Submissions from 2018

Ozone Removal Efficiency and Surface Analysis of Green and White Roof HVAC Filters, Omed A. Abbass, David Sailor, and Elliott Gall


Assessing Spacing Impact on Coherent Features in a Wind Turbine Array Boundary Layer, Naseem Ali, Nicholas Hamilton, Dominic DeLucia, and Raúl Bayoán Cal

Visible-blind Quasi-solid-state UV Detector Based on SnO2-TiO2 Nanoheterostructure Arrays, Duo Chen, Lin Wei, Lingpan Meng, Dong Wang, Yanxue Chen, Yufeng Tian, Shishen Yan, Liangmo Mei, and Jun Jiao

A Generalized Framework for Reduced-Order Modeling of a Wind Turbine Wake, Nicholas Hamilton, Bianca Viggiano, Marc Calaf, and Murat Tutkun

Development and Scaling of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Wake, Hawwa Kadum, Sasha Friedman, Elizabeth H. Camp, and Raul Bayoan Cal


Boro-Austempering Treatment of Ductile Cast Irons, Fábio Edson Mariani, Carolina Soares, Amadeu Lombardi Neto, George Totten, and Luiz Carlos Casteletti


The Role of Surface Vorticity during Unsteady Separation, Matthew Scott Melius, Karen Mulleners, and Raul Bayoan Cal


Corrosion Behavior of Plasma Nitrided and Nitrocarburised Supermartensitic Stainless Steel, Frederico Augusto Pires Fernandes, Carlos Alberto Picone, George Totten, and Luiz Carlos Casteletti

Ozone Reaction with Human Surfaces: Influences of Surface Reaction Probability and Indoor Air Flow Condition, Donghyun Rim, Elliot Gall, Sagar Ananth, and Youngbo Won

Evaluation of Hot Deformation Characteristics in Modified AA5052 Using Processing Map and Activation Energy Map Under Deformation Heating, Kwang-Tae Son, Myoung-Hun Kim, Sang-Wook Kim, Jiwoon Lee, and Soong-Keun Hyun

Aerospace Electronics Reliability Prediction: Application of Two Advanced Probabilistic Techniques, Ephraim Suhir


Aerospace Mission Outcome: Predictive Modeling, Ephraim Suhir

Analytical Thermal Stress Model For A Typical Flip-Chip (Fc) Package Design, Ephraim Suhir

What Could and Should be Done Differently: Failure-oriented-accelerated-testing (FOAT) and its Role in Making an Aerospace Electronics Device into a Product, Ephraim Suhir


Flip-Chip (FC) and Fine-Pitch-Ball-Grid-Array (FPBGA) Underfills for Application in Aerospace Electronics—Brief Review, Ephraim Suhir and Reza Ghaffarian


Pathways for Mitigating Thermal Losses in Solar Photovoltaics, Rodolphe Vaillon, Oliver Dupre, Raúl Bayoán Cal, and Marc Calaf

Submissions from 2017


Effectiveness of Indoor Plants for Passive Removal of Indoor Ozone, Omed A. Abbass, David J. Sailor, and Elliott T. Gall

Development and Use of a Small Laboratory Intensive Quenching (IQ) System, Luigi L. M. Albano, Fernando S. Misina, Antonio C. Canale, George E. Totten, and Lauralice C.F. Canale


Turbulent Boundary Layer Features via Lagrangian Coherent Structures, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Dynamic Mode Decomposition, Naseem Ali, Murat Tutkun, and Raul Bayoan Cal

Longitudinal Assessment of Thermal and Perceived Air Quality Acceptability in Relation to Temperature, Humidity, and CO2 Exposure in Singapore, Toby C.T. Cheung, Stefano Schiavon, Elliot T. Gall, and Ming Jin

Thermal Fatigue in Hot Work Tool Steels - A Review, Ruy Ribeiro da Silva Junior, George E. Totten, João Carmo Vendramim, and Lauralice C.F. Canale

Boriding of AISI 440B Stainless Steel and Coating Characterization, Pedro Gabriel Bonella de Oliveira, Ricardo T. Aureliano, Fábio Edson Mariani, George E. Totten, and Luiz Carlos Casteletti

