Submissions from 2021


Rotten Green Tests in Java, Pharo and Python, Vincent Aranega, Julien Delplanque, Matias Martinez, Andrew P. Black, Stéphane Ducasse, Anne Etien, Christopher Fuhrman, and Guillermo Polito


Towards Formally Verified Compilation of Tag-Based Policy Enforcement, CHR Chhak, Andrew Tolmach, and Sean Anderson

What Makes Agile Software Development Agile, Marco Kuhrmann, Paolo Tell, Regina Hebig, Jil Ann-Christin Klunder, Jurgen Munch, Oliver Linssen, Dietmar Pfahl, Michael Felderer, Christian Prause, Steve Macdonell, Joyce Nakatumba-Nabende, David Raffo, Sarah Beecham, Eray Tuzun, Gustavo Lopez, Nicolas Paez, Diego Fontdevila, Sherlock Licorish, Steffen Kupper, Guenther Ruhe, Eric Knauss, Ozden Ozcan-Top, Paul Clarke, Fergal Hugh Mc Caffery, Marcela Genero, Aurora Vizcaino, Mario Piattini, Marcos Kalinowski, Tayana Conte, Rafael Prikladnicki, Stephan Krusche, Ahmet Coskuncay, and Ezequiel Scott

A Community Platform for Research on Pricing and Distributed Machine Learning, Xuanzhe Li, Samuel Gomena, Logan Ballard, Juntao Li, Ehsan Aryafar, and Carlee Joe-Wong


Predicting Human–pathogen Protein–protein Interactions Using Natural Language Processing Methods, Nikhil Mathews, Tuan Tran, Banafsheh Rekabdar, and Chinwe Ekenna

Many-Antenna Full-Duplex with Fully Digital and Hybrid Beamforming Radios, Gavin Megson and Ehsan Aryafar

Extracting Physical Events from Digital Chatter for Covid-19, Vikram Nagapudi, Ameeta Agrawal, and Nirupama Bulusu


Learned Dual-View Reflection Removal, Simon Niklaus, Xuaner Cecilia Zhang, Jonathan T. Barron, Neal Wadhwa, Rahul Garg, Feng Liu, and Tianfan Xue


On the (Im)Practicality of Adversarial Perturbation for Image Privacy, Arezoo Rajabi, Rakesh B. Bobba, Mike Rosulek, Charles Wright, and Wu-chi Feng

Effect of Standing Wave on Terahertz Channel Model, Ha K. Tran, Thanh Le, and Suresh Singh

Submissions from 2020

Automated Bug Detection and Replay for COTS Linux Kernel Modules with Concolic Execution, Bo Chen, Zhenkun Yang, Li Lei, Kai Cong, and Fei Xie


On Basing One-Way Permutations on NP-Hard Problems under Quantum Reductions, Nai-Hui Chia, Sean Hallgren, and Fang Song

Towards Agile Integration: Specification-Based Data Alignment, Chris Giossi, David Maier, Kristin Tufte, Elliot Gall, and Melissa Barnes


Computer Science for Equity: Teacher Education, Agency, and Statewide Reform, Joanna Goode, Max Skorodinsky, Jill Hubbard, and James Hook

Spectrecheck: an Approach to Detecting Speculative Execution Side Channels in Data Cache, Haifeng Gu, Mingsong Chen, Yanzhao Wang, and Fei Xie

Specification-Driven Conformance Checking for Virtual/silicon Devices Using Mutation Testing, Haifeng Gu, Jianning Zhang, Mingsong Chen, Tongquan Wei, Li Lei, and Fei Xie

Leveraging Image Processing Techniques to Thwart Adversarial Attacks in Image Classification, Yeganeh Jalalpour, Li-Yun Wang, Ryan Feng, and Wu-chi Feng

FID: Frame Interpolation and Dct-Base d Video Compression, Yeganeh Jalalpour, Li-Yun Wang, Wu-Chi Feng, and Feng Liu

Microstructure and Mechanical Reliability Issues of TSV, Praveen Kumar, Tae-Kyu Lee, Indranath Dutta, Zhiheng Huang, and Paul Conway

Deep Homography Estimation for Dynamic Scenes, Hoang Le, Feng Liu, Shu Zhang, and Aseem Agarwala

