Submissions from 2020


Predictors of Opioid and Alcohol Pharmacotherapy Initiation at Hospital Discharge Among Patients Seen by an Inpatient Addiction Consult Service, Honora Englander, Caroline King, Christina Nicolaidis, Devin Collins, Alisa Patten, Jessica Gregg, and P. Todd Korthuis

Perinatal Depression in Low-Income Women: A Literature Review and Innovative Screening Approach, Susanne Klawetter, Cassidy McNitt, Jill Hoffman, Kelly Glaze, Ashley Sward, and Karen Frankel

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Awareness and Use Among Cisgender Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) and Use Methamphetamine in Three Western US Cities, Vanessa McMahan, Courtney Moreno, Alia Al-Tayyib, Timothy W. Menza, Edwin Roberto Orellana, Amisha Bhattarai, Joanne Stekler, and Sara Glick

Submissions from 2019


Data Needs for Children with Special Needs in Refugee Populations, Serra Acar, Ozden Pinar-Irmak, and Staci B. Martin


Understanding Support Network Capacity During the Transition from Foster Care: Youth-identified Barriers, Facilitators, and Enhancement Strategies, Jared Best and Jennifer E. Blakeslee


A Green New Deal for Social Work, Rupaleem Bhuyan, Stéphanie Wahab, and Yoosun Park


Elucidating the Influence of Supervisors’ Roles on Implementation Climate, Alicia Bunger, Sarah Birken, Jill A. Hoffman, Hannah MacDowell, Mimi Choy-Brown, and Erica Magier

Identifying and Addressing Parental Trauma and Behavioral Health Need: The Role of the Child Welfare System, Yiwen Cao, Jill A. Hoffman, Alicia C. Bunger, Kathryn Maguire-Jack, and Hillary A. Robertson

"It's Like Riding Out the Chaos": Caring for Socially Complex Patients in an Ambulatory Intensive Care Unit (A-ICU), Brian Chan, Elizabeth Hulen, Samuel Edwards, Matthew Mitchell, Christina Nicolaidis, and Somnath Saha

Staying Afloat Amidst the Tempest: External Pressures Facing Private Child and Family Serving Agencies and Managerial Strategies Employed to Address Them, Crystal Collins-Camargo, Emmeline Chuang, Bowen McBeath, and Selene Mak


Rethinking Services with Communities of Color: Why Culturally Specific Organizations Are the Preferred Service Delivery Model, Ann Curry-Stevens, Gerald Deloney, and Matt Morton

Associations between Adverse Childhood Experiences, Major Depressive Episode and Chronic Physical Health in Adolescents: Moderation of Race/Ethnicity, Jennifer Elkins, Keva M. Miller, Harold E. Briggs, Irang Kim, Orion Mowbray, and E. Roberto Orellana


Inpatient Addiction Medicine Consultation and Post-Hospital Substance Use Disorder Treatment Engagement: a Propensity-Matched Analysis, Honora Englander, Konrad Dobbertin, Bonnie K. Lind, Christina Nicolaidis, Peter Graven, Claire Dorfman, and Todd Korthius


Recommendations for Integrating Peer Mentors in Hospital-Based Addiction Care, Honora Englander, Jessica Gregg, Janie Gullickson, Onesha Cochran-Dumas, Chris Colasurdo, Juliet Alla, Devin Collins, and Christina Nicolaidis


Translanguaging through Story: Empowering Children to Use their Full Language Repertoire, Erin E. Flynn, Selena L. Hoy, Jessica L. Lea, and Monica A. Garcia


Teaching Race, Racism, and Racial Justice: Pedagogical Principles and Classroom Strategies for Course Instructors, M. Brielle Harbin, Amie Thurber, and Joe Bandy


Training Needs of Peer and Non-Peer Transition Service Providers: Results of a National Survey, Pauline Jivanjee, Leigh Grover, Kristin Thorp, Brie Masselli, Johanna Bergan, and Eileen Brennan

Influence of Program Staff on Quality of Relationships in a Community-based Youth Mentoring Program, Thomas E. Keller and David L. DuBois

