Submissions from 2018


Social Network Enhancement Strategies to Address Limited Support Networks in Young Adulthood: State of the Science, Jennifer E. Blakeslee


Assessing the Meaningful Inclusion of Youth Voice in Policy and Practice: State of the Science, Jennifer E. Blakeslee and Janet S. Walker

Employed Parents of Children Receiving Mental Health Services: Caregiver Strain and Work-Life Integration, Ana Maria Brannan, Eileen Brennan, Claudia Sellmaier, and Julie M. Rosenzweig

Crossing the Age Divide: Cross-Age Collaboration Between Programs Serving Transition-Age Youth, Maryann Davis, Nancy Koroloff, Kathryn Sabella, and Marianne Sarkis


Ideas in Dialogue: Leveraging the Power of Child-Led Storytelling in the Multicultural Preschool Classroom, Erin E. Flynn

"I Really Wanted Her to Have a Big Sister": Caregiver Perspectives on Mentoring for Early Adolescent Girls, Thomas E. Keller, Bahia Overton, Julia M. Pryce, Johanna E. Barry, Andrew Sutherland, and David L. DuBois

Examining the Role of Fire Prevention on Hoarding Response Teams: Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services as a Case Study, Navio Kwok, Christiana Bratiotis, May Luu, Nathanael Lauster, Kate Kysow, and Sheila Woody


The Role of Youth-Run Organizations in Improving Services and Systems for Youth and Young Adults: A Commentary on the State of the Science, Brie Masselli and Johanna Bergan

Continuity and Change in Practice, Research, and Theory, Bowen McBeath and Karen Hopkins


Mitigating Early Loss of Community Participation in Early Psychosis Services: State of the Science, Tamara G. Sale, Dora M. Raymaker, Mariam Rija, Veronica Gould, Christina Wall, and Ryan P. Melton

Fostering Master's Students' Metacognition and Self-Regulation Practices for Research Writing, Lynn M. Santelmann, Dannelle D. Stevens, and Staci B. Martin

Loneliness is Closely Associated with Depression Outcomes and Suicidal Ideation Among Military Veterans in Primary Care, Alan R. Teo, Heather E. Marsh, Christopher W. Forsberg, Christina Nicolaidis, Jason I. Chen, Jason T. Newsom, Somnath Saha, and Steven K. Dobscha


Help-Seeking on Facebook Versus More Traditional Sources of Help: Cross-Sectional Survey of Military Veterans, Alan R. Teo, Heather E. Marsh, Samuel B.L. Liebow, Jason I. Chen, Christopher W. Forsberg, Christina Nicolaidis, Somnath Saha, and Steven K. Dobscha


Peer Support for Youth and Young Adults who Experience Serious Mental Health Conditions: State of the Science, Janet S. Walker, Caitlin Baird, and Mary Beth Welch


Building Competencies and Skills among Service Providers Working with Young People who Experience Serious Mental Health Conditions: State of the Science, Janet S. Walker, Pauline Jivanjee, Eileen M. Brennan, and Leigh Grover


A Screeching Halt: Family Involvement When a Youth with Mental Health Needs Turns 18: Commentary on State of the Science from a Family Perspective, Janet S. Walker and Malisa Pearson


Lessons Learned from the Implementation of a Medically Enhanced Residential Treatment (Mert) Model Integrating Intravenous Antibiotics and Residential Addiction Treatment, Talitha Wilson, Devin Collins, Elena Phoutrides, Melissa B. Weimer, P. Todd Korthuis, Jessica Calcagni, and Christina Nicolaidis

Submissions from 2017

“Build a Friendship With Them”: The Discourse of “At-Risk” as a Barrier to Relationship Building Between Young People Who Trade Sex and Social Workers, Gillian Abel and Stéphanie Wahab

Trending Rightward: Nationalism, Xenophobia, and the 2016 Politics of Fear, Ben Anderson-Nathe and Kiaras Gharabaghi

