Submissions from 2024


Capital Market Liability of Foreignness and Country-of-Origin Stereotype: An empirical investigation, Abiodun Ige and Marvin Washington

Exploring Home Delivery Service Attributes: Sustainability Versus Delivery Expectations During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Herbert Kotzab, Isik Ozge Yumurtaci Huseyinoglu, Irmak Sen, and Carlos Mena

US Federal Government Contracting for Disaster Management, Carlos Mena and Anand Nair

Discussion of "impact of Audit Committee Social Capital on the Adoption of COSO 2013", Kathleen Rupley

Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility During a Pandemic: Evidence from Stock Price Reaction to COVID-19 Related News, Anin Rupp and Piman Limpaphayom


From early Curiosity to space wide web: The emergence of the small satellite innovation ecosystem, Yue Song, Devi R. Gnyawali, and Lihong Qian


Mixing Customer Ingratiation into Evaluation: How Service Providers Judge and Evaluate Rideshare Experiences, Yazhen Xiao and Jonathan Hasford

Submissions from 2023

What is Missing from Research on Data in Information Systems? Insights from the Inaugural Workshop on Data Research, Aleksi Aaltonen, Cristina Alaimo, Elena Parmiggiani, Marta Stelmaszak, Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, Jannis Kallinikos, and Eric Monteiro

The Performative Production of Trace Data in Knowledge Work, Aleksi Aaltonen and Marta Stelmaszak Rosa

Does Hiring M & A Advisers Matter for Private Sellers?, Anup Agrawal, Tommy Cooper, Qin Lian, and Qiming Wang

The Impact of Supervisor Relationships on Auditor Turnover Intentions Using Leader-Member Exchange Theory, Elizabeth D. Almer, Nathan H. Cannon, and Joleen Kremin

Do Informed REIT Market Participants Respond to Property Sector Mispricing?, Ramya Aroul, Julia Freybote, and Anh Nguyen

Cultivating a Leadership Pipeline: Using a Real Options Lens to Understand Executives' Strategic Staffing Decisions, Michael C. Campion, Emily D. Campion, Michael A. Campion, and Talya N. Bauer

Interdisciplinary Problem Solving in Hybrid Organizations: the Implications of Scientific Reputation and Disciplinary Knowledge Diversity, Turanay Caner, Beverly B. Tyler, Melissa M. Appleyard, and Griffin M. Weber

Information Intensity and Pricing of Systematic Earnings Announcement Risk, Jingjing Chen, Linda H. Chen, and George J. Jiang

Organizations As Digital Enactment Systems: A Theory of Replacement of Humans by Digital Technologies in Organizational Scanning, Interpretation, and Learning, Ioanna Constantiou, Mayur Joshi, and Marta Stelmaszak


Stakeholder Conflict and Standard-setting foundation oversight, Amanda M. Convery, Matt Kaufman, and Terry D. Warfield

Use Big Data to Leverage Customer Need Diversity for Radical Innovation, Tereza Dean, Haisu Zhang, and Yazhen Xiao

"Like Ships in the Night" and the Paradox of Distinctiveness for Sport Management: A Citation Network Analysis of Institutional Theory in Sport, Mathew Dowling, Jonathan Robertson, Marvin Washington, Becca Leopkey, Dana Lee Ellis, Andie Riches, and Lee Smith


Newcomer work-to-nonwork conflict to withdrawal via work-to-nonwork self-efficacy: The buffering role of family supportive supervisor behavior, Allison M. Ellis, Talya Bauer, and Tori Crain

Relationship Institutions: Evidence from Ipos, Xudong Fu, Qin Lian, Tian Tang, Qiming Wang, and Hua Christine Xin

Political Protest and Rule 50: Exploring the Polycentric Governance of International and Olympic Sport, Spencer Harris, Mathew Dowling, and Marvin Washington

Wearing the Same Jersey? the Impact of Players' Cultural Diversity and Shared Team Tenure on National Soccer Team Performance., Yinle Huang, Marvin Washington, Brian P. Soebbing, and Daniel S. Mason

Are We Friends? Relative Overqualification, Citizenship, and the Mediating Role of Friendship Network Centrality, Farid Jahantab, Berrin Erdogan, and Prajya R. Vidyarthi

Tenant Stock Market Performance and Retail Real Estate Prices, Carina Kaiser and Julia Freybote


