Submissions from 2020

Millennials and Moral Panic in the United States and Beyond, Emily Andrade, A. James McKeever, Roberto Rivera, Elizabeth Withers, and Hyeyoung Woo


Are the Goals of Sustainability Interconnected? A Sociological Analysis of the Three E’s of Sustainable Development Using Cross-Lagged Models with Reciprocal Effects, Matthew Thomas Clement, Nathan Pino, Patrick Greiner, and Julius A. McGee


Afghan Refugees and the Coronavirus Pandemic, Grant M. Farr


The Afghan Peace Agreement and Its Problems, Grant M. Farr

"I Already Know that Smoking ain't Good for Me": Patient and Clinician Perspectives on Lung Cancer Screening Decision-Making Discussions as a Teachable Moment, Sara E. Golden, Sarah S. Ono, Anne Melzer, James Davis, Steven B. Zeliadt, Jaimee L. Heffner, Hasmeena Kathuria, Ginny Garcia-Alexander, and Christopher G. Slatore


The Tokyo Olympic Stadium: Site of National Memory, Akiko Hashimoto

“Without Food there is No Resistance”: The Impact of the Zapatista Conflict on Agrobiodiversity and Seed Sovereignty in Chiapas, Mexico, Carol Hernández, Hugo Perales, and Daniel Jaffee

Collective Trauma in Queer Communities, Maura Kelly, Amy Lubitow, Mathew Town, and Amanda Mercier


Qualitative Data Collection in an Era of Social Distancing, Bojana Lobe, David L. Morgan, and Kim A. Hoffman

Gender Inequality, Reproductive Justice, and Decoupling Economic Growth and Emissions: a Panel Analysis of the Moderating Association of Gender Equality on the Relationship between Economic Growth and CO2 Emissions, Julius Alexander McGee, Patrick Trent Greiner, MacKenzie A. Christensen, Christina Ergas, and Matthew Thomas Clement


Pragmatism as a Basis for Grounded Theory, David L. Morgan


Korean Families Yesterday and Today, Hyunjoon Park and Hyeyoung Woo


Emociones, Semillas Nativas y Cambio Climático: El Movimiento de Soberanía de las Semillas en Chiapas, México, Carol Hernández Rodríguez, Hugo Perales Rivera, and Daniel Jaffee

Social Characteristics as Predictors of ADHD Labeling across the Life Course, Melissa Thompson, Lindsey Wilkinson, and Hyeyoung Woo

Submissions from 2019


The Afghan Peace Talks, China, and the Afghan Elections, Grant M. Farr

Lifetime Punishments for Mentally Ill Juvenile Rampage School Shooters: No Hope for the Future?, Kathryn Farr

Trouble with the Other: The Role of Romantic Rejection in Rampage School Shootings by Adolescent Males, Kathryn Farr

Lifetime Punishments for Mentally Ill Juvenile Rampage School Shooters: No Hope for the Future?, Kathryn Ann Farr

The Demography of Obesity, Ginny Garcia-Alexander

The Asymmetry of Economic Growth and the Carbon Intensity of Well-being, Patrick Trent Greiner and Julius Alexander McGee

Is Labor Green? A Cross-National Panel Analysis of Unionization and Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Camila Huerta Alvarez, Julius McGee, and Richard York


Cosechando Justicia: Café de Comercio Justo, Sustentabilidad y Sobrevivencia, Daniel Jaffee

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Pain Treatment: Evidence From Oregon Emergency Medical Services Agencies, Jamie Kennel, Elizabeth Withers, Nathan Finch Parsons, and Hyeyoung Woo


Misrecognition in a Sustainability Capital: Race, Representation, and Transportation Survey Response Rates in the Portland Metropolitan Area, Raoul S. Liévanos, Amy Lubitow, and Julius A. McGee

Sexual Orientation and Diabetes During the Transition to Adulthood, Hui Liu, I-Chen Chen, Lindsey Wilkinson, Jennifer Pearson, and Yan Zhang

Sustainable Cycling For All? Race and Gender-Based Bicycling Inequalities in Portland, Oregon, Amy Lubitow, Kyla Tompkins, and Madeleine Feldman

Reproducing Spatial Inequality? The Sustainability Fix and Barriers to Urban Mobility in Portland, Oregon, Dillon Mahmoudi, Amy Lubitow, and Mackenzie A. Christensen

Renewable Energy Injustice: The Socio-environmental Implications of Renewable Energy Consumption, Julius Alexander McGee and Patrick Trent Greiner

A Multilevel Investigation into Contextual Reliability in the Designation of Cognitive Health Conditions among U.S. Children, Dara Shifrer and Rachel Fish


Disability at the Intersections, Dara Shifrer and Angela Frederick

Transnational Hispaniola: New Directions in Haitian and Dominican Studies, Alex Stepick

Listen, We Need to Talk: How to Change Attitudes about LGBT Rights, Lindsey Wilkinson

Submissions from 2018


Problems with the Reintegration of Afghan Refugees, Grant M. Farr


What is Happening in Afghanistan?, Grant M. Farr

Adolescent Rampage School Shootings: Responses to Failing Masculinity Performances by Already-Troubled Boys, Kathryn Farr

