luciano Castillo

Dynamic Effects of Inertial Particles on the Wake Recovery of a Model Wind Turbine, Sarah E. Smith, Kristin N. Travis, Henda Djeridi, Martin Obligado, and Raul Bayoan Cal


A Three-Dimensional Musculoskeletal Model of the Dog, Heiko Stark, Martin S. Fischer, Alexander Hunt, Fletcher Young, Roger Quinn, and Emanuel Andrada

Astronaut's Performance Vs. His/hers Human-Capacity-Factor and State-Of-Health: Application of Double-Exponential-Probability-Distribution Function, Ephraim Suhir

Driver propensity to fatigue and drowsiness: a probabilistic approach, Ephraim Suhir

How Accurate Should Sight Distance Measurements Be?, Ephraim Suhir

Comparison of the Corrosion of Materials in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, Air, and Argon Environments, L. Teeter, Benjamin Adam, T. Wood, and J. D. Tucker


The Ejection of Large Non-oscillating Droplets from a Hydrophobic Wedge in Microgravity, Logan Torres and Mark M. Weislogel


Characterization of Coupling between Inertial Particles and Turbulent Wakes from Porous Disk Generators, Kristin N. Travis, Sarah E. Smith, Laure Vignal, Henda Djeridi, Mickael Bourgoin, Raul Bayoan Cal, and Martin Obligado


Lagrangian Diffusion Properties of a Free Shear Turbulent Jet, Bianca F. Viggiano, Thomas Basset, Stephen Solovitz, Thomas Barois, Mathieu Gibert, Nicolas Mordant, Laurent Chevillard, Romain Volk, Mickael Bourgoin, and Raul Bayoan Cal

Intermittent Event Evaluation Through a Multifractal Approach for Variable Density Jets, Bianca Viggiano, Greg Sakradse, Sarah Smith, Rihana Mungin, Pradeep Ramasubramanian, Dan Ringle, Kristin Travis, Naseem Ali, Stephen Solovitz, and Raul Bayoan Cal

Fatigue Behaviors of Newly Developed Eco-7175-V3 Extruded Aluminum Alloy, Chinh Vu, Chien Wern, Bong-Hwan Kim, Shae Kwang Kim, Ho-Joon Choi, and Sung Yi

Comprehensive Analysis of the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction-Stir-Welded Low-Carbon High-Strength Steels with Tensile Strengths Ranging from 590 Mpa to 1.5 Gpa, HyeonJeong You, Minjung Kang, Sung Yi, Soongkeun Hyun, and Cheolhee Kim


Evaluating a Commercially Available In-duct Bipolar Ionization Device for Pollutant Removal and Potential Byproduct Formation, Yicheng Zeng, Prashik Manwatkar, Aurelie Laguerre, Marina Beke, Insung Kang, Akram S. Ali, Delphine K. Farmer, Elliott T. Gall, Mohammad Heidarinejad, and Brent Stephens

In-Situ Characterization of Solidification and Microstructural Evolution During Interrupted Thermal Fatigue in SAC305 and SAC105 Solder Joints Using High Energy X-Ray Diffraction and Post-Mortem EBSD Analysis, Quan Zhou, Tae-Kyu Lee, and Thomas R. Bieler

Submissions from 2020

Comparative Study of the Hot Processing Behavior in Advanced Ni-based Superalloys for Use in A-USC Applications, Benjamin Adam, Graham Tewksbury, and Julie D. Tucker


Hot Deformation Data for Haynes 214, Haynes 230 and Inconel 740H, Benjamin Adam, Julie Tucker, and Graham Tewksbury

An Effective and Application-Specific Evaluation of Low-K Dielectric Integration Integrity Using Copper Pillar Shear Testing, Arman Ahari, Omar Ahmed, Peng Su, Bernard Glasauer, Tengfei Jiang, and Tae-Kyu Lee


Detailed Energy Efficiency Strategies for Converting an Existing Office Building to NZEB: a Case Study in the Pacific Northwest, Ali Alajmi, Abby Short, Janna Ferguson, Kalina K. Vander Poel, and Corey T. Griffin


Data-Driven Modeling of the Wake Behind a Wind Turbine Array, Naseem Ali and Raul Bayoan Cal

Cluster -Based Reduced -Order Descriptions of Two Phase Flows, Naseem Ali, Bianca Viggiano, Murat Tutkun, and Raul Bayoan Cal

Indoor Air Quality in K-12 Schools: Addressing the Concept of Layered Risk Amidst COVID-19, Richard Corsi

Synthesis and characterization of lanthanide-doped sodium holmium fluoride nanoparticles for potential application in photothermal therapy, Kaushik Das, G. A. Kumar, Leonardo Mirandola, and Jharna Chaudhuri

Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of a Biomechanical Model of Rat Hind Limb with Biarticular Muscles, Kaiyu Deng, Nicholas Szczecinski, Alexander J. Hunt, Hillel J. Chiel, and Roger Quinn

The Role of Turbulent Inflow on the Development of a Round Jet in Cross-Flow, Graham A. Freedland, G. Eliason, S. A. Solovitz, and Raul Bayoan Cal


Impact of Cognitive Tasks on CO2 and Isoprene Emissions from Humans, Elliott T. Gall, Asit Kumar Mishra, Jiayu Li, Stefano Schiavon, and Aurelie Laguerre

Impact of Cognitive Tasks on CO and Isoprene Emissions from Humans, Elliott T. Gall, Asit Kumar Mishra, Jiayu Li, Stefano Schiavon, and Aurelie Laguerre


