Submissions from 2019

Mental Health at Work: How Mindfulness Aids in More Ways than One, Dana Auten and Charlotte Fritz

Middle School Teachers' Mindfulness, Occupational Health and Well-Being, and the Quality of Teacher-Student Interactions, Summer S. Braun, Robert W. Roeser, Andrew J. Mashburn, and Ellen Skinner

Theory of Mind, Directly and Indirectly, Facilitates Kindergarten Adjustment via Verbal Ability, Executive Function, and Emotion Knowledge, Laura L. Brock, Helyn Kim, Cara L. Kelly, Andrew J. Mashburn, and David W. Grissmer


The Effects of Sleep on Workplace Cognitive Failure and Safety, Rebecca M. Brossoit, Tori L. Crain, Jordyn J. Leslie, Leslie B. Hammer, Donald M. Truxillo, and Todd E. Bodner

Sustaining Sleep: Results From the Randomized Controlled Work, Family, and Health Study, Tori L. Crain, Leslie B. Hammer, Todd Bodner, Ryan Olson, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Phyllis Moen, and Orfeu M. Buxton

Racial Centrality May be Linked to Mistrust in Healthcare Institutions for African Americans, Adolfo G. Cuevas and Kerth O'Brien

Can Patient-Centered Communication Reduce the Effects of Medical Mistrust on Patients' Decision Making?, Adolfo G. Cuevas, Kerth O'Brien, and Somnath Saha

A Story of Gains and Losses: Intra-individual Shifts in Job Characteristics and Well-being when Transitioning to a Managerial Role, Maike E. Debus, Charlotte Fritz, and Michel Philipp


Workplace Incivility and Employee Sleep: The Role of Rumination and Recovery Experiences, Caitlin A. Demsky, Charlotte Fritz, Leslie B. Hammer, and Anne E. Black

Mental Health Problems are Management Problems: Exploring the Critical Role of Managers in Supporting Employee Mental Health, Jennifer Dimoff and E. Kevin Kelloway

Signs of Struggle (SOS): The Development and Validation of a Behavioural Mental Health Checklist for the Workplace, Jennifer Dimoff and E. Kevin Kelloway

With a Little Help From My Boss: The Impact of Workplace Mental Health Training on Leader Behaviors and Employee Resource Utilization, Jennifer Dimoff and E. Kevin Kelloway


Mixed Signals: The Unintended Effects of Diversity Initiatives, Tessa L. Dover, Cheryl R. Kaiser, and Brenda Major

Introduction to Special Issue on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Marcus Erooga and Keith L. Kaufman

Powerful Perpetrators, Hidden In Plain Sight: An International Analysis Of Organisational Child Sexual Abuse Cases, Marcus Erooga, Keith Kaufman, and Judith G. Zatkin

Job Strain, Time Strain, and Well-Being: A Longitudinal, Person-Centered Approach in Two Industries, Wen Fan, Phyllis Moen, Erin L. Kelly, Leslie B. Hammer, and Lisa F. Berkman

The Role of Age in the Relationship Between Work Social Characteristics and Job Attitudes, Luca Fazi, Sara Zaniboni, Yolanda Estreder, Donald M. Truxillo, and Franco Fraccaroli

Lessons in Program Evaluation: The ACTV Batterer Program Study and Its Claims, Edward W. Gondolf, Larry Bennett, and Eric Mankowski

"Lez be Honest": Gender Expression Impacts Workplace Disclosure Decisions, Kelly M. Hamilton, Lauren S. Park, Timothy A. Carsey, and Larry R. Martinez

Exploration of the Impact of Organisational Context on a Workplace Safety and Health Intervention, Leslie B. Hammer, Donald M. Truxillo, Todd Bodner, Amy C. Pytlovany, and Amy Richman

Supervisor Support Training Effects on Veteran Health and Work Outcomes in the Civilian Workplace, Leslie B. Hammer, Wylie H. Wan, Krista J. Brockwood, Todd Bodner, and Cynthia D. Mohr


Focus Groups to Increase the Cultural Acceptability of a Contingency Management Intervention for American Indian and Alaska Native Communities, Katherine A. Hirchak, Emily Leickly, Jalene Herron, Jennifer Shaw, Jordan Skalisky, Lisa G. Dirks, Jaedon P. Avey, and +. several additional authors

