Submissions from 2024


Predictors of Sinonasal Improvement After Highly Effective Modulator Therapy in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis, Daniel M. Beswick, Christine M. Liu, Jonathan B. Overdevest, Anna Zemke, Aastha Khatiwada, David A. Gudis, Jessa E. Miller, Adam Kimple, Jeremy P. Tervo, Emily DiMango, Jennifer L. Goralski, Claire Keating, Brent Senior, Amanda L. Stapleton, Patricia H. Eshaghian, Jess C. Mace, Karolin Markarian, Jeremiah A. Alt, Todd E. Bodner, Naweed I. Chowdhury, Anne E. Getz, Peter H. Hwang, Ashoke Khanwalker, Jivianne T. Lee, Douglas A. Li, Meghan Norris, Jayakar V. Nayak, Cameran Owens, Zara M. Patel, Katie Poch, Rodney J. Schlosser, Kristine A. Smith, and Timothy L. Smith


Engaging with Nature and Work: associations among the built and natural environment, experiences outside, and job engagement and creativity, Rebecca M. Brossoit, Tori Crain, Jordyn J. Leslie, Gwenith G. Fisher, and Aaron M. Eakman


Mental-Somatic Multimorbidity in Trajectories of Cognitive Function for Middle-Aged and Older Adults, Siting Chen, Corey L. Nagel, Ruotong Liu, Anda Botoseneanu, Heather G. Allore, Jason T. Newsom, Stephen Thielke, Jeffrey Kaye, and Ana R. Quiñones


A Framework for Protecting and Promoting Employee Mental Health through Supervisor Supportive Behaviors, Leslie B. Hammer, Jennifer K. Dimoff, Cynthia Mohr, and Shalene Joyce Allen

Whose Pain Matters? Racial Differences in Perceptions of Emotional Pain After Fatal Police Shootings, Kimberly Barsamian Kahn, Emma E. L. Money, and Jaboa S. Lake

Left Behind: Experiences of Community Mental Health Center Clients with Serious Mental Illness During the COVID-19 Pandemic., Emily Leickly and Greg Townley


Patient Perspectives on Chronic Rhinosinusitis in cystic fibrosis: Symptom prioritization in the era of highly effective modulator therapy, Christine Liu, Ethan J. Han, Jakob L. Fischer, Jess C. Mace, Jose L. Mattos, Karolin Markarian, Jeremiah Alt, Todd Bodner, Naweed I. Chowdhury, and multiple additional authors

Development-Ally Focused: a Review and Reconceptualization of Ally Identity Development, Larry Martinez, Isaac Sabat, Enrica Ruggs, Kelly Hamilton, Mindy Bergman, and Kelly Dray


Race Matters more than Racial identity disclosure when evaluating applicant diversity statements, Fiona Nguyen, Ellen M. Carroll, Ciara Atkinson, and Tammy D. Walker


Becoming and Acting As an Ally Against Weight-Based Discrimination, Christopher J. Waterbury, Larry R. Martinez, Liana Bernard, and Nicholas A. Smith

Submissions from 2023

Editorial Vol. 30 Issue 1, Karlyn R. Adams-Wiggins, Aydin Bal, Sophina Choudry, Arturo Cortez, Beth Ferholt, Ivana Guarrasi, Alfredo Jornet, Monica Lemos, Mara Welsh Mahmood, Bonnie Nardi, Antti Rajala, Anna Stetsenko, and Julian Williams

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Does Not Reduce the Sleep of Off-Duty Firefighters, Aanuoluwakiitan Ayeni, Ayeisha Haswarey, Omar Ordaz-Johnson, LaTroy Robinson, Walaa Abdelmoaty, Maya Herzig, David A. Hurtado, Andrew McHill, Joshua Gonzalez, Todd Bodner, Steven Shea, and Nicole Bowles

Employee Cardiometabolic Risk Following a Cluster-Randomized Workplace Intervention from the Work, Family and Health Network, 2009-2013., Lisa F. Berkman, Erin L. Kelly, Leslie B. Hammer, Frank Mierzwa, Todd E. Bodner, Tay McNamara, Hayami K. Koga, Soomi Lee, Miguel Marino, Laura C. Klein, Thomas W. McDade, Ginger C. Hanson, Phyllis Moen, and Orfeu M. Buxton


