Submissions from 2019


Understanding the Consequences of Newcomer Proactive Behaviors: The Moderating Contextual Role of Servant Leadership, Talya N. Bauer, Serge Perrot, Robert C. Liden, and Berrin Erdogan


A Review and Synthesis of the Work Ability Literature, David Cadiz, Grant Brady, Jennifer R. Rineer, and Donald M. Truxillo

Daily Perceptions of Relationship Quality with Leaders: Implications for Follower Well-being, Allison M. Ellis, Talya N. Bauer, Berrin Erdogan, and Donald M. Truxillo

The Influence of Revenge and Financial Rewards on Tax Fraud Reporting Intentions, Jonathan Farrar, Cass Hausserman, and Morina Rennie

Self-monitoring Personality Trait at Work: An Integrative Narrative Review and Future Research Directions, Selin Kudret, Berrin Erdogan, and Talya N. Bauer


How Does the Primary Market Value Innovations of Newly Public Firms?, Qin Lian and Qiming Wang

An Interpersonal Perspective of Perceived Stress: Examining the Prosocial Coping Response Patterns of Stressed Managers, Julie M. McCarthy, Berrin Erdogan, and Talya N. Bauer

Endogeneity and Marketing Strategy Research: An Overview, Oliver J. Rutz and George F. Watson

Built to Last: Interactive Effects of Perceived Overqualification and Proactive Personality on New Employee Adjustment, Lauren S. Simon, Talya N. Bauer, Berrin Erdogan, and William Shepherd

Facing Disruptive Technologies: Aligning Purchasing Maturity to Contingencies, Britta Sogaard, Heather Dawn Skipworth, Michael Bourlakis, Carlos Mena, and Richard Wilding

Leaving Work at Work: A Meta-Analysis on Employee Recovery From Work, Laurens Bujold Steed, Brian W. Swider, Sejin Keem, and Joseph T. Liu

Datification and the Pursuit of Meaningfulness in Work, Mari-Klara Stein, Erica L. Wagner, Pamela Tierney, Sue Newell, and Robert D. Galliers


Planning for Multiple Shopping Goals in the Marketplace, Jacob Suher, Szu-chi Huang, and Leonard Lee

Submissions from 2018


Director Networks and Credit Ratings, Bradley W. Benson, Subramanian R. Iyer, Kristopher Kemper, and Jing Zhao


The Effect of Family Ownership on the Relation Between Executive Compensation and Performance: Evidence from Thailand, Thomas J. Connelly, Piman Limpaphayom, and Michael J. Sullivan

The Perfect Fit: The Moderating Role of Selling Cues on Hedonic and Utilitarian Product Types, Gopal Das, Amaradri Mukherjee, and Ronn J. Smith

A Relational Model of Perceived Overqualification: The Moderating Role of Interpersonal Influence on Social Acceptance, Hong Deng, Yanjun Guan, Chia-Huei Wu, Berrin Erdogan, Talya Bauer, and Xiang Yao


Organizational Communication and Individual Behavior: Implications for Supply Chain Risk Management, Scott DuHadway, Steven Carnovale, and Vijay R. Kannan


Accidents Happen: Psychological Empowerment as a Moderator of Accident Involvement and Its Outcomes, Berrin Erdogan, Adnan Ozyilmaz, Talya N. Bauer, and Onur Emre

Perceived Overqualification, Relative Deprivation, and Person Centric Outcomes: The Moderating Role of Career Centrality, Berrin Erdogan, Ines Tomas, Victor Valls, and Francisco J. Gracia

Service Operations: What’s Next?, Joy M. Field, Liana Victorino, Ryan W. Buell, Michael J. Dixon, Susan Meyer Goldstein, Larry J. Menor, Madeleine Pullman, Aleda V. Roth, and Jie J. Zhang

Leader Humility and Team Creativity: The Role of Team Information Sharing, Psychological Safety, and Power Distance, Jia Hu, Berrin Erdogan, Kaifeng Jiang, Talya N. Bauer, and Songbo Liu

Investigating the Effectiveness of Retailers' Mobile Applications in Determining Customer Satisfaction and Repatronage Intentions? A Congruency Perspective, Pramod Iyer, Arezoo Davari, and Amaradri Mukherjee