Home is Where the Mind Is: Family Interference with Work and Safety Performance in Two High Risk Industries, Ryan C. Johnson, Erin M. Eatough, Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang, Leslie B. Hammer, and Donald Truxillo

Public Response to Community Engagement Patrols in High Crime Areas, Kimberly Barsamian Kahn, Kris Henning, Greg Stewart, Brian C. Renauer, Christian Peterson, Renee Jean Mitchell, Yves Labissiere, and Sean Sothern

Recommendations for Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations: Implications From an Australian Royal Commission Review of the Literature, Keith L. Kaufman, Marcus Erooga, Benjamin Mathews, and Erin McConnell


Rapid Serial Visual Presentation Interacts with Ambiguity During Sentence Comprehension, Sarah E. Key-DeLyria, Todd Bodner, and Lori J. P. Altmann

Using an Individualized Observational Measure to Understand Children's Interactions in Underserved Kindergarten Classrooms, Helyn Kim, Claire E. Cameron, Cara A. Kelly, Hall West, Andrew J. Mashburn, and David W. Grissmer


Caring for the Elderly at Work and Home: Can a Randomized Organizational Intervention Improve Psychological Health?, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Rebecca J. Thompson, Katie M. Lawson, Todd Bodner, Matthew B. Perrigino, Leslie B. Hammer, Orfeu M. Buxton, David M. Almeida, Phyllis Moen, David Hurtado, Bradley Wipfli, Lisa Berkman, and Jeremy W. Bray

Cardiometabolic Risks Associated with Work-to-family Conflict: Findings from the Work Family Health Network, Emily O'Donnell, Lisa F. Berkman, Erin Kelly, Leslie Hammer, Jessica Marden, and Orfeu M. Buxton


Racial/Ethnic Differences in Multimorbidity Development and Chronic Disease Accumulation for Middle-aged Adults, Ana R. Quiñones, Anda Botoseneanu, Sheila Markwardt, Corey L. Nagel, Jason T. Newsom, David A. Dorr, and Heather G. Allore


Self-Regulatory Consequences of Observing Others Making Goal Progress: A Longitudinal Field Study in Weight Loss Groups, James P. Reynolds, Thomas L. Webb, Kathleen C. McCulloch, and Grainne M. Fitzsimons

Development of a Multidimensional, Multi-informant Measure of Teacher Mindfulness as Experienced and Expressed in the Middle School Classroom, Nicolette P. Rickert, Ellen A. Skinner, and Robert W. Roeser

Emotional Demands and Alcohol Use in Corrections: A Moderated Mediation Model, Brittnie R. Shepard, Charlotte Fritz, Leslie B. Hammer, Frankie Guros, and David Meier


The Impact of Disrupted Caregiving for Juvenile Sexual Offenders, Miranda Sitney and Keith L. Kaufman

Introduction to the Special Section on "The Development of Motivational Resilience in School", Ellen A. Skinner and Thomas A. Kindermann

The Development of Academic Coping in Children and Youth: A Comprehensive Review and Critique, Ellen A. Skinner and Emily A. Saxton


Gratitude Reception and Physical Health: Examining the Mediating Role of Satisfaction with Patient Care in a Sample of Acute Care Nurses, Alicia R. Starkey, Cynthia D. Mohr, David M. Cadiz, and Robert R. Sinclair

Intrapersonal and Social-Contextual Factors Related to Psychological Well-Being Among Youth Experiencing Homelessness, Katricia Stewart and Greg Townley

Preventing Juvenile Sexual Offending through Parental Monitoring: A Comparison Study of Youth's Experiences of Supervision, Kelly E. Stewart, Miranda H. Sitney, Keith L. Kaufman, Jonete DeStefano, and Thythy Bui

Exploring the Role of Social Support in Promoting Community Integration: An Integrated Literature Review, Rachel Terry and Greg Townley

Associations Between Physical Health Limitations and Community Participation Among People With and Without Serious Mental Illnesses, Greg Townley, Rachel Terry, Eugene Brusilovskiy, Gretchen Snethen, and Mark S. Salzer


What Do Consistency and Personableness in the Interview Signal to Applicants? Investigating Indirect Effects on Organizational Attractiveness Through Symbolic Organizational Attributes, Annika Wilhelmy, Martin Kleinmann, Klaus G. Melchers, and Filip Lievens