Utility-Scale Solar PV Performance Enhancements Through System-Level Modifications, Andrew D. S. Glick, Naseem Ali, Juliaan Bossuyt, Marc Calaf, and Raul Bayoan Cal


Utility-Scale Solar PV Performance Enhancements through System Level Modifications, Andrew D. S. Glick, Naseem Ali, Juliaan Bossuyt, Marc Calaf, and Raúl Bayoán Cal

Infinite Photovoltaic Solar Arrays: Considering Flux of Momentum and Heat Transfer, Andrew D. S. Glick, Naseem Ali, Juliaan Bossuyt, Gerald W. Recktenwald, Marc Calaf, and Raúl Bayoán Cal


Ten Questions Concerning the Implications of Carpet on Indoor Chemistry and Microbiology, Sarah R, Haines; Rachel I. Adams; Brandon E. Boor; Thomas A. Bruton; John Downey; Andrea R. Ferro; Elliott T. Gall; and multiple additional authors


A Dynamic Neural Network Designed Using Analytical Methods Produces Dynamic Control Properties Similar to an Analogous Classical Controller, Wade William Hilts, Nicholas Szczecinski, Roger Quinn, and Alexander Hunt

Numerical Simulation Studies of a Fully Inorganic Cs2AgBiBr6 Perovskite Solar Device, Md Tohidul Islam, Md Rafsun Jani, Syed Muhammad Al Amin, Md Shifat Us Sami, Kazi Md Shorowordi, Mohammad Istiaque Hossain, Mohan Devgun, Akm Shaestagir Chowdhury, Sankha Banerjee, and Saquib Ahmed

Simulation Studies to Quantify the Impacts of Point Defects: an Investigation of Cs2agbibr6 Perovskite Solar Devices Utilizing Zno and Cu2o As the Charge Transport Layers, Tohidul Islam, Rafsun Jani, Syed Muhammad Al Amin, Kazi Md Shorowordi, Sadiq Shahriyar Nishat, Alamgir Kabir, M. F. N. Taufique, Shaestagir Chowdhury, Sankha Banerjee, and Saquib Ahmed

Exploring Solar Cell Performance of Inorganic Cs2tibr6 Halide Double Perovskite: A Numerical Study, Md Rafsun Jani, Md Tohidul Islam, Syed Muhammad Al Amin, Md Shifat Us Sami, Kazi Md Shorowordi, Mohammad Istiaque Hossain, Shaestagir Chowdhury, Sadiq Shahriyar Nishat, and Saquib Ahmed


Parametric Investigation of Effect of Abnormal Process Conditions on Self-Piercing Riveting, Taek-Eon Jeong, Dong-Hyuck Kam, and Cheolhee Kim

Assessing Intermittency Characteristics Via Cumulant Analysis of Floating Wind Turbines Wakes, Hawwa Falih Kadum

Compounded energy gains in collocated wind plants: Energy balance quantification and wake morphology description, Hawwa Falih Kadum, Raúl Bayoán Cal, Mike Quigley, Gerard Cortina, and Marc Calaf

Evaluation of hot cracking susceptibility on laser welded aluminum alloy using coaxially arranged multiple-beam laser, Minjung Kang and Cheolhee Kim

Droplet Transfer and Spatter Generation in DC-AC Pulse Tandem Gas Metal Arc Welding, Sanghoon Kang, Minjung Kang, Yong Hoon Jang, and Cheolhee Kim

Impact of Cryogenic Temperature Environment on Single Solder Joint Mechanical Shear Stability, Ande Kitamura, Timothy Matthews, Ruben Contreras, David Routledge, and Tae-Kyu Lee

High-Efficiency Air Cleaning Reduces Indoor Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Alters Indoor Air Chemistry in a Near-Roadway School., Aurelie Laguerre, Linda A. George, and Elliott T. Gall

Impact of Microstructure Evolution on the Long-Term Reliability of Waferlevel Chip-Scale Package Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Interconnects, Tae-Kyu Lee, Weidong Xie, Michael Tsai, and Mohamed Sheikh


The Optimization of Machining Parameters for Milling Operations by Using the Nelder–mead Simplex Method, Yubin Lee, Alin Resiga, Sung Yi, and Chien Wern

Size-Resolved Dynamics of indoor and Outdoor Fluorescent Biological Aerosol Particles in a Bedroom: A One-Month Case Study in Singapore, Jiayu Li, Man Pun Wan, Stefano Schiavon, Kwok-Wai Tam, Sultan Zuraimi, Jinwen Xiong, Mingliang Fang, and Elliott T. Gall

Surface Modification of CrFeCoNiMo High Entropy Alloy Induced by High-current Pulsed Electron Beam, Peng Lyu, Yanan Chen, Zijian Liu, Jie Cai, Conglin Zhang, Yunxue Jin, Qingfeng Guan, and Nan Zhao


OpenFOAM Simulations of Late Stage Container Draining in Microgravity, Joshua Thomas McCraney, Mark M. Weislogel, and Paul Steen

Optimization of Artificial Muscle Placements for a Humanoid Bipedal Robot, Connor Nathaniel Morrow, Benjamin Bolen, and Alexander J. Hunt

Effect of Low-Temperature Austempering and Quenching and Partitioning Treatments on Adhesive Wear Resistance of High-Silicon Multiphase Steels, Pedro Gabriel Bonella Oliveira, Ricardo Junior Tadeu Aureliano, Luiz Carlos Casteletti, André Itman Filho, Amadeu Lombardi Neto, and George Totten