Biting the Hand that Heals: Mistreatment by Patients and the Well-being of Healthcare Workers, Aysegul Karaeminogullari, Berrin Erdogan, and Talya N. Bauer

Are Creative Individuals Bad Apples? A Dual Pathway Model of Unethical Behavior, Sejin Keem, Christina E. Shalley, and Eugene Kim


How Team-Level and Individual-Level Conflict Influences Team Commitment: A Multilevel Investigation, Sanghyun Lee, Seungwoo Kwon, Shung Jae Shin, MinSoo Kim, and In-Jo Park


A Refined Framework of Information Sharing in Perishable Product Supply Chains, Luluk Lusiantoro, Nicky Yates, Carlos Mena, and Liz Varga


Do Pro‐Diversity Policies Improve Corporate Innovation?, Roger C. Mayer, Richard S. Warr, and Jing Zhao


Improving the Candidate Experience: Tips for Developing 'Wise' Organizational Hiring Interventions, Julie M. McCarthy, Talya N. Bauer, Donald M. Truxillo, Michael C. Campion, Chad Van Iddekinge, and Michael A. Campion


Key Supplier Involvement in IT-enabled Operations: When Does it Lead to Improved Performance?, Fred Miao, Guangping Wang, and Pornsit Jiraporn

The Smartness Paradox: The Moderating Effect of Brand Quality Reputation on Consumers' Reactions to RFID-based Smart Fitting Rooms, Amaradri Mukherjee, Ronn J. Smith, and Anna M. Turri


Trust in Organization as a Moderator of the Relationship between Self-efficacy and Workplace Outcomes: A Social Cognitive Theory-Based Examination, Adnan Ozyilmaz, Berrin Erdogan, and Aysegul Karaeminogullari


Emerging Discourse Incubator: The Roles of Institutional Complexity and Hybridity in Social Impact Supply Chain Management, Madeleine E. Pullman, Annachiara Longoni, and Davide Luzzini

The Relationship of Advocacy and Mentorship with Female Accountants' Career Success, Louise Single, Stephen Donald, and Elizabeth Almer

The Impact of Big Data Analytics on the Dynamics of Social Change, Fang-Mei Tseng and Robert R. Harmon

Service Operations: What Have We Learned?, Liana Victorino, Joy M. Field, Ryan W. Buell, Michael J. Dixon, Susan Meyer Goldstein, Larry J. Menor, Madeleine Pullman, Aleda V. Roth, Enrico Secchi, and Jie J. Zhang


From Public Ideology to Socio-material Reproduction of Agile Principles: The Case of Pivotal Labs, Erica L. Wagner, Sue Newell, Neil Ramiller, and Jeanne Enders

Understanding Motivations and Acceptance of Location-Based Services, Sungsik Yoon, Jungsun Kim, and Daniel J. Connolly

Submissions from 2017


The Dynamics of Open Strategy: From Adoption to Reversion, Melissa M. Appleyard and Henry W. Chesbrough


Factors Influencing Recruitment of Non-Accounting Business Professionals Into Internal Auditing, Geoffrey D. Bartlett, Joleen Kremin, K. Kelli Saunders, and David A. Wood

Shining Light on Atmospherics: How Ambient Light Influences Food Choices, Dipayan Biswas, Courtney Szocs, Roger Chacko, and Brian Wansink

Network Connectedness in Vertical and Horizontal Manufacturing Joint Venture Formations: A Power Perspective, Steve Carnovale, Sengun Yeniyurt, and Dale S. Rogers

A Review of the Literature on Commodity Risk Management, David A. Carter, Daniel A. Rogers, Betty J. Simkins, and Stephen D. Treanor

Battle on the Wrong Field? Entrant Type, Dominant Designs, and Technology Exit, Tianxu Chen, Lihong Qian, and Vadake Narayanan

Does Rivals' Innovation Matter? A Competitive Dynamics Perspective on Firms' Product Strategy, Tianxu Chen, Mark A. Tribbitt, Yi Yang, and Xiaomei Li