Process Evaluation of a Mobile Weight Loss Intervention for Truck Drivers, Bradley Wipfli, Ginger Hanson, Kent Anger, Diane L. Elliot, Todd E. Bodner, Victor Stevens, and Ryan Olson

Will You Still Hire Me when I am Over 50? The Effects of Implicit and Explicit Age Stereotyping on Resume Evaluations, Sara Zaniboni, Malgorzata Kmicinska, Donald M. Truxillo, Kimberly Kahn, Maria Paola Paladino, and Franco Fraccaroli

Why Abusive Supervision Impacts Employee OCB and CWB: A Meta-Analytic Review of Competing Mediating Mechanisms, Yucheng Zhang, Xin Liu, Shan Xu, Liu-Qin Yang, and Timothy C. Bednall

Submissions from 2018

Total Worker Health® Intervention for Construction Workers Alters Safety, Health, Well-Being Measures, W. Kent Anger, Jason Kyler-Yano, Katie Vaughn, Bradley Wipfli, Ryan Olson, and Magali Blanco

Transient Loneliness and the Perceived Provision and Receipt of Capitalization Support Within Event-Disclosure Interactions, Sarah N. Arpin and Cynthia D. Mohr


"A Well Spent Day Brings Happy Sleep": A Dyadic Study of Capitalization Support in Military-Connected Couples, Sarah N. Arpin, Alicia Starkey, Cynthia Mohr, Anne Marie D. Greenhalgh, and Leslie B. Hammer


Health Risks of American Long-Distance Truckers Results From a Multisite Assessment, Laura H. Bachmann, Bronwen Lichtenstein, Janet St Lawrence, Margaret Murray, Gregory Russell, and Edward Hook

Sleep Duration Moderates the Association Between Children's Temperament and Academic Achievement, Rebecca H. Berger, Anjolii Diaz, Carlos Valiente, Nancy Eisenberg, Tracy L. Spinrad, Marilyn S. Thompson, Maciel M. Hernández, Sarah K. VanSchyndel, and Jody Southworth

Estimating and Testing for Differential Treatment Effects on Outcomes When the Outcome Variances Differ, Todd E. Bodner

Detecting and Differentiating the Direction of Change and Intervention Effects in Randomized Trials, Todd E. Bodner and Paul D. Bliese

The Moderating Role of Age in the Job Characteristics-absenteeism Relationship: A Matter of Occupational Context?, Gregor Bouville, Silvia Dello Russo, and Donald M. Truxillo

An After-School Intervention Targeting Executive Function And Visuospatial Skills Also Improves Classroom Behavior, Laura L. Brock, William M. Murrah, Elizabeth A. Cottone, Andrew J. Mashburn, and David W. Grissmer

Does Medical Therapy Improve SinoNasal Outcomes Test-22 Domain Scores? An Analysis of Clinically Important Differences, Naweed I. Chowdhury, Jess C. Mace, Todd E. Bodner, Jeremiah A. Alt, Adam S. Deconde, Joshua M. Levy, and Timothy L. Smith

Workplace Experiences and Turnover Intention Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer, Deborah B. Crom, Kirsten N. Ness, Larry R. Martinez, Michelle R. Hebi, Leslie L. Robison, Melissa M. Hudson, and Tara M. Brinkman


Workplace Incivility and Employee Sleep: The Role of Rumination and Recovery Experiences, Caitlin Ann Demsky, Charlotte Fritz, Leslie B. Hammer, and Anne E. Black


Health Behavior Among Men Occupying Multiple Family Roles and the Moderating Effects of Perceived Partner Relationship Quality, Nicole DePasquale, Courtney A. Polenick, Jesse Hinde, Jeremy Bray, Steven H. Zarit, Phyllis Moen, Leslie B. Hammer, and David M. Almeida


Double- and Triple-Duty Caregiving Men: An Examination of Subjective Stress and Perceived Schedule Control, Nicole DePasquale, Steven H. Zarit, Jacqueline Mogle, Phyllis Moen, Leslie B. Hammer, and David M. Almeida


A Systems-Based Approach to Fostering Robust Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, James A. Grand, Steven G. Rogelberg, Tammy D. Allen, Ronald S. Landis, Douglas H. Reynolds, John C. Scott, Scott Tonidandel, and Donald M. Truxillo