Undoing Islamophobia: Awareness of Orientalism in Social Work, Elizabeth Beck, Moon Charania, Ferdoos Abed-Rabo Al-Issa, and Stéphanie Wahab

Network Indicators of the Social Ecology of Adolescents in Relative and Non-Relative Foster Households, Jennifer E. Blakeslee, Brianne H. Kothari, Bowen McBeath, Paul Sorenson, and Lew Bank


Gentrification and Displacement: An Environmental Justice Challenge For Social Work in Urban Environments, Eileen M. Brennan, Kevin Jones, and Ryan Elizabeth Bender


What are Effective Strategies for Implementing Trauma-Informed Care in Youth Inpatient Psychiatric and Residential Treatment Settings? A Realist Systematic Review, Stephanie A. Bryson, Emma Gauvin, Ally Jamieson, Melanie Rathgeber, Lorelei Faulkner-Gibson, Sarah Bell, Jennifer Russel, and Sharlynne Burke

Institutional and Market Pressures on Interorganizational Collaboration and Competition Among Private Human Service Organizations, Alicia C. Bunger, Bowen McBeath, Emmeline Chuang, and Crystal Collins-Camargo

Obstructed Use: Reconceptualizing the Mental Health (Help-Seeking) Experiences of Black Americans, Christopher Ashley Burkett

Managerial and Frontline Perspectives on the Process of Evidence-Informed Practice Within Human Service Organizations, Sarah Carnochan, Bowen McBeath, and Michael J. Austin


Organizational Supports Used by Private Child and Family Serving Agencies to Facilitate Evidence Use: a Mixed Methods Study Protocol, Emmeline Chuang, Crystal Collins-Camargo, and Bowen McBeath

Child Welfare Practice within the Context of Public–Private Partnerships, Crystal Collins-Camargo and Bowen McBeath

Embodying Margin to Center: Intersectional Activism Among Queer Liberation Organizations, Joseph Nicholas DeFilippis and Ben Anderson-Nathe

Investigation of the Integration of Supports for Youth Thriving Into a Community-Based Mentoring Program, David L. DuBois and Thomas E. Keller


Planning and Designing the Improving Addiction Care Team (IMPACT) for Hospitalized Adults with Substance Use Disorder, Honora Englander, Melissa B. Weimer, Rachel Solotaroff, Christina Nicolaidis, Benjamin Chan, Christine M. Velez, Alison Noice, Tim Hartnett, Ed Blackburn, Pen Barnes, and P. Todd Korthuis

Teaching for Tomorrow: An Exploratory Study of Prekindergarten Teachers' Underlying Assumptions about how Children Learn, Erin E. Flynn and Rachel E. Schachter

Strength-Based Research in a Deficits-Oriented Context, Kiaras Gharabaghi and Ben Anderson-Nathe

The Need for Critical Scholarship, Kiaras Gharabaghi and Ben Anderson-Nathe


“Our Greatest Songs Are Still Unsung”: Educating Citizens About Schooling in a Multicultural Society, Simona Goldin, Erin E. Flynn, and Cori Mehan Egan

Using Administrative Data to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Healthy Families Oregon Home Visiting Program: 2-year Impacts on Child Maltreatment & Service Utilization, Beth L. Green, Mary Beth Sanders, and Jerod Tarte

Training and Preparation for Caregiving of Older Foster Youth: Perspectives of Foster Parents, Elizabeth J. Greeno, Mathew C. Uretsky, Bethany Lee, Haksoon Ahn, and Deborah Harburger

Managerial Strategies to Influence Frontline Worker Understanding of Performance Measures in Nonprofit Child Welfare Agencies, Monica Perez Jolles, Crystal Collins-Camargo, Bowen McBeath, Alicia C. Bunger, and Emmeline Chuang


Peer Mentoring for Undergraduates in a Research-Focused Diversity Initiative, Thomas E. Keller, Kay Logan, Jennifer Lindwall, and Caitlyn Beals