Selective Concolic Testing for Hardware Trojan Detection in Behavioral SystemC Designs, Bin Lin, Jinchao Chen, and Fei Xie

A Systematic Investigation of State-Of-The-Art Systemc Verification, Bin Lin and Fei Xie

Softmax Splatting for Video Frame Interpolation, Simon Niklaus and Feng Liu


Selectivity and Robustness of Sparse Coding Networks, Dylan M. Paiton, Charles Frye, Sheng Y. Lundquist, Joel D. Bowen, Ryan Zarcone, and Bruno A. Olshausen

Providing 5G Coverage Using Optical Methods for Terahertz Frequencies, Suresh Singh

Measurement of 2x2 Los Terahertz MIMO Channel, Suresh Singh, Thanh N. Le, and Ha Tran

Fair Initial Access Design for Mmwave Wireless, Suresh Srinivasan, Xi Yu, Alireza Keshavarz-Haddad, and Ehsan Aryafar

Towards the Statistical Construction of Hybrid Development Methods, Paolo Tell, Jil Kluender, Steffen Kuepper, David Raffo, Stephen MacDonell, Juergen Muench, Dietmar Pfahl, Oliver Linssen, and Marco Kuhrmann

Geometric calibration based on B-spline with multi-parameter and color correction based on transition template and decay function, Xue Ya-ting, Yao-jie Chen, and Min Jiang

Submissions from 2019


A New Product Anti-Counterfeiting Blockchain Using a Truly Decentralized Dynamic Consensus Protocol, Naif Alzahrani and Nirupama Bulusu

Proportional Fair RAT Aggregation in Hetnets, Ehsan Aryafar, Alireza Keshavarz-Haddad, and Carlee Joe-Wong

Detection and Identification of External Intrusion Signals from 33 km Optical Fiber Sensing System Based on Deep Learning, Yu Bai, Jichuan Xing, Fei Xie, Sujie Liu, and Jinxin Li

A Hierarchical Approach to Self-Timed Circuit Verification, Cuong Chau, Warren A. Hunt, Matt Kaufmann, Marly Roncken, and Ivan E. Sutherland

End-to-End Concolic Testing for Hardware/Software Co-Validation, Bo Chen, Kai Cong, Zhenkun Yang, Qin Wang, Jialu Wang, Li Lei, and Fei Xie

EPA-RIMM : an Efficient, Performance-Aware Runtime Integrity Measurement Mechanism for Modern Server Platforms, Brian G. Delgado, Tejaswini Vibhute, John Fastabend, and Karen L. Karavanic

Rotten Green Tests, Julien Delplanque, Stéphane Ducasse, Guillermo Polito, Andrew P. Black, and Anne Etien

Mutual Exclusion Sizing for Hoi Polloi, Swetha Mettala Gilla, Maria Roncken, Ivan Sutherland, and Xiaoyu Song

Context-Aware Image Matting for Simultaneous Foreground and Alpha Estimation, Qiqi Hou and Feng Liu

Appearance Flow Completion for Novel View Synthesis, Hoang Le and Feng Liu


Good Similar Patches for Image Denoising, Si Lu


Good Similar Patches for Image Denoising (Poster), Si Lu


High-speed Video from Asynchronous Camera Array, Si Lu


High-speed Video from Asynchronous Camera Array (Poster), Si Lu


No-reference Image Denoising Quality Assessment, Si Lu


Artificial Intelligence Hits the Barrier of Meaning, Melanie Mitchell

CommuterScanner: Towards Smart Indoor Positioning Systems in Urban Transportation, Abhishek Mukherji, Vinay Raghuram, Santosh Pandey, Huy Tran, and Nirupama Bulusu


An Uncultivated Virus Infecting a Symbiotic Nanoarchaeota in the Hot Springs of Yellowstone National Park, Jacob H. Munson-McGee, Colleen Rooney, and Mark J. Young


Context-Aware Synthesis for Video Frame Interpolation, Simon Niklaus and Feng Liu

3D Ken Burns Effect from a Single Image, Simon Niklaus, Long Mai, Jimei Yang, and Feng Liu