Vamik's Room, Jan Haaken

Self-Regulation and Academic Measures Across the Early Elementary School Grades: Examining Longitudinal and Bidirectional Associations, Maciel Hernández, Nancy Eisenberg, Carlos Valiente, Tracy L. Spinrad, Sarah K. Johns, Rebecca H. Berger, Kassondra M. Silva, Anjolii Diaz, Diana E. Gal-Szabo, Marilyn S. Thompson, and Jody Southworth


Trajectories of the Expression of Negative Emotion From Kindergarten to First Grade: Associations With Academic Outcomes, Maciel M. Hernández, Nancy Eisenberg, Carlos Valiente, Marilyn S. Thompson, Tracy L. Spinrad, Kevin J. Grimm, Sarah K. VanSchyndel, Rebecca H. Berger, Kassondra M. Silva, Armando A. Pina, Jody Southworth, and Diana E. Gal

Emotions in School and Symptoms of Psychological Maladjustment from Kindergarten to First Grade, Marciel M. Hernandez,; Nancy Eisenberg; Carlos Valiente; Tracy L. Spinrad; Rebecca H. Berger; Sarah K. Johns; Kassondra M. Silva; Anjolii Diaz; Jody Southworth; and Marilyn S. Thompson


Prediction of Children's Early Academic Adjustment from Their Temperament: The Moderating Role of Peer Temperament, Sarah K. Johns, Carlos Valiente, Nancy Eisenberg, Tracy L. Spinrad, Maciel M. Hernández, Jody Southworth, Rebecca H. Berger, Marilyn Thompson, Kassondra M. Silva, and Armando A. Pina

Binge Drinking and Family History of Alcoholism are Associated with an Altered Developmental Trajectory of Impulsive Choice Across Adolescence, Scott A, Jones; Joel S. Steele; and Barbara J. Nagel

Misinterpreting Danger? Stereotype Threat, Pre-attack Indicators, and Police-Citizen Interactions, Kimberly Barsamian Kahn, Jean M. McMahon, and Greg Stewart

How Social Networking Use and Beliefs About Inequality Affect Engagement With Racial Justice Movements, Jaboa Shawntaé Lake, Aurelia T. Alston, and Kimberly Barsamian Kahn


Recommended Practices for Academics to Initiate and Manage Research Partnerships With Organizations, Laurent M. Lapierre, Russell A. Matthews, Lillian T. Eby, Donald M. Truxillo, Russell E. Johnson, and Debra A. Major

Reasons for Engaging in Research Among People With Serious Mental Illnesses, Emily Leickly and Greg Townley

Protecting Workers in the Home Care Industry: Workers' Experienced Job Demands, Resource Gaps, and Benefits Following a Socially Supportive Intervention, Linda Mabry, Kelsey N. Parker, Sharon V. Thompson, Katrina M. Bettencourt, Afsara Haque, Kristy Luther Rhoten, Rob R. Wright, Jennifer A. Hess, and Ryan Olson


PTSD Symptomology and Motivated Alcohol Use Among Military Service Members: Testing a Conditional Indirect Effect Model of Social Support, Cameron T. McCabe, Cynthia Mohr, Leslie B. Hammer, and Kathleen F. Carlson

The Moderating Role of Career Progression on Job Mobility: A Study of Work-Life Conflict, Sean P. McGinley and Larry Martinez

When Sexism Leads to Racism: Threat, Protecting Women, and Racial Bias, Jean Marie McMahon and Kimberly Barsamian Kahn

Coworker Health Awareness Training: An Evaluation, Taylor Oakie, Nicholas A. Smith, Jennifer K. Dimoff, and Kevin Kelloway

Daily Cyber Incivility and Distress: The Moderating Roles of Resources at Work and Home, YoungAh Park, Charlotte Fritz, and Steve M. Jex

The Health and Sociocultural Correlates of AIDS Genocidal Beliefs and Medical Mistrust Among African American MSM, Katherine G. Quinn, Jeffrey A. Kelly, Wayne J. DiFranceisco, Sergey Tarima, Andrew E. Petroll, Chris Sanders, Janet S. St. Lawrence, and Yuri A. Amirkhanian

National Estimates of Recovery-Remission From Serious Mental Illness, Mark S. Salzer, Eugene Brusilovskiy, and Greg Townley