Structural Model of Parenting Dimension, Media Usage Type and Body Mass Index in Korean Preschool Children, Soojung Kim, Ick-Joong Chung, and Junghee Lee

An Intervention to Improve Sibling Relationship Quality Among Youth in Foster Care: Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial, Brianne H. Kothari, Bowen McBeath, Paul Sorenson, Lew Bank, Jeff Waid, Sara Jade Webb, and Joel Steele

The Managerial and Relational Dimensions of Public-Nonprofit Human Service Contracting, Bowen McBeath, Sarah Carnochan, Marla Stuart, and Michael J. Austin

Prevalence and Predictors of Social Work Student Food Insecurity, Rhen Miles, Bowen M. McBeath, Stephanie Brockett, and Paul Sorenson

Feasibility of a Multicomponent Breast Health Education Intervention for Vietnamese American Immigrant Women, Connie Kim Yen Nguyen-Truong, Nisreen Pedhiwala, Vananh Nguyen, Cang Le, Tuong Vy Le, and Christine Lau


A Qualitative Examination of Pain Centrality Among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts, Samantha D. Outcalt, Christina Nicolaidis, Matthew J. Bair, Laura J. Myers, Edward J. Miech, and Marianne S. Matthias

Can an Academic Journal Promote Radical Scholarship?, Yoosun Park, Rupaleem Bhuyan, and Stéphanie Wahab

Feminism in These Dangerous Times, Yoosun Park, Stéphanie Wahab, and Rupaleem Bhuyan

The Role of Gender in Violence Experienced by Adults With Developmental Disabilities, Laura Platt, Laurie E. Powers, Sandra Leotti, Rosemary B. Hughes, Susan Robinson-Whelen, Sherri Osburn, Elesia Ashkenazy, Leanne Beers, Emily M. Lund, and Christina Nicolaidis

Contributing Meaning to Research in Developmental Disabilities: Integrating Participatory Action and Methodological Rigor, Laurie E. Powers

A Model of Comparative Ethics Education for Social Workers, Greg L. Pugh


BUILD EXITO: a Multi-level Intervention to Support Diversity in Health-focused Research, Dawn M. Richardson, Thomas E. Keller, De’ Sha S. Wolf, Adrienne Zell, Cynthia Morris, and Carlos J. Crespo


Student-Perceived Quality of Motivational Interviewing Training: A Factor-Analytic Study, Douglas Smith, Melinda Hohman, Stéphanie Wahab, and Trevor Manthey

Evidence for Group-Based Foster Parent Training Programs in Reducing Externalizing Child Behaviors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Matthew C. Uretsky and Jill A. Hoffman

“It’s Been an Experience, a Life Learning Experience”: A Qualitative Study of Hospitalized Patients with Substance Use Disorders, Christine M. Velez, Christina Nicolaidis, P. Todd Korthuis, and Honora Englander

Foster Home Integration as a Temporal Indicator of Relational Well-Being, Jeffrey Waid, Bowen M. McBeath, Brianne H. Kothari, and Lew Bank


Increasing Youths' Participation in Team-Based Treatment Planning: The Achieve My Plan Enhancement for Wraparound, Janet S. Walker, Celeste L. Seibel, and Sharice Jackson

Submissions from 2016

Development and Testing of the First-Episode Psychosis Services Fidelity Scale, Donald Emile Addington, Ross Norman, Gary R. Bond, Ryan Melton, Emily McKenzie, Jian Wang, and Tamara G. Sale

Assessing Support Network Stability With Transition-Age Foster Youth, Jennifer E. Blakeslee and Thomas E. Keller


Predicting Positive Education Outcomes for Emerging Adults in Mental Health Systems of Care, Eileen M. Brennan, Peggy Nygren, Robert L. Stephens, and Adrienne Croskey