Race and Disability: From Analogy to Intersectionality, Angela Frederick and Dara Shifrer

Religion and Infant Mortality in the United States: A Community-Level Investigation of Denominational Variations in Postneonatal Deaths, Ginny E. Garcia, John P. Bartkowski, and Xiaohe Xu


Military Factors Associated with Smoking in Veterans, Sara E. Golden, Sujata Thakurta, Christopher G. Slatore, Hyeyoung Woo, and Donald R. Sullivan

Snakes in The Greenhouse: Does Increased Natural Gas Use Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Coal Consumption?, Patrick Trent Greiner, Richard York, and Julius Alexander McGee


Fair Trade, Daniel Jaffee

Draining Us Dry: Scarcity Discourses in Contention Over Bottled Water Extraction, Daniel Jaffee and Robert A. Case

Family Legacy or Family Pioneer? Social Class Differences in the Way Adolescents Construct College-Going, Amy G. Langenkamp and Dara Shifrer

Nonstandard Employment and Health in South Korea: The Role of Gender and Family Status, Sojung Lim, Sun Young Jeon, Joongbaeck Kim, and Hyeyoung Woo


Asymmetric Relationship of Urbanization and CO2 Emissions in Less Developed Countries, Julius Mcgee and Richard York

Living Within Blurry Boundaries: The Value of Distinguishing Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research, David L. Morgan

Themes, Theories, and Models, David L. Morgan

A System for Coding the Interaction in Focus Groups and Dyadic Interviews, David L. Morgan and Kim Hoffman

Trajectories of Suicidal Ideation from Adolescence to Adulthood: Does the History of Same-Sex Experience Matter?, K Oi and Lindsey Wilkinson

Flipping the (Surname) Script: Men's Nontraditional Surname Choice at Marriage, Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer and MacKenzie A. Christensen

Partners' Overwork and Individuals' Wellbeing and Experienced Relationship Quality, Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer, Erin L. Kelly, Orfeu M. Buxton, and Lisa F. Berkman


Clarifying the Social Roots of the Disproportionate Classification of Racial Minorities and Males with Learning Disabilities, Dara Shifrer


The Contributions of Parental, Academic, School, and Peer Factors to Differences by Socioeconomic Status in Adolescents’ Locus of Control, Dara Shifrer

Law Enforcement Response to Mental Health Crises: Citizen Risk Factors and Preferences for Social Policy, Melissa Thompson and Kimberly Barsamian Kahn


Continuing to Build a More Diverse Workforce in the Highway Trades: 2018 Evaluation of the ODOT/BOLI Highway Construction Workforce Development Program, Lindsey Wilkinson and Maura Kelly

Educational Attainment of Transgender Adults: Does the Timing Transgender Identity Milestones Matter?, Lindsey Wilkinson, Jennifer Pearson, and Hui Liu


Portland Metro Region Construction Workforce Market Study, Worksystems Inc., Oregon Employment Department, Maura Kelly, JM Woolley & Associates, Oregon Tradeswomen, and National Association of Minority Contractors of Oregon

Submissions from 2017

The Breastfeeding Problematic: Negotiating Maternal Sexuality in Heterosexual Partnerships, JaDee Carathers


Pakistan’s Role in China’s One Belt One Road Initiative, Grant M. Farr


CyberPDX: A Camp for Broadening Participation in Cybersecurity, Wu-Chang Feng, Robert Liebman, Lois Delcambre, Michael Mooradian Lupro, Tim Sheard, Scott Britell, and Gerald W. Recktenwald

Social Foundations of Behavior for the Health Sciences, Ginny Garcia-Alexander, Hyeyoung Woo, and Matthew J. Carlson


Building Diversity in the Construction Trades, Maura Kelly


Implementing the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program to Promote Respectful Workplaces in the Construction Trades in Oregon: Preliminary Report on Wave One, Maura Kelly and Lindsey Wilkinson

Marital Status and Perceived Discrimination Among Transgender People, Hui Liu and Lindsey Wilkinson

Transmobilities: Mobility, Harassment, and Violence Experienced by Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Public Transit Riders, Amy Lubitow, JaDee Carathers, Maura Kelly, and Miriam Abelson

Exclusion and Vulnerability on Public Transit: Experiences of Transit Dependent Riders in Portland, Oregon, Amy Lubitow, Jennifer Rainer, and Sasha Bassett

The Treadmill of Alternatively Fueled Vehicle Production, Julius McGee


How do Slums Change the Relationship between Urbanization and the Carbon Intensity of Well-Being?, Julius McGee, Christina Ergas, Patrick Trent Greiner, and Matthew Thomas Clement

Consequences of Runaway and Thrownaway Experiences for Sexual Minority Health During the Transition to Adulthood, Jennifer Pearson, Lisa Thrane, and Lindsey Wilkinson

Same-Sex Sexuality and Educational Attainment: The Pathway to College, Jennifer Pearson and Lindsey Wilkinson

Impossibility of a “Reverse Racism” Effect: A Rejoinder to James, James, and Vila, Aaron Roussell, Kathryn Henne, and Karen S. Glover