Predictors of Advising Learning, Cathleen L. Smith and Janine M. Allen

We Are "Both in Charge, the Academics and Self-Advocates": Empowerment in Community-Based Participatory Research, Erin E. Stack and Katherine McDonald

Community Psychology and Community Mental Health: A Call for Reengagement, Greg Townley, Molly Brown, and John Sylvestre

Applications of Latent Growth Curve Modeling: A Research Agenda for hospitality Management, Shi Xu and Larry Martinez

Emotional Exhaustion Among Hotel Employees: The Interactive Effects of Affective Dispositions and Positive Work Reflection, Shi Xu, Larry Martinez, and Hubert Van Hoof

The Use of Latent Growth Curve Modeling in Measuring Student Perceptions about Mandatory Work Experiences, Shi Xu, Hubert Van Hoof, and Larry R. Martinez

Do Resources Matter For Employee Stress? It Depends On How Old You Are, Lale M. Yaldiz, Donald M. Truxillo, and Todd Bodner

The Dark Side of Helping: Does Returning the Favor from Coworkers Hurt Employee Work Engagement?, Liuqin Yang, Michael Sliter, Janelle H. Cheung, Robert R. Sinclair, and Cynthia C. Mohr

Submissions from 2017

Taking Stock of Two Relational Aspects of Organizational Life: Tracing the History and Shaping the Future of Socialization and Mentoring Research, Tammy D. Allen, Lillian T. Eby, Georgia T. Chao, and Talya N. Bauer

Perceptual Commensuration in Decision Tables, Barry F. Anderson and Raffaella Misuraca


Perceptions of Primary and Secondary Relationships in Polyamory, Rhonda N. Balzarini, Lorne Campbell, Taylor Kohut, Bjarne M. Holmes, Justin J. Lehmiller, Jennifer J. Harman, and Nicole Atkins


Standardized Effect Sizes for Moderated Conditional Fixed Effects with Continuous Moderator Variables, Todd Bodner

Investigating the Minimal Clinically Important Difference for SNOT-22 Symptom Domains in Surgically Managed Chronic Rhinosinusitis, Naweed I. Chowdhury, Jess C. Mase, Todd E. Bodner, Jeremiah A. Alt, A. S. Deconde, Joseph Levy, and T. L. Smith

Cultivating Teacher Mindfulness: Effects of a Randomized Controlled Trial on Work, Home, and Sleep Outcomes, Tori Laurelle Crain, Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, and Robert W. Roeser


What is the Key to Culturally Competent Care: Reducing Bias or Cultural Tailoring?, Adolfo Gabriel Cuevas, Kerth O'Brien, and Somnath Saha

The Psychosocial Implications of Managing Work and Family Caregiving Roles: Gender Differences Among Information Technology Professionals, Nicole DePasquale, Courtney A. Polenick, Kelly D. Davis, Phyllis Moen, Leslie B. Hammer, and David M. Almeida

What Social Science Research Says about Police Violence against Racial and Ethnic Minorities: Understanding the Antecedents and ConsequencesAn Introduction, Kristin Nicole Dukes and Kimberly Barsamian Kahn

Age Discrimination: Potential for Adverse Impact and Differential Prediction Related to Age, Gwenith G. Fisher, Donald M. Truxillo, Lisa M. Finkelstein, and Lauren E. Wallace


The Role of Simulation in Mixed-Methods Research: a Framework & Application to Patient Safety, Jeanne-Marie Guise, Matthew Hansen, William E. Lambert, and Kerth O'Brien


Emergency Medical Services Responders’ Perceptions of the Effect of Stress and Anxiety on Patient Safety in the Out-of-Hospital Emergency Care of Children: a Qualitative Study, Jeanne-Marie Guise, Matthew Hansen, Kerth O'Brien, Caitlin Dickinson, Garth Meckler, Phillip Engle, William E. Lambert, and Jonathan Jui

Bidirectional Associations Between Emotions and School Adjustment, Maciel M. Hernández, Nancy Eisenberg, Carlos Valiente, Tracy L. Spinrad, Rebecca H. Berger, Sarah K. VanSchyndel, Kassondra M. Silva, Anjolii Diaz, Marilyn S. Thompson, Diana E. Gal, and Jody Southworth


Ethnic Pride, Self-Esteem, and School Belonging: A Reciprocal Analysis Over Time, Maciel M. Hernández, Richard W. Robins, Keith F. Widaman, and Rand D. Conger