Screening for and Treatment of Sexual Abuse Histories in Boys and Male Adolescents, Joseph Catania, Lauren Fontanarosa, Megan Cahn, E. Roberto Orellana, and William Holmes


Chronic Absenteeism Report, Ann Curry-Stevens, Connie Kim-Gervey, and Chief Education Office Research Team


In Defense of Culturally-Specific Organizations: Understanding the Rationale and the Evidence, Ann Curry-Stevens and Jennifer Sita Muthanna


In Need of a Long Welcome: Supporting the Integration of Newcomers to Portland, Ann Curry-Stevens and Anne Sinkey

An Interprofessional Approach to Reducing the Risk of Falls Through Enhanced Collaborative Practice, Elizabeth Eckstrom, Margaret B. Neal, Victoria Cotrell, Colleen M. Casey, Glenise McKenzie, Megan W. Morgove, Gary E. DeLander, William Simonson, and Kathie Lasater


Language Rich Early Childhood Classroom: Simple But Powerful Beginnings, Erin E. Flynn

In Search of Leadership, Kiaras Gharabaghi and Ben Anderson-Nathe

Nationalizing Young People, Kiaras Gharabaghi and Ben Anderson-Nathe

The Fortress of School, Kiaras Gharabaghi and Ben Anderson-Nathe

Supporting Evidence-Informed Practice in Human Service Organizations: An Exploratory Study of Link Officers, Genevieve Graaf, Bowen McBeath, Kristen Lwin, Dez Holmes, and Michael J. Austin


Testing the Effectiveness of Healthy Start-Healthy Families Oregon: Outcomes and Cost-Benefits, Beth L. Green, Jerod Tarte, Mary Beth Sanders, and Mark S. Waller

Organizational Change and Racial Equity: Implications for Capacity-Building Practice for Organizations and Networks, Curdina Hill and Ann Curry-Stevens

Edleson Revisited: Reviewing Children’s Witnessing of Domestic Violence 15 Years Later, Ericka Kimball

Learning to Navigate the New World: Korean-Immigrant Parental Expectations and Challenges in the United States, Junghee Lee, William Donlan, Hyuny Clark-Shim, Jangmin Kim, and Lew Bank

Sharing Experience Learned Firsthand (SELF): Self-Disclosure of Lived Experience in Mental Health Services and Supports, Casadi “Khaki" Marino, Beckie Child, and Vanessa Campbell Krasinski


Re-Envisioning Macro Social Work Practice, Bowen McBeath

South Asian Women and Marriage: Experiences of a Cultural Script, Gita R. Mehrotra

The Braid That Binds Us: The Impact of Neoliberalism, Criminalization, and Professionalization on Domestic Violence Work, Gita R. Mehrotra, Ericka Kimball, and Stéphanie Wahab

Trajectories of Health and Behavioral Health Services Use among Community Corrections– Involved Rural Adults, Orion Mowbray, Bowen McBeath, Lew Bank, and Summer Newell

The New Politics of Social Work, James Kennerly Nash, Kevin Cherry, Ben Anderson-Nathe, Miranda Cunningham, and Ericka Kimball


The Development and Evaluation of an Online Healthcare Toolkit for Autistic Adults and their Primary Care Providers, Christina Nicolaidis, Dora Raymaker, Katherine E. McDonald, Steven K. Kapp, Michael Weiner, Elesia Ashkenazy, Martha Gerrity, Clarissa Kripke, Laura Platt, and Amelia E.V. Baggs


Factors Associated With Managerial Innovation in Public Human Service Organizations, Monica Perez Jolles, Bowen McBeath, Sarah Carnochan, and Michael J. Austin

Intersections of Critical Systems Thinking and Community Based Participatory Research: A Learning Organization Example with the Autistic Community, Dora M. Raymaker

Reflections of a Community-based Participatory Researcher From the Intersection of Disability Advocacy, Engineering, and the Academy, Dora M. Raymaker

