Submissions from 2023

Quantum Algorithm for Exact Minimal Esop Minimization of Incompletely Specified Boolean Functions and Reversible Synthesis, Hrithik Ketineni and Marek Perkowski


When less is more: How increasing the complexity of machine learning strategies for geothermal energy assessments may not lead toward better estimates, Stanley P. Mordensky, John Lipor, Jacob DeAngelo, Erick R. Burns, and Cary R. Lindsey

DAG Block: Trust Aware Load Balanced Routing and Lightweight Authentication Encryption in WSN, M. Revanesh, John M. Acken, and V. Sridhar

Experimentally Testing a Halbach Rotor Coaxial Magnetic Gear with 279 Nm/l Torque Density, Ho Yin Wong, Hossein Baninajar, Bertrand W. Dechant, Parker Southwick, and Jonathan Z. Bird

Circuit Optimization of Grover Quantum Search Algorithm, Xi Wu, Qingyi Li, Zhiqiang Li, Donghan Yang, Hui Yang, Wenjie Pan, Marek Perkowski, and Xiaoyu Song

Submissions from 2022


A Field Test of Direct Load Control of Water Heaters and its Implications for Consumers, Midrar Adham, Manasseh Obi, and Robert B. Bass


Quantum Algorithm for Variant Maximum Satisfiability, Abdirahman Alasow, Peter Jin, and Marek Perkowski


Privacy-Preserving Information Security for the Energy Grid of Things, Mohammed Alsaid, Nirupama Bulusu, Abdullah Bargouti, N. Sonali Fernando, John M. Acken, Tylor E. Slay, and Robert B. Bass


Poster: K-anonymity Applied to the Energy Grid of Things Distributed Energy Resource Management System, Mohammed Alsaid, Tylor Slay, Nirupama Bulusu, and Robert B. Bass


Fall Prediction Based on Instrumented Measures of Gait and Turning in Daily Life in People with Multiple Sclerosis, Ishu Arpan, Vrutangkumar Shah, James McNames, Graham Harker, Patricia Carlson-Kuhta, Rebecca I. Spain, Mahmoud El-Gohary, Martina Mancini, and Fay Horak


A Dual-Stack Coaxial Magnetic Gear for a Wave Energy Conversion Generator, Hossein Baninajar, Sina Modaresahmadi, Ho Yin Wong, Jonathan Z. Bird, Wesley B. Williams, Bertrand DeChant, and Parker Southwick


Designing a Halbach Rotor Magnetic Gear for a Marine Hydrokinetic Generator, Hossein Baninajar, Sina Modaresahmadi, H. Y. Wong, Jonathan Bird, W. Williams, and B. Dechant


Experimental Evaluation of a 63.3:1 Dual-Stage Coaxial Magnetic Gear, Hossein Baninajar, Sina Modaresahmadi, H. Y. Wong, Jonathan Bird, W. Williams, and B. Dechant

An Electrodynamic Wheel Maglev Vehicle with a Passive U-Guideway, Colton W. Bruce, Jonathan Z. Bird, Matthew K. Grubbs, Zhongkai Zheng, David Drake, Anh Doane, Yew Tin Lee, and Jon Seeboth

Ham Radio Social, Richard Campbell

Analog VHF IQ Receiver with Low IF, Richard Campbell and Katlin Dahn

VHF-UHF EMI Source Tracking Experiments, Richard Campbell, Nicole Fellows, Kelly Dickens, and Ana Rugani

A Multi-Stack Variable Stiffness Magnetic Torsion Spring for a Wave Energy Converter, Dawei Che, Bertrand DeChant, Alex Hagmüller, and Jonathan Bird


A New Classification Network for Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease in class-imbalance MRI datasets, Ziyang Chen, Zhuowei Wang, Meng Zhao, Qin Zhao, Xuehu Liang, Jiajian Li, and Xiaoyu Song


Selected Topics of the Past Thirty Years in Ocean Acoustics, Michael D. Collins, Altan Turgut, Michael J. Buckingham, Peter Gerstoft, and Martin Siderius


Real-Time Joint Ocean Acoustics and Circulation Modeling in the 2021 New England Shelf Break Acoustics Experiment (L), Brendan J. DeCourcy, Ying-Tsong Lin, Weifeng Gordon Zhang, Emma Reeves Ozanich, Natalie Kukshtel, Martin Siderius, Glen Gawarkiewicz, and Jacob Forsyth