Not Your “Typical” Research: Inclusion Ethics in Neurodiversity Scholarship, Liana Bernard, Stefanie Fox, Kay Kulason, Alex Phanphackdy, Xander Kahle, Larry R. Martinez, Ludmila Praslova, and Nicholas A. Smith

Factors That Predict Pursuing Sinus Surgery in the Era of Highly Effective Modulator Therapy, Daniel M. Beswick, Ethan J. Han, Jess C. Mace, Karolin Markarian, Jeremiah A. Alt, Todd E. Bodner, Naweed I. Chowdhury, Patricia H. Eshaghian, Anne E. Getz, Peter H. Hwang, Ashoke Khanwalkar, Adam J. Kimple, Jivianne T. Lee, Douglas A. Li, Meghan Norris, Jayakar V. Nayak, Cameran Owens, Zara Patel, Katie Poch, Rodney J. Schlosser, Kristine A. Smith, Timothy L. Smith, Zachary M. Soler, Jeffrey D. Suh, Grant Turner, Marilene B. Wang, Jennifer L. Taylor-Cousar, and Milene Saavedra

The Impact of Firefighter Work Schedule on Psychosomatic Symptoms, Nicole Bowles, Aanu Ayeni, David Hurtado, Andrew McHill, Steve Shea, and Todd Bodner

The Effects of a Total Worker Health Intervention on Workplace Safety: Mediating Effects of Sleep and Supervisor Support for Sleep, Rebecca M. Brossoit, Leslie B. Hammer, Tori L. Crain, Jordyn J. Leslie, Todd E. Bodner, and Krista J. Brockwood

Multidimensionality of the PROMIS Sleep Disturbance 8b Short Form in Working Adult Populations, Rebecca M. Brossoit, Hannah P. Stark, Tori L. Crain, Todd E. Bodner, Leslie B. Hammer, Cynthia D. Mohr, and Steven A. Shea


All Chronic Rhinosinusitis Endotype Clusters Demonstrate Improvement in Patient Reported and Clinical Outcome Measures after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Nikita Chapurin, Rodney J. Schlosser, Jorge Gutierrez, Jess C. Mace, Todd Bodner, Timothy L. Smith, Jose L. Mattos, Vijay R. Ramakrishnan, Jeremiah Alt, and Zachary M. Soler


The Daily Association Between Affect and Alcohol Use: A Meta-Analysis of Individual Participant Data, Jonas Dora, Marilyn Piccirillo, Kelly Arbeau, Stephen Armeli, Marc Auriacombe, Bruce Bartholow, Adriene M. Beltz, Shari M. Blumenstock, Cynthia Mohr, and multiple additional authors


Reporting Rape: Stigmatizing Reactions to Survivors Who Seek Accountability, Tessa L. Dover and Alyssa Marie Glace Maryn


Discrimination and Perceived Cultural Mismatch Increase Status-Based Identity Uncertainty, Sierra H. Feasel, Tessa L. Dover, Payton Small, and Brenda Major

Creating Conditions That Encourage Youth Engagement in Family Child Welfare Case Planning Meetings: A Youth Perspective, Carrie J. Furrer, Angela C. Rodgers, Christine L. Cooper, Anna M. Rockhill, and Nicole M. Lauzus


Disability Severity, Professional Isolation Perceptions, and Career Outcomes: When Does Leader–Member Exchange Quality Matter?, Brent J. Lyons, David C. Baldridge, Liu-Qin Yang, and Camellia Bryan


Effectiveness of Worksite Wellness Programs based on physical activity to improve workers’ health and productivity: a systematic review, Maria Marin‑Farrona, Bradley Wipfli, Saurabh S. Thosar, Enrique Colino, Jorge Garcia‑Unanu, and multiple additional authors