A Tale of Two Cities: Economic Development, Corporate Governance and Firm Value in Vietnam, Thomas J. Connelly, Piman Limpaphayom, Hien T. Nguyen, and Thanh D. Tran

Saving the Commons: A Behavioral Simulation for Experiencing the Role of Collaboration and Trust in Devising Workable Solutions to Environmental and Other Social Issues, Thomas J. Dean and Desiree Pacheco

Cognitive Computing, Haluk Demirkan, Seth Earley, and Robert R. Harmon

Cattle, Land, People, and Accountability Systems: The Makings of a Values-Based Organisation, Jesse Dillard and Madeleine Pullman

Understanding Risk Management for Intentional Supply Chain Disruptions: Risk Detection, Risk Mitigation, and Risk Recovery, Scott DuHadway, Steven Carnovale, and Benjamin Hazen


A Simulation for Managing Complexity in Sales and Operations Planning Decisions, Scott DuHadway and David Dreyfus

Uncovering Barriers to Financial Capability: Underrepresented Students' Access to Financial Resources, Brenda Eichelberger, Heather Mattioli, and Rachel Foxhoven

Newcomer Adjustment: Examining the Role of Managers' Perception of Newcomer Proactive Behavior During Organizational Socialization, Allison M. Ellis, Sushil S. Nifadkar, Talya N. Bauer, and Berrin Erdogan

Cash Flow Training and Improved Microfinance Outcomes, Marc J. Epstein and Kristi Yuthas

Corporate Real Estate, Stock Market Valuation and the Reputational Effects of Eco-certification, Julia Freybote and Lihong Qian


SeQuential: Sustainability and Growth in the Biofuels Business, Dave Garten, Jacen Greene, Carolyn Niehaus, and Devdeep Aikath

Why Do SMEs Go Green? An Analysis of Wine Firms in South Africa, Ralph Hamann, James Smith, Peter Tashman, and R. Scott Marshall

Experiential Learning, Bargaining Power, and Exclusivity in Technology Licensing, Theodore A. Khoury, Erin G. Pleggenkuhle-Miles, and Jorge Walter

Tablets and Tablet Apps: What Do Hotel Customers Want?, Jungsun Kim, Cynthia Mejia, and Daniel J. Connolly

Escaping the Iron Cage: Liabilities of Origin and CSR Reporting of Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises, Valentina Marano, Peter Tashman, and Tatiana Kostova


Effects of Top-Performer Rewards on Fellow Salespeople: A Double-Edged Sword, C. Fred Miao, Kenneth R. Evans, and Pochien Li


Effects of Work-family Interface Conflicts on Salesperson Behaviors: A Double-edged Sword, C. Fred Miao and Guangping Wang

Institutional Sustainable Purchasing Priorities: Stakeholder Perceptions vs Environmental Reality, Madeleine Pullman and Robin Wikoff

Competition and Innovation: The Tango of the Market and Technology in the Competitive Landscape, Lihong Qian and I. Kim Wang


Toward a Three-dimensional Framework for Omni-channel, Soroosh Saghiri, Richard Wilding, Carlos Mena, and Michael Bourlakis

When Perceived Innovation Job Requirement Increases Employee Innovative Behavior: A Sensemaking Perspective, Shung Jae Shin, Feirong Yuan, and Jesse H. Jones

Spread or Stacked? Vertical Versus Horizontal Food Presentation, Portion Size Perceptions, and Consumption, Courtney Szocs and Sarah Lefebvre

From Technology Race to Technology Marathon: A Behavioral Explanation of Technology Advancement, Kim Wang, Lihong Qian, and Mark Lehrer

Organization Structure And Corporate Demand For Reinsurance: The Case Of The Japanese Keiretsu, Noriyoshi Yanase and Piman Limpaphayom

Global Supply Network Embeddedness and Power: An Analysis of International Joint Venture Formations, Sengun Yeniyurt and Steven Carnovale

Submissions from 2016

Tenure-Track Opt-Outs: Leakages from the Academic Pipeline, Elizabeth Dreike Almer, Amelia A. Baldwin, Allison Jones-Farmer, Margaret Lightbody, and Louise E. Single