Investigation of Coloration Defects in Porous Zirconium by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Micah C. Eastman, Stevan Jeknic, and Jun Jiao


CyberPDX: A Camp for Broadening Participation in Cybersecurity, Wu-Chang Feng, Robert Liebman, Lois Delcambre, Michael Mooradian Lupro, Tim Sheard, Scott Britell, and Gerald W. Recktenwald


Anisotropic Character of Low-Order Turbulent Flow Descriptions Through the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, Nicholas Hamilton, Murat Tutkun, and Raúl Bayoán Cal

Low-order Dynamical System Model of A Fully Developed Turbulent Channel Flow, Nicholas Hamilton, Murat Tutkun, and Raúl Bayoán Cal


Reactive Stepping with Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation in Response to Forward-Directed Perturbations, Alexander J. Hunt, Brooke M. Odle, Lisa M. Lombardo, Musa L. Audu, and Ronald J. Triolo


Development and Training of a Neural Controller for Hind Leg Walking in a Dog Robot, Alexander J. Hunt, Nicholas Szczecinski, and Roger Quinn

Comparison of Structural and Optical Properties of TeO2 Nanostructures Synthesized Using Various Substrate Conditions, Taek-Kyun Jung, Jiwoon Lee, Min Ryou, Soong-Keun Hyun, Han Gil Na, and Changhyun Jin

Use, Microbiological Effectiveness and Health Impact of a Household Water Filter Intervention in Rural Rwanda-A Matched Cohort Study, Miles A. Kirby, Corey L. Nagel, Ghislaine Rosa, Marie Mediatrice Umupfasoni, Laurien Lyakaremye, Evan A. Thomas, and Thomas F. Clasen

Impact of Isothermal Aging and Testing Temperature on Large Flip-Chip BGA Interconnect Mechanical Shock Performance, Tae-Kyu Lee, Zhiqiang Chen, Cherif Guirguis, and Kola Akinade

Austempering and Boro-Austempering Treatments in Gray Cast Iron, Fabio Edson Mariani, Gustavo Bortoluci Assis, Luiz Carlos Casteletti, Amadeu Lombardi Neto, and George Edward Totten

Characterization and Wear Performance of Borided AISI 304 and UNS S31254 Stainless Steels, Fabio Edson Mariani, R. T. Aureliano, L. C. Casteletti, A. N. Lombardi, and George Totten

Kinetics of Layers Produced on Niobium by Salt Bath Boriding, Fabio Edson Mariani, Gustavo Satoru Takeya, L. C. Casteletti, Amadeu Neto Lombardi, and George Totten

Comparative Measurement and Evaluation of the Quenching Intensity of Palm Oil, Canola Oil and a Conventional Petroleum Oil Quenchant Based on Temperature Gradient Measurements, Bozidar Matijevic, Bozidar Liscic, George E. Totten, and Lauralice C.F. Canale

Uphill Quenching of Aluminum Alloys: A Progress Report, Wellington da S. Mattos, Thiago Ferreira, George E. Totten, and Lauralice C.F. Canale

Uphill Quenching of Aluminum Alloys, W. S. Mattos, George E. Totten, and Lauralice C.F. Canale

Quenchant Characterization Using The Tensi Probe, Rosa Lucia Simencio Otero, Jônatas M. Viscaino, Lauralice C.F. Canale, George E. Totten, and Lemmy Meekisho

Silica-Based Coatings for Corrosion Protection of AA7075 Aluminum Alloy, Galtiere Rêgo, Rafael M. Bandeira, Ricardo T. Aureliano, Amadeu N. Lombardi, Luiz Carlos Casteletti, and George E. Totten

Effect of Oxygen Content on Thermal Stability of Grain Size for Nanocrystalline Fe10Cr and Fe14Cr4Hf Alloy Powders, Peiman Shahbeigi Roodposhti, Mostafa Saber, Carl Koch, and Ronald Scattergood

Vegetable Oils as Metal Quenchants: A Comprehensive Review, Rosa L. Simencio Otero, Lauralice C.F. Canale, George E. Totten, and Lemmy Meekisho