The Role of Acceptance in Everyday Loneliness Among Adults with Serious Mental Illness, Bryan P. McCormick, Eugene Brusilovskiy, Shinichi Nagata, Greg Townley, Gretchen Snethen, and Mark S. Salzer

Determining the Minimal Clinically Important Difference for the Questionnaire of Olfactory Disorders in People with Cystic Fibrosis and Factors Associated with Improvement After Highly Effective Modulator Therapy., Jessa E. Miller, Jennifer L. Taylor-Cousar, Jonathan B. Overdevest, Aastha Khatiwada, Jess C. Mace, Jeremiah A. Alt, Todd E. Bodner, Naweed I. Chowdhury, Emily A. DiMango, Patricia H. Eshaghian, and multiple additional authors

Disparities in Severe Loneliness Between Adults with and Without a Serious Mental Illness., Shinichi Nagata, Bryan P. McCormick, Eugene Brusilovskiy, Greg Townley, and Mark S. Salzer


Sequence Analysis of Cardiometabolic Multimorbidity and Association with Subsequent Dementia, Corey Nagel, Heather Allore, Anda Botoseneanu, Jeffrey Kaye, Jason Newsom, Nicholas Bishop, and Ana Quinones

The Tech4rest Randomized Controlled Trial, Ryan Olson, Peter W. Johnson, Steven A. Shea, Miguel Marino, Rachel Springer, Sean P. M. Rice, Jarred Rimby, and Courtney Donovan


Racial, Ethnic, and Socioeconomic disparities in trajectories of morbidity accumulation among older Americans, AnnaMarie S. O'Neill, Jason T. Newsom, Miriam R. Elman, Em F. Trubits, and multiple additional authors

Dynamics of Parenting and Children's Coping: Bidirectional Effects Between Parent Motivational Support and Children's Academic Coping During Late Childhood and Early Adolescence, Kristen E. Raine and Ellen A. Skinner


The Role of Coping in Processes of Resilience: The sample case of academic coping during late childhood and early adolescence, Kristen E. Raine, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, and Ellen Skinner

Parent and Teacher Involvement and Adolescent Academic Engagement: Unique, Mediated, and Transactional Effects, Nicolette P. Rickert and Ellen A. Skinner

Four Guideposts Toward an Integrated Model of Academic Motivation: Motivational Resilience, Academic Identity, Complex Social Ecologies, and Development, Ellen A. Skinner


Employing the Houseless as Corporate Social Responsibility, Nicholas A. Smith, Larry R. Martinez, Shi (Tracy) Xu, Anna Mattila, and Lisa Yixing Gao

An Integral Representation for Quantum Amplitudes, Jack C. Straton

Well-Being: the Ultimate Criterion for Organizational Sciences, Louis Tay, Cassondra Batz-Barbarich, Liu-Qin Yang, and Christopher W. Wiese


Reclaiming the Past and Transforming Our Future: Introduction to the Special Issue on Foundational Contributions of Black Scholars in Psychology, Fanita A. Tyrell, Helen A. Neville, José M. Causadias, Kevin O. Cokley, and Karlyn R. Adams-Wiggins


Describing Physical Activity Patterns of Truck Drivers Using Actigraphy, Bradley Wipfli, Sean P.M. Rice, Ryan Olson, Kasey Ha, Caitlyn F. Trullinger-Dwyer, and Todd Bodner


A Pattern-Centered Analysis of Adolescents' Concerns and hopes about future crises: Differences in ways of coping and personal adjustment, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, Katheryn L. Modecki, Ellen Skinner, Lara J. Farrell, and Tanya Hawes


Parental Support and Adolescents’ Coping with Academic Stressors: A Longitudinal Study of Parents’ Influence Beyond Academic Pressure and Achievement, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, Ellen A. Skinner, Tanya Hawes, Riley A. Scott, Katherine M. Ryan, and Amanda L. Duffy

Submissions from 2022

Editorial: at the Intersection of Multiple Research Fields, Karlyn Adams-Wiggins, Sophina Choudry, Arturo Cortez, Beth Ferholt, Ivana Guarrasi, Alfredo Jornet, Monica Lemos, Mara W. Mahmood, Bonnie Nardi, Antti Rajala, Anna Stetsenko, and Julian Williams