Reducing Social Isolation Through Formal Youth Mentoring: Opportunities and Potential Pitfalls, Thomas E. Keller, Meghan Perry, and Renee Spencer


An Integrative Review: Maternal Engagement in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Health Outcomes for U.S.-Born Preterm Infants and Their Parents, Susanne Klawetter, Jennifer C. Greenfield, Stephanie Rachel Speer, Kyria Brown, and Sunah S. Hwang

Mothering in the NICU: A Qualitative Exploration of Maternal Engagement, Susanne Klawetter, Madalynn Neu, Kristi L. Roybal, Jennifer C. Greenfield, Jessica Scott, and Sunah Hwang

Opening the "Black Box": Exploring Enhanced Visitations at a Women's Prison, Sarah R. Lazzari, Keva Miller, and Junghee Lee


"I Wouldn't Know Where To Start": Perspectives From Clinicians, Agency Leaders, and Autistic Adults on Improving Community Mental Health Services for Autistic Adults, Brenna B. Maddox, Samantha Crabbe, Rinad S. Beidas, Lauren Brookman-Frazee, Carolyn Cannuscio, Judith Miller, Christina Nicolaidis, and David Mandell

Factors Influencing the Use of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Autistic Adults: A Survey of Community Mental Health Clinicians, Brenna B. Maddox, Samantha Crabbe, Jessica Fishman, Rinad S. Beidas, Lauren Brookman-Frazee, Judith Miller, Christina Nicolaidis, and David Mandell


Participatory Action Research And Co-Researching As A Tool For Situating Youth Knowledge At The Centre Of Research, Staci B. Martin, Jessica H. Burbach, Lulis Lares Benitez, and Irisa Ramiz

Faculty and Graduate Peer Mentors Online Experiences in Teaching and Mentoring, Staci B. Martin, Meredith Esther Michaud, and Christian D. Logerstedt


What Works in Education in Emergencies: Co-Researching and Co-Authoring, Staci B. Martin and Vestine L. Umubyeyi


A Systematic Review of What Barriers and Facilitators Prevent and Enable Physical Healthcare Services Access for Autistic Adults, David Mason, Barry Ingham, Anna Urbanowicz, Cos Michael, Heather Birtles, Marc Woodbury‑Smith, Toni Brown, Ian James, Clare Scarlett, Christina Nicolaidis, and Jeremy R. Parr

Service Coordination by Public Sector Managers in a Human Service Contracting Environment, Bowen B. McBeath, Emmeline Chuang, Sarah Carnochan, Michael J. Austin, and Marla Stuart

Building Knowledge to Support Human Service Organizational and Management Practice: An Agenda to Address the Research-to-Practice Gap, Bowen McBeath, Jennifer Mosley, Karen Hopkins, Erick Guerrero, Michael Austin, and John Tropman

Human Service Organization-Environment Relationships in Relation to Environmental Justice: Old and New Approaches to Macro Practice and Research, Bowen McBeath, Qing Tian, Bin Xu, and Jenifer Huang McBeath

A Critical Examination of Key Assumptions Underlying Diversity and Social Justice Courses in Social Work, Gita R. Mehrotra, Kimberly D. Hudson, and Jen M. Self

Self-reported Screening for Rectal Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Men who Have Sex with Men, Timothy Menza, Lauren Lipira, Amisha Bhatarai, F. Ramirez, and E. Roberto Orellana

Building an Academic Home for Research on the Most Pressing Issues Affecting Autistic Adults: Reflections on Our Journal's First Year, Christina Nicolaidis


The AASPIRE Practice-Based Guidelines for the Inclusion of Autistic Adults in Research as Co-Researchers and Study Participants, Christina Nicolaidis, Dora M. Raymaker, Steven K. Kapp, Amelia E.V. Baggs, Elesia Ashkenazy, Katherine E. McDonald, Michael Weiner, Joelle Maslak, Morrigan Hunter, and Andrea Joyce

Development and Psychometric Testing of the Transition Service Provider Competency Scale, Claudia Sellmaier, Pauline Jivanjee, Eileen Brennan, and Leigh Grover