The Effectiveness of Sanitary Inspections as a Risk Assessment Tool for Thermotolerant Coliform Bacteria Contamination of Rural Drinking Water: A Review of Data from West Bengal, India, Christian Snoad, Corey L. Nagel, Animesh Bhattacharya, and Evan A. Thomas

Corrosion Resistance of Niobium and Vanadium Carbide Layers Produced by Thermoreactive Diffusion Treatments on Spheroidal Cast Iron, Carolina Soares, Fábio Edson Mariani, Galtiere Rêgo, Gustavo Satoru Takeya, George E. Totten, and Luiz Carlos Casteletti

Characterization of Niobium Carbide Layers Produced in Ductile Cast Iron Using Thermo-Reactive Treatments, C. Soares, Fabio Edson Mariani, L. C. Casteletti, George E. Totten, and A. N. Lombardi

Ecosystem for Engineering Design Learning: A Comparative Analysis, Baldur Steingrimsson, Robert Jones, Faryar Estesami, and Sung Yi

Analytical Modeling Enables Explanation of Paradoxical Behaviors of Electronic and Optical Materials and Assemblies, Ephraim Suhir

Flip-chip Assembly: Is the Bi-material Model Acceptable?, Ephraim Suhir

Static Fatigue Lifetime of Optical Fibers Assessed Using Boltzmann-Arrhenius-Zhurkov (BAZ) Model, Ephraim Suhir

How Many Peripheral Solder Joints in a Surface Mounted Design Experience Inelastic Strains?, Ephraim Suhir, Reza Ghaffarian, and Sung Yi

Probabilistic Palmgren–Miner rule, with application to solder materials experiencing elastic deformations, Ephraim Suhir, Reza Ghaffarian, and Sung Yi

Reliability Physics Behind the QFN State of Stress, Ephraim Suhir, Reza Ghaffarian, and Sung Yi

Solder Material Experiencing Low Temperature Inelastic Stress and Random Vibration Loading: Predicted Remaining Useful Lifetime, Ephraim Suhir, Reza Ghaffarian, and Sung Yi

Assessed Interfacial Strength and Elastic Moduli of the Bonding Material From Shear-Off Test Data, Ephraim Suhir, Reza Ghaffarian, Sung Yi, and J. Nicolics


A Functional Subnetwork Approach to Designing Synthetic Nervous Systems That Control Legged Robot Locomotion, Nicholas Szczecinski, Alexander J. Hunt, and Roger Quinn

Aging of a Fe-Mn-Al Steel Using Plasma Nitrocarburizing, Gustavo Satoru Takeya, Fabio Edson Mariani, L. C. Casteletti, George Totten, and A. N. Lombardi

Beyond Broken Pumps and Promises: Rethinking Intent and Impact in Environmental Health, Evan A. Thomas

ASM Handbook, Volume 18: Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology, George E. Totten

Magnetic Coupling and Electric Transport in Nb, Fe Co-Doped Rutile TiO2 Epitaxial Films, Guodong Wei, Lin Wei, Yanxue Chen, and Shishen Yan


Reversible Control of the Magnetization of Spinel Ferrites Based Electrodes by Lithium-ion Migration, Guodong Wei, Lin Wei, Dong Wang, Yanxue Chen, Yufeng Tian, Shishen Yan, Liangmo Mei, and Jun Jiao


Reversible Control of the Magnetization of Fe₃O₄ via Lithium Ions, Guodong Wei, Lin Wei, Dong Wang, Yufeng Tian, Yanxue Chen, Shishen Yan, Liangmo Mei, and Jun Jiao


Fifty-Plus-Year Postflight Analysis of First Fluid Experiment Aboard a Spacecraft, Mark M. Weislogel, Yongkang Chen, William J. Masica, Fred J. Kohl, and Robert D. Green


Ensemble Machine Learning and Forecasting can Achieve 99% Uptime for Rural Handpumps, Daniel L. Wilson, Jeremy R. Coyle, and Evan A. Thomas