Marginality in Inquiry-Based Science Learning Contexts: The Role of Exclusion Cascades, Karlyn Adams-Wiggins and Julia Sara Dancis


Avatar: The New Employee? Creating Online Employment Personas May Benefit Stigmatized Employees, Esenaman Batirov and Larry R. Martinez


Family-Supportive Supervisor Behaviors and Psychological Distress: A Secondary Analysis across Four Occupational Populations, Philip G. Bouleh, Shalene Joyce Allen, and Leslie Hammer

Alert at Work? Perceptions of Alertness Testing and Recommendations for Practitioners, Rebecca M. Brossoit, Tori L. Crain, Shalyn C. Stevens, Jacqueline R. Wong, and Lori Guasta

Reproductive Justice for Unhoused Women: an Integrative Review of the Literature., Holly M. Brott and Greg Townley


Extensions Beyond Program impacts: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations in studying the Implementation of a preschool social emotional Learning Program, Jaiya Rae Choles, Robert W. Roeser, and Andrew Mashburn

Not All Inequalities Are Created Equal: Inequality Framing and Privilege Threat for Advantaged Groups, Tessa L. Dover

Effects of Discrimination Versus Self-Blame Attributions on Health: A Longitudinal Study, Sierra H. Feasel, Tessa L. Dover, Payton A. Small, and Brenda Major

When a Good Day Makes for a Good Night: Antecedents of Sleep and Morning States, Charlotte G. Fritz, David E. Caughlin, and Dana Auten

Taking in the Good: How to Facilitate Savoring in Work Organizations, Charlotte G. Fritz and Morgan R. Taylor

Conceptualizing Sexual Pleasure at Home As a Work-Related Stress Recovery Activity., Rachel E. Goodman, Megan J. Snoeyink, and Larry R. Martinez


Surveilling Threat: the Roles of Ideology and Threat Perceptions in Support for Islamophobic Policy, Aeleah M. Granger, Kimberly B. Kahn, and Joel S. Steele

The Missing Link: the Role of the Workplace in Mental Health, Leslie B. Hammer, Shalene J. Allen, and Jennifer K. Dimoff

Sleep, Emotions, and Sense of Belonging: A Daily Experience Study, Paige E. Harris, Amie M. Gordon, Tessa L. Dover, Payton A. Small, Nancy L. Collins, and Brenda Major

The Role of Theory in the Prevention of Sexual Violence in Sport., Keith L. Kaufman, David S. Lee, Jeffrey J. Milroy, Jennifer Yore, Miranda H. Sitney, Aliza B. Lipman, Alyssa M. Glace, Jason Z. Kyler-Yano, and Anita Raj


Gendered Self-Views across 62 Countries: A Test of Competing Models, Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, Jennifer K. Bosson, Pawel Jurek, Eric Mankowski, and multiple additional authors

Case Study of a Pod Village for Women Experiencing Homelessness: Learned Lessons Through Residents' Experience, Emily Leickly, Greg Townley, Todd Ferry, and Marta Petteni

An Alpha, Beta and Gamma Approach to Evaluating Occupational Health Organizational Interventions: Learning from the Measurement of Work-Family Conflict Change, Beth A. Livingston, Shaun Pichler, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Rebecca J. Thompson, and Todd E. Bodner

Testing Bidirectional Within-Person Associations Between Mindful Attention and Sleep in Adolescence, Rachel G. Lucas-Thompson, Megan J. Moran, and Tori L. Crain


Unhoused and Unhireable? Examining Employment Biases in Service Contexts Related to Perceived Warmth and Competence of People Experiencing Houselessness, Larry R. Martinez, Nicholas A. Smith, Megan J. Snoeyink, Breffni M. Noone, and Alex Shockley

Who Gets Canceled? Twitter Responses to Gender-Based Violence Allegations, Alyssa Glace Maryn and Tessa L. Dover