An Expert Discussion on Autism in Adulthood in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Nidhi Singhal, Christina Nicolaidis, Alexia Ratazzi, Tomás Corrons, Saima Wazed Hossain, Qazi Fazli Azeem, Pooja Panesar, and + several additional authors

How Youth Mentoring Relationships End and Why it Matters: a Mixed-Methods, Multi-informant Study, Renee Spencer, Thomas E. Keller, Meghan Perry, Alison Drew, Hyuny Clark-Shim, John Paul Horn, Miriam Miranda-Díaz, and Martha McCormack


Knowledge, Principal Support, Self-efficacy, and Beliefs Predict Commitment to Trauma-informed Care, Stephanie A. Sundborg


Frequency of Social Contact In-person vs. on Facebook: An Examination of Associations with Psychiatric Symptoms in Military Veterans, Alan R. Teo, Benjamin K. Chan, Somnath Saha, and Christina Nicolaidis

The Neighborhood Story Project: a Practice Model for Fostering Place Attachments, Social Ties, and Collective Action, Amie Thurber

The Neighborhood Story Project: Co-creating Learning, Caring, and Empowering Environments, Amie Thurber


Uprooting: How Can I Ethically Sell My Home in a Gentrifying Neighborhood?, Amie Thurber


Confronting Gentrification: Can Creative Interventions Help People Keep More than Just Their Homes?, Amie Thurber and Janine Christiano

Resisting Gentrification: The Theoretical and Practice Contributions of Social Work, Amie Thurber, Amy Krings, Linda Martinez, and Mary Ohmer


Community-Engaged Teaching: Lessons from a Participatory History Project, Amie Thurber and Sarah V. Suiter

Crafting the Future of Macro Practice, John Tropman and Bowen McBeath

Upstream Predictors of the Need for Developmental Education among First-year Community College Students, Mathew C. Uretsky, Stacey L. Shipe, and Angela K. Henneberger


Using “Remote” Training and Coaching to Increase Providers’ Skills for Working Effectively with Older Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions, Janet S. Walker and Caitlin Baird

Youth Perceptions of a School-Based Mentoring Program, Samantha Weiss, Jeanette Harder, Christiana Bratiotis, and Emily Nguyen

Submissions from 2018

Enhancing Institutional Research Capacity: Results and Lessons from a Pilot Project Program, Leslie Bienen, Carlos J. Crespo, Thomas E. Keller, and Alexandra R. Weinstein


Social Network Enhancement Strategies to Address Limited Support Networks in Young Adulthood: State of the Science, Jennifer E. Blakeslee

Assessing Support Network Stability With Transition-Age Foster Youth: Measuring Change Over time, Jennifer E. Blakeslee and Thomas E. Keller


Assessing the Meaningful Inclusion of Youth Voice in Policy and Practice: State of the Science, Jennifer E. Blakeslee and Janet S. Walker

Employed Parents of Children Receiving Mental Health Services: Caregiver Strain and Work-Life Integration, Ana Maria Brannan, Eileen Brennan, Claudia Sellmaier, and Julie M. Rosenzweig


Is Online Training an Effective Workforce Development Strategy for Transition Service Providers? Results of a Comparative Study, Eileen Brennan, Claudia Sellmaier, Pauline Jivanjee, and Leigh Grover

Trusting and Dependable Sibling Relationships as Social Capital Among African American Youth, Harold E. Briggs, Irang Kim, Orion Mowbray, E. Roberto Orellana, and Jennifer Elkins

Health social work in Canada: Five trends worth noting, Stephanie A. Bryson and Harvey Bosma

Caregiver Engagement in the Behavioral Health Screening and Assessment for Child Welfare-Involved Children: Child Welfare and Behavioral Health Workers' Perspectives, Yiwen Cao, Alicia C. Bunger, and Jill Hoffman

Perspectives of Public and Nonprofit Managers on Communications in Human Services Contracting, Sarah Carnochan, Bowen McBeath, Emmeline Chuang, and Michael J. Austin