Submissions from 2016


Effect of Fiber Material on Ozone Removal and Carbonyl Production from Carpets, Omed A. Abbass, David J. Sailor, and Elliot T. Gall


Structure Functions, Scaling Exponents and Intermittency in the Wake of a Wind Turbine Array, Naseem Ali, Aleksandr Sergeyevich Aseyev, and Raúl Bayoán Cal


Focused-Based Multifractal Analysis of the Wake in a Wind Turbine Array Utilizing Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, Naseem Ali, Hawwa Falih Kadum, and Raúl Bayoán Cal


Puddle Jumping: Spontaneous Ejection of Large Liquid Droplets from Hydrophobic Surfaces During Drop Tower Tests, Babek Attari, Mark M. Weislogel, Andrew Paul Wollman, Yongkang Chen, and Trevor Snyder


Process Evaluation and Assessment of Use of a Large Scale Water Filter and Cookstove Program in Rwanda, Christina K. Barstow, Corey Nagel, Thomas Clasen, and Evan A. Thomas


Comparing Sanitation Delivery Modalities in Urban Informal Settlement Schools: A Randomized Trial in Nairobi, Kenya, Kate Bohnert; Anna N. Chard; Alex Mwaki; Amy E., Kirby; Richard Muga; Corey L. Nagel; Evan A. Thomas; and Matthew C. Freeman

Indoor and Outdoor Particulate Matter in Primary School Classrooms With Fan-Assisted Natural Ventilation in Singapore, Ailu Chen, Elliot T. Gall, and Victor W. C. Chang


Distribution of Mean Kinetic Energy Around an Isolated Wind Turbine and a Characteristic Wind Turbine of a Very Large Wind Farm, Gerard Cortina, Marc Calaf, and Raul Bayoan Cal


Real-Time Monitoring of Personal Exposures to Carbon Dioxide, Elliot T. Gall, Toby Cheung, Irvan Luhung, Stefano Schiavon, and William W. Nazaroff


Evaluation of Nitrous Acid Sources and Sinks in Urban Outflow, Elliot T. Gall, Robert J. Griffin, Allison L. Steiner, Jack Dibb, Eric Scheuer, Longwen Gong, Andrew P. Rutter, Basak K. Cevik, Saewung Kim, Barry Lefer, and James Flynn


Investigating CO2 Removal by Ca- and Mg-based Sorbents with Application to Indoor Air Treatment, Elliot T. Gall, Cem Sonat, William W. Nazaroff, and Cise Unluer

C-Plane Sapphire and Catalyst Confinement Enable Wafer-Scale High-Quality Graphene Growth, Lester F. Lampert, Roman Caudillo, Thomas Lindner, and Jun Jiao

Impact of Cooling Rate-Induced Recrystallization on High G Mechanical Shock and Thermal Cycling in Sn-Ag-Cu Solder Interconnects, Tae-Kyu Lee, Thomas R. Bieler, and Choong-Un Kim

Impact of an Elevated Temperature Environment on Sn-Ag-Cu Interconnect Board Level High-G Mechanical Shock Performance, Tae-Kyu Lee, Zhiqiang Chen, Greg Baty, Thomas R. Bieler, and Choong-Un Kim


High-Performance Self-Powered Photodetectors Based on ZnO/ZnS Core-Shell Nanorod Arrays, Hailing Lin, Lin Wei, Cuncun Wu, Yanxue Chen, Shishen Yan, Liangmo Mei, and Jun Jiao


Dynamic Stall of an Experimental Wind Turbine Blade, Matthew Scott Melius, Raúl Bayoán Cal, and Karen Mulleners


Study Design of a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate a Large-scale Distribution of Cook Stoves and Water Filters in Western Province, Rwanda, Corey L. Nagel, Miles Kirby, Laura D. Zambrano, Ghislaine Rosa, Christina K. Barstow, Evan A. Thomas, and Thomas Clasen

Synthesis of Large-Scale 2-D MoS2 Atomic Layers by Hydrogen-Free and Promoter-Free Chemical Vapor Deposition, Hung Nguyen, Chih-Fang Huang, Weijun Luo, Guangrui (Maggie) Xia, Zhiqiang Chen, Zhiqiang Li, Christopher Raymond, David Doyle, and Feng Zhao