Barriers to Healthcare: Instrument Development and Comparison Between Autistic Adults and Adults With and Without Other Disabilities, Dora M. Raymaker, Katherine E. McDonald, Elesia Ashkenazy, Martha Gerrity, Amelia E.V. Baggs, Clarissa Kripke, Sarah Hourston, and Christina Nicolaidis

Finding Fit Between Work and Family Responsibilities When Caring for Children with ADHD Diagnoses, Claudia Sellmaier, Michael C. Leo, Eileen M. Brennan, Judy Kendall, and Gail M. Houck

A Randomized Trial of a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Mentoring Program, Jo-Ann Sowers, Laurie Powers, Jessica Schmidt, Thomas E. Keller, Alison Turner, Amy Salazar, and Paul R. Swank

The Prostitution Reform Act (2003) and Social Work in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Stéphanie Wahab and Gillian Abel

Foster Care Placement Change: The Role of Family Dynamics andHousehold Composition, Jeffrey Waid, Brianne H. Kothari, Lew Bank, and Bowen McBeath


Provider Perspectives on Principle-Adherent Practice in Empirically Supported Interventions for Emerging Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions, Janet S. Walker and Katherin M. Flower

A Chronic Opioid Therapy Dose Reduction Policy in Primary Care, Melissa B. Weimer, Daniel M. Hartung, Sharia Ahmed, and Christina Nicolaidis

Submissions from 2015


Association of Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse with Intimate Partner Violence, Poor General Health and Depressive Symptoms among Pregnant Women, Yasmin V. Barrios, Bizu Gelaye, Qiuyue Zhong, Christina Nicolaidis, Marta B. Rondon, Pedro J. Garcia, Pedro A. Mascaro Sanchez, Sixto E. Sanchez, and Michelle A. Williams


Measuring the Support Networks of Transition-Age Foster Youth: Preliminary Validation of a Social Network Assessment for Research and Practice, Jennifer E. Blakeslee

Community Adversity and Children’s Mental Health: Moderating Effects of Caregiver Service Utilization and Race on Children’s Internalizing and Externalizing Problems, Harold E. Briggs, Adam Quinn, E. Roberto Orellana, and Keva M. Miller


Self-Implemented HIV Testing: Perspectives on Improving Dissemination Among Urban African American Youths, Joseph Catania, M. Margaret Dolcini, Gary W. Harper, E. Roberto Orellana, Donald H. Tyler, April Timmons, Darnell Motley, Luciano G. Dolcini-Catania, and Senna L. Towner

Nonprobability and Probability-Based Sampling Strategies in Sexual Science, Joseph Catania, M. Margaret Dolcini, E. Roberto Orellana, and Vasudah Narayanan


Economic Equity in Communities of Color: The Effectiveness of Minority Contracting Initiatives, Matthew Chorpenning, Ann Curry-Stevens, Greg Schrock, and Nathen Lamb


Learning from Educators of Color: Licensed but not Teaching in Oregon’s Public Schools, Ann Curry-Stevens and Analucia Lopezrevoredo


It’s Not as Simple as it Sounds: Problems and Solutions in Accessing and Using Administrative Child Welfare Data for Evaluating the Impact of Early Childhood Interventions, Beth L. Green, Catherine Ayoub, Jessica Dym Bartlett, Carrie Jeanne Furrer, Adam Von Ende, Rachel Chazen-Cohen, Joanne Klevens, and Peggy Nygren


The Grand Challenge of Ending Homelessness, Benjamin Henwood; Suzanne L. Wenzel; Philip F. Mangano; MaryEllen Hombs; Deborah K. Padgett; Thomas Byrne; Eric Rice; Sarah Butts; and Mathew C, Uretsky


Behavioral Health Services Needs and Availability for Young Children Involved in the Child Welfare System, Jill Hoffman, Alicia Bunger, Hillary Robertson, and Scottye Cash