The Remote Assessment and Dynamic Response Program: Development of an In-Home Dementia-Related Care Needs Assessment to Improve Well-Being, Lindsey M. Miller; Diane N. Solomon; Carol J. Whitlatch; Shirin O, Hiatt; Chao-Yi Wu; Christina Reynolds; Wan-Tai Michael Au-Yueng; Jeffrey Kaye; and Joel Steele


Depressive Symptoms in Older Adult Couples: Associations with dyadic physical health, social engagement, and close friends, Lyndsey M. Miller, Joel Steele, Chao-Yi Wu, Hiroko H. Dodge, Mitzi M. Gonzales, Jeffrey Kaye, and Karen Lyons

Prevention of Sexual Violence in Sport: A Socioecological Review, Jeffrey J. Milroy, Katie Hanna, Tori VandeLinde, David S. Lee, Keith L. Kaufman, Anita Raj, Kathryn M. Barker, Miranda Sitney, Aliza Lipman, Alyssa Maryn, and Jason Kyler-Yano


Can We Do Better Next Time? Italians’ Response to the COVID-19 Emergency through a Heuristics and Biases Lens, Raffaella Misuraca, Ursina Teuscher, Costanza Scaffidi Abbate, Francesco Ceresia, Michelle Roccella, Lucia Parisi, Luigi Vetri, and Silvana Miceli

Housing and Loneliness Among Individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses, Shinichi Nagata, Eugene Brusilovskiy, Greg Townley, Bryan McCormick, Elizabeth C. Thomas, Gretchen Snethen, and Mark S. Salzer

Where Did I Go Wrong with My Model? Ten Tips for Getting Results in SEM, Jason T. Newsom, Aeleah M. Granger, Zeineb A. Hachem, and Emily C. Denning

A Change for the Worse: Negative Social Exchanges Are Associated with an Accelerated Decline in Self-Rated Health over Time, Jason T. Newsom, Ann McQueen, Karen S. Rook, Neal Krause, and Emily C. Denning

Fifty Shades of Pray: Faith Diversity Management Approaches Impact Employee Satisfaction, Support Perceptions, and Turnover, Lauren S. Park and Larry R. Martinez

Job Experience As a Buffer Against Incivility: a Daily Diary Study, Lauren S. Park, Larry R. Martinez, and Shi Xu


How do Changes in Family Role Status Impact Employees? An empirical investigation, Matthew B. Perrigino, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Rebecca J. Thompson, and Todd Bodner

A Recent Survey of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Use and Service Delivery Experiences of People with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in the United States, Betts Peters, Kerth O'Brien, and Melanie Fried-Oken


Trajectories of Cognitive Functioning in Later life: Disparities by Race/ ethnicity, Educational Attainment, Sex, and Multimorbidity Combinations, Ana R. Quiñones, Siting Chen, Corey L. Nagel, Anda Botoseneanu, Heather G. Allore, Jason T. Newsom, Stephen M. Thielke, and Jeffrey Kaye

Parent and Teacher Involvement and the Development of Students' Academic Engagement: A Growth Curve Analysis over Four Time Points, Nicolette P. Rickert and Ellen A. Skinner

Complex Social Ecologies and the Development of Academic Motivation, Ellen A. Skinner, Thomas A. Kindermann, Justin W. Vollet, and Nicolette P. Rickert

The Complex Social Ecology of Academic Development: A Bioecological Framework and Illustration Examining the Collective Effects of Parents, Teachers, and Peers on Student Engagement, Ellen A. Skinner, Nicolette P. Rickert, Justin W. Vollet, and Thomas A. Kindermann


Providing Positive Individuating Information to Reduce Stereotype-Based Negativity in Service Encounters, Nicholas A. Smith, Larry R. Martinez, Shi (Tracy) Xu, and Christopher J. Waterbury


Facilitating Employee Recovery From Work: The Role of Leader‑Member‑Exchange, Judith Volmer, Eva-Maria Schulte, and Charlotte Fritz

The Other Half of the Story: the Role of Social Relationships and Social Contexts in the Development of Academic Motivation, Kathryn Wentzel and Ellen A. Skinner