Governmental Restrictions and Real Estate Investor Risk Perception, Carina Kaiser, Julia Freybote, and Wolfgang Schäfers

Transformational Leadership, Idiosyncratic Deals and Employee Outcomes, Zahide Karakitapoglu-Aygun, Berrin Erdogan, David E. Caughlin, and Talya N. Bauer

Learning Analytics and Technology Through Teaching, Matthew Kaufman and Kristi Yuthas

Urban Flight: A Short-Term Phenomenon or Long-Term Trend?, Dongshin Kim, Davin Raiha, Youngme Seo, and Julia Freybote


Bought but Never Used: How and when Unused Utility reduces subsequent spending, Shruti Koley and Brandon J. Reich

Brand Affiliation and the Hotel Asset Market, Peng Liu, Julia Freybote, and Prashant Das

Time Varying Dependences Between Real Estate Crypto, Real Estate and Crypto Returns, Cathrine Nagl, Maximilian Nagl, Daniel Roesch, Wolfgang Schaefers, and Julia Freybote

Social Movements and Entrepreneurial Activity: A Study of the US Solar Energy Industry, Desiree F. Pacheco and Theodore A. Khoury

To Concentrate or to Diversify the Supply Base? Implications from the US Apparel Supply Chain During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mikaella Polyviou, Robert Wiedmer, Sangho Chae, Zachary S. S. Rogers, and Carlos Mena

Breaking Bad: How Can Supply Chain Management Better Address Illegal Supply Chains?, Madeleine E. Pullman, Carlos Mena, and Lucy McCarthy

Strength in Numbers: Collaborative Procurement and Competitiveness of Craft Breweries, Timothy I. Ramjaun, Madeleine E. Pullman, Maneesh Kumar, and Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues


Creating Resilient Supply Chains through a culture of measuring, Tobias Schoenherr, Carlos Mena, Bindiya Vakil, and Thomas Y. Choi


How Strategic Public Procurement Creates Social value: Evidence from UK anchor institutions, Kostas Selviaridis, Davide Luzzini, and Carlos Mena

From Community Rootedness to Individuated Entrepreneuring: the Development of Entrepreneurial Motivation Through a Temporary Community of Practice, Yuliya Shymko and Theodore A. Khoury

Supply Networks for Extreme Uncertainty: a Resource Orchestration Perspective, Heather Dawn Skipworth, Marko Bastl, Corrado Cerruti, and Carlos Mena

Data Are in the Eye of the Beholder: Co-Creation for Sustainable Personal Data Value, Marta Stelmaszak Rosa and Glenn Parry


Patient Mistreatment and New Nurse adjustment: The role of rumination and work engagement, Hai-Jiang Wang, Peikai Li, Talya Bauer, and Berrin Erdogan

The Boundary Conditions for Growth: Exploring the Non-Linear Relationship Between Organic and Acquisitive Growth and Profitability, Martin Weiss, Dominic Herrmann, Theodore A. Khoury, Markus Kreutzer, and Marc Hummel


The ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence Chatbot: How Well Does It Answer Accounting Assessment Questions?, David A. Wood, Muskan P. Achhpilia, Mollie T. Adams, Sanaz Aghazadeh, Elizabeth D. Almer, and multiple additional authors


Taking a Heavier Toll? Racial Differences in the Effects of Workplace Mistreatment on Depression, Ji Woon Ryu, Erik Gonzalez-Mulé, and Ernest H. O'Boyle


The 2022 PDMA Doctoral Consortium: Emerging Research Priorities in New Product Development and Innovation and Insights into Community Building, Yazhen Xiao and Neeraj Bharadwaj

Why Can't You Be All Talk to Get Things Done? Consumer Acceptance of Voice-Assisted Products, Yazhen Xiao and Huey Yii Tan

Submissions from 2022


The Impact of Virtual Marketing Strategies on the Price‑TOM Relation, Kelley Cours Anderson, Julia Freybote, and Kerry Manis


The Role of Interdependencies in Blockchain Adoption: The Case of Maritime Trade, Melissa M. Appleyard and Kristi Yuthas


Age Diversity Climate Affecting Individual-Level Work-Related Outcomes, Lara Belotti, Sara Zaniboni, Luca Menghini, Cristian Balducci, Dave Cadiz, and Stefano Toderi


