Submissions from 2018

Fielding's Wild: Sovereign Spectacle and the Beastly Sublime, Bill Knight


Notes From Underground: Fugitive Ecology and the Ethics of Place, Sarah L. Lincoln

Writing Down the Machine: Enacting Latourian Ethnography to Trace How a Supercomputer Circulates the Halls of Washington, DC as a Report, Sarah Read


Hidden in Plain Sight: Findings from a Survey on the Multi-Major Professional Writing Course, Sarah Read and Michael J. Michaud


Who Teaches Technical and Professional Communication Service Courses?: Survey Results and Case Studies from a National Study of Instructors from All Carnegie Institutional Types, Sarah Read and Michael J. Michaud

Submissions from 2017

Operational Metrics Reporting Processes at Scientific User Facilities: Comparing a High-Energy X-ray Synchrotron Facility to a Supercomputing Facility, Sarah Read and Michael E. Papka

Submissions from 2016

Mapping Print, Connecting Cultures, Simon Burrows, Jason Ensor, Per Henningsgaard, and Vincent Hiribarren

The Subject Effaced: Identity and Race in Django Unchained, Jarrod Dunham

Review of David Deutsch. British Literature and Classical Music: Cultural Contexts, 1870–1945, Josh Epstein


Changes in Tone, Setting, and Publisher: Indigenous Literatures of Australia and New Zealand from the 1980s to Today, Per Henningsgaard


Emerging from the Rubble of Postcolonial Studies: Book History and Australian Literary Studies, Per Henningsgaard

Drawn from the Classics: Graphic Adaptations of Literary Works, Susan Kirtley

The Net Work Genre Function, Sarah Read

Improving Models of Document Cycling: Accounting for the Less Visible Writing Activities of an Annual Reporting Process at a supercomputing facility, Sarah Read and Michael E. Papka

Submissions from 2015

Making a Thing of Quality Child Care: Latourian Rhetoric Doing Things, Sarah Read


Writing about Writing and the Multimajor Professional Writing Course, Sarah Read and Michael J. Michaud

Visualizing and Tracing: Research Methodologies for the Study of Networked, Sociotechnical Activity, Otherwise Known as Knowledge Work, Sarah Read and Jason Swarts

Submissions from 2014


Teaching Australian Literature in a Class about Literatures of Social Reform, Per Henningsgaard


The Editing and Publishing of Tim Winton in the United States, Per Henningsgaard


A Pedagogical Tool for Studying the History of the Book: Thirty-Fiive Years of Bibliographical Presses in Australia and New Zealand, Per Henningsgaard, Kristen Colgin, and Clyde Veleker

Submissions from 2013


Australian Journalist Rocks New York: Lillian Roxon’s Rock Encyclopedia, Per Henningsgaard


Our Cup Runneth Over: Life-Stories from Fremantle Go National, Per Henningsgaard

Submissions from 2011


The Negotiation of Writer Identity in Engineering Faculty - Writing Consultant Collaborations, Sarah Read

Submissions from 2009


Book Publishing in Western Australia: A World Elsewhere, Per Henningsgaard

Submissions from 2008


The Teaching of 'Book History' in English and Cultural Studies Units, Per Henningsgaard

Submissions from 2007


Regional Literature and ‘The Liminal’: Exploring the Spaces In-Between National and International Literatures, Per Henningsgaard


The Decline of Regionalism in Australian Literature and Culture, Per Henningsgaard