Beyond Just Resilience: the Important Role of Work-Family Resources for Military Service Members, Jacqueline R. Wong, Tori L. Crain, Rebecca M. Brossoit, Leslie B. Hammer, Todd E. Bodner, and Jacquelyn M. Brady

Optimizing Measurement Reliability in Within-Person Research: Guidelines for Research Design and R Shiny Web Application Tools, Liu-Qin Yang, Wei Wang, Po-Hsien Huang, and Anthony Nguyen

Submissions from 2021

Advancing Police Use of Force Research and Practice: Urgent Issues and Prospects, Craig Bennell, Geoffrey Alpert, Judith P. Anderson, Joseph Arpaia, Juha-Matti Huhta, Kimberly Kahn, Ariane-Jade Khanizadeh, Molly McCarthy, Kyle McLean, Renée J. Mitchell, and multiple additional authors


Multimorbidity Accumulation Among Middle-Aged Americans: Differences by Race/ethnicity and Body-Mass Index., Anda Botoseneanu, Sheila Markwardt, Corey L. Nagel, Heather G. Allore, Jason T. Newsom, David A. Dorr, and Ana R. Quiñones

Addressing the Inappropriate Use of Force by Police in the United States and Beyond: A Behavioral and Social Science Perspective, Paul Boxer, Rod K. Brunson, Noni Gaylord-Harden, Kimberly Kahn, Desmond U. Patton, Joseph Richardson, Luis M. Rivera, Jocelyn R. Smith Lee, Mario S. Staller, Barbara Krahé, and multiple additional authors

Leveraging Research to Inform Prevention and Intervention Efforts: Identifying Risk and Protective Factors for Rural and Urban Homeless Families Within Transitional Housing Programs, Holly M. Brott, Mariah Kornbluh, Jayme Banfield, Anna Maria Boullion, and Gary Incaudo

A Comparison of Dyadic and Social Network Assessments of Peer Influence, Dawn DeLay, Brett Laursen, Noona Kiuru, Adam Rogers, Thomas Kindermann, and Jari-Erik Nurmi

Better Work for a Better Weekend: Relationships Between Job Performance, Positive Affect, and Pleasurable Weekend Experiences, Caitlin A. Demsky, Charlotte G. Fritz, and Allison M. Ellis

Is It My Job? Leaders' Family-Supportive Role Perceptions, Allison M. Ellis, Tori L. Crain, and Shalyn C. Stevens

Reattachment to Work in the Morning and Day-Level Leader Outcomes, Charlotte G. Fritz, Dana Auten, and David Caughlin

Latinx Identity and Intersectional Responses to Stigma, Alyssa M. Glace, Tessa L. Dover, and Brenda Major

Taking the Black Pill: an Empirical Analysis of the "incel", Alyssa M. Glace, Tessa L. Dover, and Judith G. Zatkin

Effects of a Total Worker Health® Leadership Intervention on Employee Well-Being and Functional Impairment, Leslie B. Hammer, Jacquelyn M. Brady, Rebecca M. Brossoit, Cynthia D. Mohr, Todd E. Bodner, Tori L. Crain, and Krista J. Brockwood

(un)masking Threat: Racial Minorities Experience Race-Based Social Identity Threat Wearing Face Masks During COVID-19, Kimberly Barsamian Kahn and Emma Elizabeth Lee Money

When is Women's Benevolent Sexism Associated with Support for Other Women's Agentic Responses to Gender-Based Threat?, Kimberly Barsamian Kahn, Jolien A. van Breen, Manuela Barreto, and Cheryl R. Kaiser

Diversity Initiatives and White Americans' Perceptions of Racial Victimhood, Cheryl R. Kaiser, Tessa L. Dover, Payton Small, Gary Xia, Laura M. Brady, and Brenda Major


Critical Points in Lemke's Total Worker Health Calculus., Kevin M. Kelly, Lee S. Newman, Martin Cherniack, Laura Punnett, Leslie B. Hammer, and Glorian Sorensen

Exploring Factors Related to Supportive Housing Tenure and Stability for People with Serious Mental Illness, Emily Leickly and Greg Townley