The SUMMIT Ambulatory‑ICU Primary Care Model for Medically and Socially Complex Patients in an Urban Federally Qualified Health Center: Study Design and Rationale, Brian Chan, Samuel T. Edwards, Meg Devoe, Richard Gil, Matthew Mitchell, Honora Englander, Christina Nicolaidis, and +

Critical Thoughts on American Social Work and the Crisis of Modernity: Lessons From Theory and Current Events, Kevin Cherry

Longitudinal Impact of a Randomized Clinical Trial to Improve Family Function, Reduce Maternal Stress and Improve Child Outcomes in Families of Children with ADHD, Shervin S. Churchill, Michael C. Leo, Eileen M. Brennan, Claudia Sellmaier, Judy Kendall, and Gail M. Houck


Innovations in Leadership Development: Centering Communities of Color, Ann Curry-Stevens

Crossing the Age Divide: Cross-Age Collaboration Between Programs Serving Transition-Age Youth, Maryann Davis, Nancy Koroloff, Kathryn Sabella, and Marianne Sarkis

"We've Learned It's a Medical Illness, Not a Moral Choice": Qualitative Study of the Effects of a Multicomponent Addiction Intervention on Hospital Providers' Attitudes and Experiences, Honora Englander, Devin Collins, Sylvia Peterson Perry, Molly Rabinowitz, Elena Phoutrides, and Christina Nicolaidis


Ideas in Dialogue: Leveraging the Power of Child-Led Storytelling in the Multicultural Preschool Classroom, Erin E. Flynn

Storying Experience: Young Children's Early Use of Story Genres, Erin Elizabeth Flynn


Remedial Coursework in Maryland Community Colleges: Disentangling Individual and High School Level Predictors, Angela K. Henneberger, Mathew C. Uretsky, Alison M. Preston, and Stacey Shipe


“You Can Show a Person Better Than You Can Tell ‘em”: Black Tradeswomen Mitigate Racial and Gender Microaggressions in Construction, Roberta Hunte

"I Really Wanted Her to Have a Big Sister": Caregiver Perspectives on Mentoring for Early Adolescent Girls, Thomas E. Keller, Bahia Overton, Julia M. Pryce, Johanna E. Barry, Andrew Sutherland, and David L. DuBois

The Safer Futures Model: Developing Partnerships between Intimate Partner Violence and Health Care Agencies, Ericka Kimball, Anna Rockhill, Christine Heyen, and Sarah H. Keefe

Infant Mental Health: A Lens For Maternal And Child Mental Health Disparities, Susanne Klawetter and Karen Frankel

A Longitudinal Analysis Of School Discipline Events Among Youth In Foster Care, Brianne H. Kothari, Bethany Godlewski, Bowen B. McBeath, Marjorie McGee, Jeff Waid, Shannon Lipscomb, and Lew Bank

Validation of a Measure of Foster Home Integration for Foster Youth, Brianne H. Kothari, Bowen M. McBeath, Lew Bank, Paul Sorenson, Jeffrey Waid, and Sara Jade Webb

Examining the Role of Fire Prevention on Hoarding Response Teams: Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services as a Case Study, Navio Kwok, Christiana Bratiotis, May Luu, Nathanael Lauster, Kate Kysow, and Sheila Woody

A Longitudinal Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Forum Participation, Sarah F. Maloney, Erik K. Soule, Sherilyn Palafox, Keaton McFadden, Mignonne C. Guy, Thomas Eissenberg, and Pebbles Fagan


The Role of Youth-Run Organizations in Improving Services and Systems for Youth and Young Adults: A Commentary on the State of the Science, Brie Masselli and Johanna Bergan

Visualizing and Describing Foster Care Placement Pathways, Bowen B. McBeath, Bethany J. Godlewski, Jeffrey Waid, Brianne H. Kothari, Jennifer E. Blakeslee, Sara Webb, Felicity E. Colangelo, and Lewis Bank

Continuity and Change in Practice, Research, and Theory, Bowen McBeath and Karen Hopkins

Exploring the Complexity of Hair and Identity Among African American Female Adolescents in Foster Care, Lakindra Mitchell Dove and Laurie E. Powers