Poster: Indoor Navigation for Visually Impaired People with Vertex Colored Graphs, Pei Du and Nirupama Bulusu


Frequency Event Detection and Mitigation in Power Systems: A Systematic Literature Review, Umar Farooq and Robert B. Bass

Evolving Neural Networks for a Generalized Divide the Dollar Game, Garrison W. Greenwood and Daniel Ashlock


A Synergic Quantum Particle Swarm Optimisation for Constrained Combinatorial test generation, Xu Guo, Xiaoyu Song, and Jian-tao Zhou

An Examination of Power Converter Architectures for Utility-Scale Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Systems: the Features of Several Power Conversion Architectures, Mahima Gupta


Ternary Logic Design in Topological Quantum Computing, Muhammad Ilyas, Shawn Cui, and Marek Perkowski

Fault Coverage Analysis Using Sneak Path Based Testing in Memristor Circuits, Rasika Joshi and John M. Acken


A Means for Tuning Primary Frequency Event Detection Algorithms, Sean Keene, Landon Hanks, and Robert B. Bass


Feasibility of Tracking Human Kinematics with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Sepehr Laal, Paul Vasilyev, Sean Pearson, Mateo Aboy, and James McNames

Alzheimer's Disease Classification Using Distilled Multi-Residual Network, Xuehu Liang, Zhuowei Wang, Ziyang Chen, and Xiaoyu Song

Example Hardware Features That Support Information Security, Chenyang Li and John M. Acken

Rs3dplace: Monolithic 3D IC Placement Using Reinforcement Learning and Simulated Annealing, Abdullah Mansoor and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Continuous Monitoring of Essential Tremor: Standards and Challenges, Patrick McGurrin, James N. McNames, Dietrich Haubenberger, and Mark Hallett

Pole and Segment Combination in Concentric Magnetic Gears: Vibrations and Acoustic Signature, Simon Staal Nielsen, Ho Yin Wong, Hossein Baninajar, Jonathan Z. Bird, and Peter O. Rasmussen

EBG Placement Optimization in a Via-Fed Stacked Patch Antenna for Full-Duplex Wireless, Adewale K. Oladeinde, Sam Shippey, Ehsan Aryafar, and Branimir Pejcinovic

Guest Editorial: Special Section on Parallel and Distributed Computing Techniques for Non-Von Neumann Technologies, Scott Pakin, Christof Teuscher, and Catherine Schuman

Use of Social Reading in Engineering Education, Branimir Pejčinović

Inverse Problems, Constraint Satisfaction, Reversible Logic, Invertible Logic and Grover Quantum Oracles for Practical Problems, Marek A. Perkowski


Modeling Environment for Testing a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) Using GridAPPS-D Platform, Shiva Poudel, Sean Keene, Roshan Kini, Sarmad Hanif, Robert B. Bass, and Jaime Kolln


An Elastic Recommender Process for Cloud service recommendation scalability, Rui-dong Qi, Jian-tao Zhou, Zhuowei Wang, and Xiaoyu Song

A Half-Bridge Modular Multilevel Converter Topology with DC Fault Tolerance Capability, Araz Saleki, Bahram Jahanbakhshi Pordanjani, Saman Rezazade, Mahima Gupta, and Mohammad Tavakoli Bina

A Novel Protective Scheme to Improve Half-Bridge MMC Operation Against DC Fault Condition, Araz Saleki, Saman Rezazade, Bahram Jahanbakhshi Pordanjani, Mahima Gupta, and Mohammad Tavakoli Bina


Inertial Sensor Algorithm to Estimate Walk Distance, Vrutangkumar Shah, Carolin Curtze, Kristen Sowalsky, Ishu Arpan, Martina Mancini, James McNames, Mahmoud El-Gohary, Fay Horak, and Patricia Carlson-Kuhta

Effect of Levodopa and Environmental Setting on Gait and Turning Digital Markers Related to Falls in People with Parkinson's Disease, Vrutangkumar V. Shah, James McNames, Patricia Carlson-Kuhta, John G. Nutt, Mahmoud El-Gohary, Kristen Sowalsky, Martina Mancini, and Fay B. Horak

