Volume 11, Issue 2 (2013) Possibilities of Teacher Education Programs

The Call for Manuscripts for Volume 11, Number 2 for Fall 2013 required scholars to consider “Possibilities of Teacher Education Programs.” The variation of topics and formats in which our colleagues addressed this theme was broad and, yet, from our coeditor perspectives, there was comfortable convergence. For example, social justice is a strong undercurrent in many of these papers; our attention is focused on the underrepresented, seldom-considered, or persistently disadvantaged through scholarship about foster youth, American Indian students, and students from non-dominant linguistic communities. There is also contemplation on accountability in both an American and Canadian context. In sum, the variation of the themes is a remarkable reminder of our unity. We wish to say thank you to both the authors and those who helped put this edition of the Journal together. We were, frankly and wonderfully, overwhelmed with articles. We thank those who authored the article and who then waited an extra month for us to pull the edition together. We also wish to thank our Director of Communications, Kurtis Hewson from the University of Lethbridge, whose time spent organizing and formatting the work expanded with the length of the edition. We felt compelled to organize this journal issue to reflect the uniqueness of the submissions: “Research Papers” report on findings of empirical studies or theoretical description and/or argument. The second section “Reviews: Practice and Curriculum” provide reviews of pedagogical approaches and resources.



Enhancing AI High School Student Success: A Work in Progress
Mapuana C.K. Antonio, Mary Schilling, Sylvia Oliver, and Jennifer LeBeau