What’s Happening During Home Visits? Exploring the Relationship of Home Visiting Content and Dosage to Parenting Outcomes, Peggy Nygren, Beth Green, Katie Winters, and Anna Rockhill


Lifetime Economic Burden of Intimate Partner Violence Among U.S. Adults, Cora Peterson, Megan C. Kearns, Wendy LiKamWa McIntosh, Lianne Fuino Estefen, Christina Nicolaidis, Kathryn E. McCollister, Amy Gordon, and Curtis Florence


Mitigating Early Loss of Community Participation in Early Psychosis Services: State of the Science, Tamara G. Sale, Dora M. Raymaker, Mariam Rija, Veronica Gould, Christina Wall, and Ryan P. Melton

Fostering Master's Students' Metacognition and Self-Regulation Practices for Research Writing, Lynn M. Santelmann, Dannelle D. Stevens, and Staci B. Martin

Loneliness is Closely Associated with Depression Outcomes and Suicidal Ideation Among Military Veterans in Primary Care, Alan R. Teo, Heather E. Marsh, Christopher W. Forsberg, Christina Nicolaidis, Jason I. Chen, Jason T. Newsom, Somnath Saha, and Steven K. Dobscha


Help-Seeking on Facebook Versus More Traditional Sources of Help: Cross-Sectional Survey of Military Veterans, Alan R. Teo, Heather E. Marsh, Samuel B.L. Liebow, Jason I. Chen, Christopher W. Forsberg, Christina Nicolaidis, Somnath Saha, and Steven K. Dobscha

Keeping More Than Homes: A More Than Material Framework for Understanding and Intervening in Gentrifying Neighbourhoods, Amie Thurber

Spatially integrated and socially segregated: The effects of mixed-income neighbourhoods on social well-being, Amie Thurber, Calire Riehle Bohmann, and Craig Anne Heflinger

Resident experts: The potential of critical Participatory Action Research to inform public housing research and practice, Amie Thurber, Leslie Collins, Marilyn Greer, Demetri McKnight, and Darlene Thompson

Microaggressions: Intervening in three Acts, Amie Thurber and Robin DiAngelo


Veteran Patient Perspectives and Experiences During Implementation of a Patient-Centered Medical Home Model, Anaïs Tuepker, Summer Newell, Christina Nicolaidis, Marie-Elena Reyes, Carolina Castillo, Maria Carolina Gonzalez-Prats, and Elini Skaperdas

Feeding the Scyborgs in Social Work: Enduring Commitments That Sustain, Stephanie Wahab, Rupaleem Bhuyan, and Yoosun Park


Peer Support for Youth and Young Adults who Experience Serious Mental Health Conditions: State of the Science, Janet S. Walker, Caitlin Baird, and Mary Beth Welch


Building Competencies and Skills among Service Providers Working with Young People who Experience Serious Mental Health Conditions: State of the Science, Janet S. Walker, Pauline Jivanjee, Eileen M. Brennan, and Leigh Grover


Development and Testing of an Assessment of Youth/Young Adult Voice in Agency-Level Advising and Decision Making, Janet S. Walker, Brie Masselli, Jennifer E. Blakeslee, Caitlin Baird, and Kristin Thorp


A Screeching Halt: Family Involvement When a Youth with Mental Health Needs Turns 18: Commentary on State of the Science from a Family Perspective, Janet S. Walker and Malisa Pearson


Lessons Learned from the Implementation of a Medically Enhanced Residential Treatment (Mert) Model Integrating Intravenous Antibiotics and Residential Addiction Treatment, Talitha Wilson, Devin Collins, Elena Phoutrides, Melissa B. Weimer, P. Todd Korthuis, Jessica Calcagni, and Christina Nicolaidis

Submissions from 2017

“Build a Friendship With Them”: The Discourse of “At-Risk” as a Barrier to Relationship Building Between Young People Who Trade Sex and Social Workers, Gillian Abel and Stéphanie Wahab

Trending Rightward: Nationalism, Xenophobia, and the 2016 Politics of Fear, Ben Anderson-Nathe and Kiaras Gharabaghi