Event Trend Aggregation Under Rich Event Matching Semantics, Olga Poppe, Chuan Lei, Elke A. Rundensteiner, and David Maier

The Strength of Weak Randomization: Easily Deployable, Efficiently Searchable Encryption with Minimal Leakage, David Pouliot, Scott Griffy, and Charles V. Wright

Innovative Process Paradigms and Data Driven Analytics: A New Horizon for Software and Systems Process, David Raffo, Reda Bendraou, LiGuo Huang, and Fabrizio M. Maggi

Challenges in Los Terahertz MIMO, Suresh Singh, Ha K. Tran, and Thanh N. Le


Joint Stabilization and Direction of 360° Videos, Chengzhou Tang, Oliver Wang, Feng Liu, and Ping Tan

What Are Hybrid Development Methods Made Of? an Evidence-Based Characterization, Paolo Tell, Jil Klünder, Steffen Küpper, David Raffo, Stephen G. MacDonell, Jürgen Münch, Dietmar Pfahl, Oliver Linssen, and Marco Kuhrmann

Improving Infrastructure-Based Indoor Positioning Systems with Device Motion Detection, Huy Tran, Abhishek Mukherji, Nirupama Bulusu, Santosh Pandey, and Xu Zhang

Comparative Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms Based on Swarm Intelligence for QoS Optimization of Cloud Services, Yan Wang, Jian-Tao Zhou, Yan Jiao, and Song Xiaoyu

An Edge Computing Marketplace for Distributed Machine Learning, Susham Yerabolu, Samuel Gomena, Ehsan Aryafar, and Carlee Joe-Wong

Deepmarket: an Edge Computing Marketplace with Distributed Tensorflow Execution Capability, Susham Yerabolu, Soyoung Kim, Samuel J. Gomena, Xuanzhe Li, Rohan Patel, Shraddha Bhise, and Ehsan Aryafar

Traffic Consolidation for Green Optical Dcns, Qing Yi and Suresh P. Singh

Submissions from 2018

Block-Supply Chain: A New Anti-Counterfeiting Supply Chain Using NFC and Blockchain, Naif Alzahrani and Nirupama Bulusu

Equivalence Checking of Non-deterministic Operations, Sergio Antoy and Michael Hanus


A New Functional-Logic Compiler for Curry: SPRITE, Sergio Antoy and Andy Jost

Scheduling Non-preemptive Tasks with Strict Periods in Multi-core Real-time Systems, Jinchao Chen, Chenglie Du, Fei Xie, and Bin Lin


SAMU: Design and Implementation of Frequency Selectivity-Aware Multi-User MIMO for WLANs, Yongjiu Du, Yan Shi, Ehsan Aryafar, Pengfei Cui, Joseph Camp, and Mung Chiang


When Good Components Go Bad: Formally Secure Compilation Despite Dynamic Compromise, Guglielmo Fachini, Cătălin Hriţcu, Marco Stronati, Arthur Azevedo de Amorim, Carmine Abate, Roberto Blanco, Théo Laurent, Benjamin C. Pierce, and Andrew Tolmach

Specification-Driven Automated Conformance Checking for Virtual Prototype and Post-Silicon Designs, Haifeng Gu, Mingsong Chen, Tongquan Wei, Li Lei, and Fei Xie


A Cyber-Physical System Framework for Early Detection of Paroxysmal Diseases, Zuxing Gu, Yu Jiang, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, and Lui Sha

Concolic Testing of SystemC Designs, Bin Lin, Kai Cong, Zhenkun Yang, Zhigang Liao, Tao Zhan, Christopher Havlicek, and Fei Xie

SCBench: A Benchmark Design Suite for SystemC Verification and Validation, Bin Lin and Fei Xie

Semantic Image Retrieval via Active Grounding of Visual Situations, Max H. Quinn, Erik Conser, Jordan M. Witte, and Melanie Mitchell

Joint Stabilization and Direction of 360 Degrees Videos, Chengzhou Tang, Oliver Wang, Feng Liu, and Ping Tan


Challenges and Opportunities in Transportation Data, Kristin A. Tufte, Kushal Datta, Alekh Jindal, David Maier, and Robert L. Bertini