Stock Ownership Guidelines for CEOs: Do They (Not) Meet Expectations?, Bradley W. Benson, Qin Lian, and Qiming Wang


Characterizing Agile Supply Partnerships in the Fashion Industry, Corrado Cerruti, Carlos Mena, Heather Skipworth, and Ernesto Tavoletti

Making Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Education More Accessible and Relevant, Cindy Cooper and Jacen Greene


An Exploratory Investigation of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations in Tax Amnesty Decision-Making, Jonathan Farrar and Cass Hausserman


The Influence of Guilt Cognitions on Taxpayers’ Voluntary Disclosures, Jonathan Farrar, Cass Hausserman, and Paul Dunn


Understanding the Contribution of Curb Appeal to Retail Real Estate Values, Julia Freybote, Lauren Simon, and Lauren Beitelspacher


Does Local Religiosity Affect Organizational Risk-taking? Evidence from the Hedge Fund Industry, Lei Gao, Ying Wang, and Jing Zhao


Friends of the Children: Strategies for Scaling Impact, Jacen Greene, Nicki Yechin Lee, and Eric Nelsen


Antecedents and Consequences of Procedural Fairness Perceptions in Personnel Selection: A Three-Year Longitudinal Study, Udo Konradt, Yvonne Garbers, Martina Böge, Berrin Erdogan, and Talya N. Bauer

Patterns of Change in Fairness Perceptions During the Hiring Process, Udo Konradt, Yvonne Garbers, Berrin Erdogan, and Talya N. Bauer

Online Reviewer Engagement: A Typology Based on Reviewer Motivations, Charla Mathwick and Jill Mosteller

The Differential Effects of Functional Vis-à-Vis Relational Customer Orientation on Salesperson Creativity, Fred C. Miao and Guangping Wang

Tasting in 2D: Implications of Food Shape, Visual Cues, and Oral Haptic Sensory Inputs, Courtney Szocs and Dipayan Biswas


Cheers to Haptic Sensations and Alcohol Consumption: How Glassware Weight Impacts Perceived Intoxication and Positive Emotions, Courtney Szocs, Dipayan Biswas, and Adilson Borges

The Blender Effect: Physical State of Food Influences Healthiness Perceptions and Consumption Decisions, Courtney Szocs and Sarah Lefebvre


Production Planning Using Evolving Demand Forecasts in the Automotive Industry, Hakan Yildiz, Scott DuHadway, Ram Narasimhan, and Sriram Narayanan


Converging Winds: Logic Hybridization in the Colorado Wind Energy Field, Jeffrey G. York, Timothy J. Hargrave, and Desirée F. Pacheco

Submissions from 2015

Smart Systems, Robert R. Harmon, Fulvio Corno, and Enrique G. Castro-Leon


Collaboration for Sustainability Framework, Denyse Julien, Carlos Mena, and Vahid Mirzabeiki


Hopworks Urban Brewery: A Case of Sustainable Beer, Madeleine E. Pullman, Jacen Greene, Devin Liebmann, Nga Ho, and Xan Pedisich


Exploring Strategic Strengths and Weaknesses of Retail Purchasing Groups, Erik Sandberg and Carlos Mena


Coping with Information Technology: Mixed Emotions, Vacillation, and Nonconforming Use Patterns, Mari-Klara Stein, Sue Newell, Erica L. Wagner, and Robert D. Galliers


Supply Chain Integration Configurations: Process Structure and Product Newness, Christos Tsinopoulos and Carlos Mena


Food-based Activities versus Material Possessions: Alternatives to Consumption, Robin René Wikoff and Madeleine E. Pullman

Submissions from 2014


Sentiment-Induced Institutional Trading Behavior and Asset Pricing in Securitized Real Estate Markets, Prashant K. Das, Julia Freybote, and Gianluca Marcato


Clean Water Grow: Go or No Go?, Simon Ngawhika and Scott Marshall


Redefining Quality in Developing World Education, Kristi Jane Yuthas and Marc J. Epstein

Submissions from 2013


Director Ownership, Governance, and Performance, Sanjai Bhagat and Brian Bolton


Beyond the Technology Revolution: Putting Practice into Context, Jesse F. Dillard and Kristi Jane Yuthas