Time on Market and the Cash Discount for Condos, Eli Beracha, Julia Freybote, Zhenguo Lin, and Michael J. Seiler


Busy Boards, Entrenched Directors and Corporate Innovation, Brian Bolton and Jing Zhao

Building Blocks of Idea Generation and Implementation in Teams: A Meta-Analysis of Team Design and Team Creativity and Innovation, Kris Byron, Sejin Keem, Tanja Darden, Christina E. Shalley, and Jing Zhou

Rewards and Fear of Being Labeled As Racist: A Tax Fraud Whistleblowing Investigation, Sonia Dhaliwal, Jonathan Farrar, and Cass L. Hausserman


Assessing Asset Pricing in the Commercial Real Estate Sector with Julia Freybote, Julia Freybote

The Evolution of Green Building Amenities: the Case of EV Charging Stations, Julia Freybote

Ability to Work and Health & Safety: Property User Concerns and Satisfaction, Julia Freybote and Riette Carstens


How Can Blockchain Contribute to Developing Country Economies? A Literature Review on Application Areas, Tom Gillpatrick, Semra Boğa, and Oncel Aldanmaz

Owls, Larks, or Investment Sharks? The Role of Circadian Process in Early-stage Investment Decisions, Cristiano L. Guarana, Regan M. Stevenson, J. Jeffrey Gish, Ji Woon Ryu, and Rohan Crawley


How Local Stakeholder Stereotypes Impact Liability of Foreignness and Asset of Foreignness, Abiodun Ige and Marvin Washington


Consortium Capabilities for Enterprise Blockchain Success, Matt Kaufman, Stanton Heister, and Kristi Yuthas

How Does Ethical Leadership Relate to Team Creativity? the Role of Collective Team Identification and Need for Cognitive Closure, Sejin Keem, Gamze Koseoglu, Inseong Jeong, and Christina E. Shalley

The Role of the Hub-Firm in Developing Innovation Capabilities: Considering the French Wine Industry Cluster from a Resource Orchestration Lens, Maneesh Kumar, Mellie Pullman, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, and Vasco Sanchez Rodrigues


Knowledge Overconfidence is Associated with Anti-Consensus Views on Controversial Scientific Issues, Nicholas Light, Philip M. Fernbach, Nathaniel Rabb, Mugur V. Geana, and Steven A. Sloman

The Retailer's Puzzle: Influencer Opinions and Consumer-Generated Information, Atmadeep Mukherjee, Amaradri Mukherjee, Pramod Iyer, and Ronn J. Smith


For Better and Worse: How Proactive Personality Alters the Strain Responses to Challenge and Hindrance Stressors, Jordan Nielsen, Brady M. Firth, and Eean Crawford

Primary Prevention of Weight Gain Among New Bus Operators: Results of the Success & Health Impacts for Transit Operators During Onboarding (SHIFT Onboard) Pilot Study, Ryan Olson, Sean P. M. Rice, Talya N. Bauer, Brad Wipfli, W. Kent Anger, Todd E. Bodner, Peter Graven, and Leah S. Greenspan

The Roles of National Culture in Affecting Quality Management Practices and Quality Performance - Multilevel and Multi-Country Analysis, Daniel Prajogo, Carlos Mena, Brian Cooper, and Pei-Lee Teh


The Role of Digital Channels in Predicting Objective and Subjective Negotiation Outcomes, Roshni Raveendhran, Tami Kim, and Ji Woon Ryu

You Ought to Know: Why Consumers Think Companies Can Foresee Bad (but Not Good) Side Effects, Brandon J. Reich and Sean M. Laurent

Envy Influences Interpersonal Dynamics and Team Performance: Roles of Gender Congruence and Collective Team Identification, Kenneth Tai, Sejin Keem, Ki Young Lee, and Eugene Kim

Dynamic Relationships Between Leader-Member Exchange and Employee Role-Making Behaviours: the Moderating Role of Employee Emotional Ambivalence, Hai-Jiang Wang, Lixin Jiang, Xiaohong Xu, Kong Zhou, and Talya N. Bauer


The Effects of Online Learning Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic on Students’ Satisfaction, Adjustment, Performance, and Loyalty, Michal Wilczewski, Oleg Gorbaniuk, Terry Mughan, and Ewelina Wilczewska