An Analog Frontend Controller for Continuous Sensor Sampling Without CPU Interaction for Fully-Integrated Single-Chip Sensor Systems, Stephen Short and David C. Burnett


Incentivizing Distributed Energy Resource Participation in Grid Services, Tylor Slay, John M. Acken, and Robert B. Bass


Proposed Application for an Entity Component System in an Energy Services Interface, Tylor Slay, Grace B. Spitzer, and Robert B. Bass


A Graph-Based Approach to Boundary Estimation with Mobile Sensors, Sean Onufer Stalley, Dingyu Wang, Gautam Dasarathy, and John Lipor

Revisiting the Edge of Chaos: Again?, Christof Teuscher

Multi-Branch Detection Network Based on Trigger Attention for Pedestrian Detection Under Occlusion, Zhuowei Wang, Weida Lin, Lianglun Cheng, Xiaoyu Song, and Yang Wang


Warp-Aware Adaptive Energy Efficiency Calibration for Multi-GPU Systems, Zhuowei Wang, Xiaoyu Song, Lianglun Cheng, Hai Wan, Wuqing Zhao, and Tao Wang

Communication-Aware Energy Consumption Model in Heterogeneous Computing Systems, Zhuowei Wang, Hao Wang, Xiaoyu Song, and JiaHui Wu

Electromagnetic Analysis of a High Gear-Ratio Magnetically Geared Motor, H. Y. Wong, Jonathan Z. Bird, S. Essakiappan, A. Verma, and M. Manjrekar

Improving the Measurements of IP3, Siyuan Yan, Xianzhen Yang, Xiao Li, and Fu Li

Detecting Affine Equivalence of Boolean Functions and Circuit Transformation, Xiao Zeng, Guowu Yang, Xiaoyu Song, Marek A. Perkowski, and Gang Chen


COCM: Co-Occurrence-Based Consistency Matching in Domain-Adaptive Segmentation, Siyu Zhu, Yingjie Tian, Fenfen Zhou, Kunlong Bai, and Xiaoyu Song

Submissions from 2021


A 3D Crossbar Architecture for both Pipeline and Parallel Computations, John M. Acken and Muayad J. Aljafar

A New Approach to Machine Learning Based on Functional Decomposition of Multi -Valued Functions, Saad Al-Askaar and Marek Perkowski

Survey on the Benefits of Using Memristors for Pufs, Muayad J. Aljafar and John M. Acken

Investigating the Performance of a New Type of Preloaded Linear Stroke Length Magnetic Spring, Hossein Baninajar, Jonathan Bird, and Victor Albarran

Quantum Algorithm for Machine Learning and Circuit Design Based on Optimization of Ternary - Input, Binary-Output Kronecker-Reed-Muller Forms, Maggie Bao, Cole Powers, and Marek A. Perkowski

A Review of Electric Aircraft Drivetrain Motor Technology, Jonathan Z. Bird


Dual Multivector Model Predictive Control for the Power Converters of a Floating OWC WEC, Marcos Blanco, Dionisio Ramirez, Mohammad Ebrahim Zarei, and Mahima Gupta

Application of a Simple, Spiking, Locally Competitive Algorithm to Radionuclide Identification, Merlin Carson, Walt Woods, Sebastian Reynolds, Mark Wetzel, Adam J. Morton, Adam A. Hecht, Marek Osiński, and Christof Teuscher


An Adjustable Stiffness Torsional Magnetic Spring with a Linear Stroke Length, Dawei Che, Jonathan Z. Bird, Alex Hagmüller, and Md Emrad Hossain

Nanoelectronics-Beyond CMOS Computing, Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, Stephen M. Goodnick, and Martin N. Wybourne

Quantum Motions and Emotions for a Humanoid Robot Actor, Richard Deng, Yuchen Huang, and Marek A. Perkowski

Developing a Distributed Trust Model for Distributed Energy Resources, N. Sonali Fernando, John M. Acken, and Robert B. Bass


Novel Quantum Algorithms to Minimize Switching Functions Based on Graph Partitions, Peng Gao, Marek A. Perkowski, Yiwei Li, and Xiaoyu Song

Optimal Environmental Estimation with Ocean Ambient Noise., John Gebbie and Martin Siderius