Stabilization of Vegetable Oil-Based Quenchants to Thermal-Oxidative Degradation: Experimental Strategy and Effect of Oxidation on Quenching Performance, Éder Cícero Adão Simêncio, Rosa Lúcia Simêncio Otero, Lauralice de Campos Franceschini Canale, and George E. Totten


Assessing Latrine Use in Rural India: A Cross-Sectional Study Comparing Reported Use and Passive Latrine Use Monitors, Antara Sinha, Corey L. Nagel, Evan A. Thomas, Wolf P. Schmidt, Belen Torondel, Sophie Boisson, and Thomas Clasen

Aerospace-Electronics Reliability-Assurance (AERA): Three-Step Prognostics-and-Health-Monitoring (PHM) Modeling Approach, Ephraim Suhir

Bi-Material Assembly Subjected to Thermal Stress: Propensity to Delamination Assessed Using Interfacial Compliance Model, Ephraim Suhir

Board Level Drop Test: Exact Solution to the Problem of the Nonlinear Dynamic Response of a PCB to the Drop Impact, Ephraim Suhir and Reza Ghaffarian


Column-grid-array (CGA) versus Ball-grid-array (BGA): Boardlevel Drop Test and the Expected Dynamic Stress in the Solder Material, Ephraim Suhir and Reza Ghaffarian

Could Thermal Stresses in a BGA/CGA-System be Evaluated From a Model Intended for a Homogeneously Bonded Assembly?, Ephraim Suhir, Reza Ghaffarian, and Johann Nicolics


Predicted Stresses in Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) and Column-Grid-Array (CGA) Interconnections in a Mirror-Like Package Design, Ephraim Suhir, Reza Ghaffarian, and Johann Nicolics

Could Dynamic Strength of a Bonding Material in an Electronic Device be Assessed from Static Shear-Off Test Data?, Ephraim Suhir, James E. Morris, Liang Wang, and Sung Yi

Power core (PC) Embedding a Plurality of IC Devices and Sandwiched Between Two Dissimilar Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS’): Predicted Thermal Stresses, Ephraim Suhir and Johann Nicolics


Semiconductor Film Grown on a Circular Substrate: Predictive Modeling of Lattice-Misfit Stresses, Ephraim Suhir, Johann Nicolics, G. Khatibi, and M. Lederer

Predicted Thermal Stresses in a TSV Design, Ephraim Suhir and Sung Yi

Characterization of Coatings Obtained by Boriding Niobizing Treatment of an AISI H13 Steel, Gustavo Satoru Takeya, Fábio Edson Mariani, Amadeu Lombardi Neto, George E. Totten, and Luiz Carlos Casteletti


Micrometeorological Simulations to Predict the Impacts of Heat Mitigation Strategies on Pedestrian Thermal Comfort in a Los Angeles Neighborhood, Mohammad Taleghani, David J. Sailor, and George A. Ban-Weiss

Behavioral Reactivity Associated With Electronic Monitoring of Environmental Health Interventions-A Cluster Randomized Trial with Water Filters and Cookstoves, Evan A. Thomas, Sarita Tellez-Sanchez, Carson Wick, and Miles Kirby


Minimum Conditions for Visible Mold Growth, G. A. Tsongas and Frank Riordan

Streamwise Evolution of Statistical Events in a Model Wind-Turbine Array, Kyle Viestenz and Raul Bayoán Cal


Inverse Structure Functions in the Canonical Wind Turbine Array Boundary Layer, Bianca Viggiano, Moira Gion, Naseem Ali, Murat Tutkun, and Raúl Bayoán Cal

Self-Assembled Epitaxial BaFe12O19 Nano-Island Film Grown on Al2O3 Substrate by Pulsed Laser Deposition, Guodong Wei, Lin Wei, Yanxue Chen, Shishen Yan, Liangmo Mei, and Jun Jiao


More Investigations in Capillary Fluidics Using a Drop Tower, Andrew Paul Wollman, Mark M. Weislogel, Brentley M. Wiles, Donald Pettit, and Trevor Snyder