Putting the Team in the Driver's Seat: A Meta-Analysis on the What, Why, And When of Team Autonomy's Impact on Team Effectiveness, Ji Woon Ryu, Emily Neubert, and Erik Gonzalez-Mulé


Perceived Overqualification, Felt Organizational Obligation, and Extra-Role Behavior during the COVID-19 crisis: The Moderating Role of Self-Sacrificial Leadership, Chia-Huei Wu, Hannah Weisman, Li-Kuo Sung, Berrin Erdogan, and Talya N. Bauer

The Impact of Food Supply Chain Traceability on Sustainability Performance, Xiongyong Zhou, Madeleine E. Pullman, and Zhiduan Xu

Submissions from 2021


Towards a Theory of Informal Supply Networks: an Exploratory Case Study of the Za'atari Refugee Camp, Ismail Abushaikha, Zhaohui Wu, and Theodore A. Khoury

Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify Strategic Mortgage Default Attitudes, Jackson T. Anderson, Julia Freybote, David Lucus, Michael J. Seiler, and Lauren S. Simon

Coaching Quality and Subordinate Work Attitudes in the Multiple Supervisor Audit Context, Lindsay M. Andiola, Jean C. Bedard, and Joleen Kremin


Order from Chaos: A Meta-Analysis of Supply Chain Complexity and Firm Performance, Melek Akin Ates, Robert Suurmond, Davide Luzzini, and Daniel R. Krause


The Employee Onboarding Playbook, Talya Bauer and Amin Fard


Continuity in the Face of Disruptions: Purchasing and Supply Management Research's Persistence Amidst COVID-19, Steven Carnovale and Scott Duhadway

Can the Textual Tone in REIT Financial Statements Improve the Information Environment for Commercial Real Estate Investors? an Investigation, Riette Carstens and Julia Freybote

The View of Angels from Above: Angel Governance and Institutional Environments, Veroniek Collewaert, Igor Filatotchev, and Theodore Khoury

Regulation As a Force for Hybrid Organization: Evidence from the Bonneville Power Administration (1980-2012), Amanda M. Convery and Matt Kaufman

Investor Sentiment and Prepayment Hazard: the Case of Multifamily MBS Loans, Prashant Das and Julia Freybote


When a Ban Is Not a Ban: Institutional Work and the Russian Doping Scandal, Mathew Dowling, Spencer Harris, and Marvin Washington

Let the Buyer Beware: How Network Structure Can Enable (and Prevent) Supply Chain Fraud, Scott DuHadway, Carlos Mena, and Lisa Marie Ellram

Overqualification at Work: A Review and Synthesis of the Literature, Berrin Erdogan and Talya N. Bauer

The Role of Member Proactive Personality in Mitigating Threat During Team Learning, Brady M. Firth

Buy, Sell or Hold? the Information in Institutional Real Estate Investor Consensus, Julia Freybote and Riette Carstens

New Institutional Investors in the IPO Secondary Market: Sentiment or Fundamentals?, Xudong Fu, Janet Hamilton, Qin Lian, Tian Tang, and Qiming Wang


Enhancement of the Command-Line Environment for Use in the Introductory Statistics Course and Beyond, David W. Gerbing

Innovation Configurations in Sport Clusters: the Role of Interorganizational Citizenship and Social Capital, Anna Gerke, Davide Luzzini, and Carlos Mena

A Meta-analytic Test of Multiplicative and Additive Models of Job Demands, Resources, and Stress, Erik Gonzalez-Mulé, Minji (Mia) Kim, and Ji Woon Ryu

A Chronotype Circadian Model of Charismatic Leadership Expressions and Perceptions, Cristiano L. Guarana, Christopher Barnes, Ji Woon Ryu, and Rohan Crawley

Sleep and Self-control: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, Cristiano L. Guarana, Ji Woon Ryu, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Jaewook Lee, and Christopher Barnes

The Effect of Audit Burden on Subsequent Tax Evasion, Amy M. Hageman, Ethan LaMothe, and Mary E. Marshall


Recruiting Dark Personalities for Earnings Management, Ling L. Harris, Scott B. Jackson, Joel Owens, and Nicholas Seybert

Blockchain and the Future of Business Data Analytics, Stanton Heister, Matthew Kaufman, and Kristi Yuthas