Comparing Fall Detection Methods in People with Multiple Sclerosis: A Prospective Observational Cohort Study, Andrea Hildebrand, Peter G. Jacobs, Jonathon Folsom, Clara Mosquera-Lopez, Eric A. Wan, and Michelle Cameron


Sound Speed Gradients in Mud, Charles W. Holland


On Compressional Wave Attenuation in Muddy Marine Sediments, Charles W. Holland and Stan E. Dosso


Seabed Observations at the New England Mud Patch: Reflection and Scattering Measurements and Direct Geoacoustic Information, Charles W. Holland, Chad M. Smith, Zackary Lowe, and Jim Dorminy

Analysis and Experimental Testing of a New Type of Variable Stiffness Magnetic Spring with a Linear Stroke Length, Md Emrad Hossain, Jonathan Z. Bird, Victor Albarran, and Dawei Che

Detection Limit for Intermediate Faults in Memristor Circuits, Rasika Joshi and John M. Acken

Utilizing Sneak Paths for Memristor Test Time Improvement, Rasika Joshi and John M. Acken


Head-Wave Correlations in Layered Seabed: Theory and Modeling, Jie Li, Martin Siderius, Peter Gerstoft, Jun Fan, and Lanfranco Muzi

Spoken Digit Classification by In-Materio Reservoir Computing with Neuromorphic Atomic Switch Networks, Sam Lilak, Walt Woods, Kelsey Scharnhorst, Christopher Dunham, Christof Teuscher, Adam Z. Stieg, and James K. Gimzewski


Deep Learning Approach for Screening Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children with Facial Images and Analysis of Ethnoracial Factors in Model Development and Application, Angelina Lu and Marek Perkowski

Mmwave Full-Duplex Wireless Communication: TX-RX Self-Interference Reduction Through Passive Cancellation Techniques, Adewale K. Oladeinde, Ehsan Aryafar, and Branimir Pejcinovic

Teaching High-Frequency Circuit Design in Online Environment, Branimir Pejcinovic

Binary, Multi-Valued and Quantum Board and Computer Games to Teach Synthesis of Classical and Quantum Logic Circuits, Marek A. Perkowski and Kyle Liu

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor As an Indoor Disinfectant: Removal to Indoor Materials and Associated Emissions of Organic Compounds, Dustin Poppendieck, Heidi Hubbard, and Richard L. Corsi


Effectiveness Assessment of the Search-Based Statistical Structural Testing, Yang Shi, Xiaoyu Song, Marek A. Perkowski, and Fu Li

An Energy Service Interface for Distributed Energy Resources, Tylor E. Slay and Robert B. Bass

Landing on Mars: Probabilistic Modeling Enables Quantifying the Last "six Minutes of Terror", Ephraim Suhir

Approximate Memristive In-Memory Hamming Distance Circuit, Mohammad M. A. Taha and Christof Teuscher


A Golden Age for Computing Frontiers, A Dark Age for Computing Education?, Christof Teuscher

Computational Capacity of Complex Memcapacitive Networks, Dat Tran and Christof Teuscher

Fast Thermal Goodness Evaluation of a 3D-IC Floorplan, Satya K. Vendra and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

A Utility Game Driven Qos Optimization for Cloud Services, Yan Wang, Jian-tao Zhou, and Xiaoyu Song

Performance Potential of High Gear Ratio Coaxial Magnetic Gears, Ho Yin David Wong and Jonathan Z. Bird


Fourth-Order Nonlinear Distortion to the Power Spectrum of RF Amplifiers, Xianzhen Yang, Shiyu Li, and Fu Li


On IP2 Impact to Nonlinear Distortion of RF Amplifiers, Xianzhen Yang, Shiyu Li, Siyuan Yan, and Fu Li

An Assessment of Global Ocean Barotropic Tide Models Using Geodetic Mission Altimetry and Surface Drifters, Edward Zaron and Shane Elipot

Submissions from 2020


A Simplified Accuracy Enhancement to the Saleh AM/AM Modeling and Linearization of Solid-State RF Power Amplifiers, Haider Al-kanan and Fu Li


Improved Estimation for Saleh Model and Predistortion of Power Amplifiers using 1-dB Compression Point, Haider Al Kanan, Xianzhen Yang, and Fu Li

Microwave Modulated Scatter Active Array Distortion Sidelobes, Nasr Alkhafaji, Richard L. Campbell, and Madeleine Roche