Hillary Rodham Versus Hillary Clinton: Consequences of Surname Choice in Marriage, Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer

The Impact of Sex of Child on Breastfeeding in the United States, Emily Fitzgibbons Shafer and Summer Sherburne Hawkins

The Growth, Scope, and Spatial Distribution of People With Felony Records in the United States, 1948-2010, Sarah K. S. Shannon, Christopher Uggen, Jason Schnittker, Melissa Thompson, Sara Wakefield, and Michael Massoglia

Quasi-Experimental Techniques: Social Causes and Consequences of Educational Disabilities, Dara Shifrer

Do Teacher Financial Awards Improve Teacher Retention and Student Achievement in an Urban Disadvantaged School District?, Dara Shifrer, Ruth Lopez Turley, and Holly Heard

Identity, Scale and Soccer Supporter Groups: the Case of the Timbers Army, Jesse H. Wagner and Hunter Shobe


Evaluation of Pre-Apprenticeship and Retention Services in the Construction Trades in Oregon, Lindsey Wilkinson and Maura Kelly

Submissions from 2016


Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Desire for Reversal of Sterilization among U.S. Women, Ginny Garcia-Alexander, Kelly Gonzales, and Elizabeth Carol Hauck

An Exercise in Failure Punishing “At-Risk” Youth and Families in a South Los Angeles Boot Camp Program, Luis Daniel Gascon and Aaron Roussell


Who’s the Fairest of Them All? The Fractured Landscape of U.S. Fair Trade Certification, Daniel Jaffee and Philip H. Howard

Field Observations of the Developing Legal Recreational Cannabis Economy in Washington State, Eric L. Jensen and Aaron Roussell

Feminist Identity, Feminist Politics: U.S. Feminists’ Attitudes toward Social Policies, Maura Kelly and Gordon Gauchat


Review of The Tragedy of the Commodity: Oceans, Fisheries, and Aquaculture, Julius McGee

Normalising Desistance: Contextualising Marijuana and Cocaine use Careers in Young Adults, Aaron Roussell and Marisa Omori


(Still) Building A More Diverse Workforce in the Highway Trades: 2016 Evaluation of the ODOT/BOLI Highway Construction Workforce Development Program, Lindsey Wilkinson and Maura Kelly

Submissions from 2015


Most Americans are Now Opposed to Laws Against Interracial Marriage, but Their Behavior Does Not Yet Reflect These Attitudes, Ginny Garcia-Alexander, Richard Lewis Jr., and Joanne Foed-Robertson


Trends and Disparities in Postpartum Sterilization following C-Section, 2000-2008, Ginny Garcia-Alexander, Dawn Richardson, Kelly Gonzales, and Adolfo Gabriel Cuevas


Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality, 1990 to 2004: Low Birth Weight, Maternal Complications and Other Causes, Ginny Garcia-Alexander and Hyeyoung Woo


Evaluation of the Potential for Adapting the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program for the Construction Trades in Oregon, Maura Kelly and Sasha Bassett


Connecting Curriculum to Community Research: Professional Services, Research, and Teaching, W. Barry Messer and Peter J. Collier

Submissions from 2014


Building a More Diverse Skilled Workforce in the Highway Trades: Are Oregon’s Current Efforts Working?, Sarah Burd-Sharps, Kristen Lewis, and Maura Kelly


Citizenship Documentation Requirement for Medical Eligibility: Effects on Oregon Children, Brigit A. Hatch, Jennifer E. DeVoe, Jodi A. Lapidus, Matthew J. Carlson, and Bill J. Wright


Is There Room for Plantations in Fair Trade?, Daniel Jaffee


Region-Urbanicity Differences in Locus of Control: Social Disadvantage, Structure, or Cultural Exceptionalism?, Dara Shifrer and April Sutton


From Food Desert to Food Mirage: Race, Social Class, and Food Shopping in a Gentrifying Neighborhood, Daniel Monroe Sullivan

Submissions from 2013


Food Sovereignty: An Alternative Paradigm for Poverty Reduction and Biodiversity Conservation in Latin America, M. Jahi Chappell, Hannah Wittman, Christopher M. Bacon, Bruce G. Ferguson, Luis Garcia Barrios, Raúl Garcia Barrios, Daniel Jaffee, Jefferson Lima, V. Ernesto Méndez, Helda Morales, Lorena Soto-Pinto, John Vandermeer, and Ivette Perfecto


The Association Between Insurance Status and Cervical Cancer Screening in Community Health Centers: Exploring the Potential of Electronic Health Records for Population-Level Surveillance, 2008-2010, Stuart Cowburn, Matthew J. Carlson, Jodi A. Lapidus, and Jennifer E. DeVoe


Tensions Between Firm Size and Sustainability Goals: Fair Trade Coffee in the United States, Philip H. Howard and Daniel Jaffee


Evaluation of the Effect of Supportive Services on the Success of Apprentices in a Highway Trade, Maura Kelly


Contesting Sustainability: Bikes, Race, and Politics in Portlandia, Amy Lubitow and Thaddeus R. Miller