Submissions from 2017

Blazes: Coordination Analysis and Placement for Distributed Programs, Peter Alvaro, Neil Conway, Joseph M. Hellerstein, and David Maier


Proving Non-Deterministic Computations in Agda, Sergio Antoy, Michael Hanus, and Steven Libby


Max-Min Fair Resource Allocation in HetNets: Distributed Algorithms and Hybrid Architecture, Ehsan Aryafar, Alireza Keshavarz-Haddad, Carlee Joe-Wong, and Mung Chiang


CyberPDX: A Camp for Broadening Participation in Cybersecurity, Wu-Chang Feng, Robert Liebman, Lois Delcambre, Michael Mooradian Lupro, Tim Sheard, Scott Britell, and Gerald W. Recktenwald


On the Temporal Effects of Mobile Blockers in Urban Millimeter-Wave Cellular Scenarios, Margarita Gapeyenko, Mikhail Gerasimenko, Andrey Samuylov, Dmitri Moltchanov, Sarabjot Singh, Mustafa Riza Akdeniz, Ehsan Aryafar, Nageen Himayat, Sergey Andreev, and Yevgeni Koucheryavy


Spatial-Semantic Image Search by Visual Feature Synthesis, Mai Long, Hailin Jin, Chen Fang, and Feng Liu


Sparse Coding on Stereo Video for Object Detection, Sheng Y. Lundquist, Melanie Mitchell, and Garrett T. Kenyon


Video Frame Interpolation via Adaptive Convolution, Simon Niklaus, Long Mai, and Feng Liu


Video Frame Interpolation via Adaptive Separable Convolution, Simon Niklaus, Long Mai, and Feng Liu


Grace's Inheritance, James Noble, Andrew P. Black, Kim B. Bruce, Michael Homer, and Timothy Jones


Fast On-Line Kernel Density Estimation for Active Object Localization, Anthony D. Rhodes, Max H. Quinn, and Melanie Mitchell


Bayesian Optimization for Refining Object Proposals, Anthony D. Rhodes, Jordan Witte, Melanie Mitchell, and Bruno Jedynak

Online Map Matching for Passive Indoor Positioning Systems, Huy Tran, Santosh Pandey, and Nirupama Bulusu

Submissions from 2016

Executable Relational Specifications of Polymorphic Type Systems Using Prolog, Ki Yung Ahn and Andrea Vezzosi

Default Rules for Curry, Sergio Antoy and Michael Hanus


A Verified Information-Flow architecture, Arthur Azevedo de Amorim, Nathan Collins, André DeHOn, Delphine Demange, Cătălin Hriţcu, David Pichardie, Benjamin C. Pierce, Randy Pollack, and Andrew Tolmach

Schedulability Analysis of Non-Preemptive Strictly Periodic Tasks in Multi-Core Real-Time Systems, Jinchao Chen, Chenglie Du, Fei Xie, and Zhenkun Yang


Incorporating Priors for Medical Image Segmentation Using a Genetic Algorithm, Payel Ghosh, Melanie Mitchell, James A. Tanyi, and Arthur Y. Hung

Generating High Coverage Tests for SystemC Designs Using Symbolic Execution, Bin Lin, Zhenkun Yang, Kai Cong, and Fei Xie


Sparse Encoding of Binocular Images for Depth Inference, Sheng Y. Lundquist, Dylan M. Paiton, Peter F. Schultz, and Garrett T. Kenyon

Rate Adaptation for Terahertz Communications, Farnoosh Moshirfatemi and Suresh Singh


Active Object Localization in Visual Situations, Max H. Quinn, Anthony Rhodes, and Melanie Mitchell


Fast and Adaptive Indexing of Multi-Dimensional Observational Data, Sheng Wang, David Maier, and Beng Chin Ooi

Submissions from 2015

Towards Automated Prediction of Relationships Among Scientific Datasets, Abdussalam Alawini, David Maier, Kristin A. Tufte, Bill Howe, and Rashmi Nandikur


Default Rules in Functional Logic Programs, Sergio Antoy and Michael Hanus


From Boolean Equalities to Constraints, Sergio Antoy and Michael Hanus


Needed Computations Shortcutting Needed Steps, Sergio Antoy, Jacob Johannsen, and Steven Libby