Submissions from 2020


Improved Estimation for Saleh Model and Predistortion of Power Amplifiers using 1-dB Compression Point, Haider Al Kanan, Xianzhen Yang, and Fu Lo

Microwave Modulated Scatter Active Array Distortion Sidelobes, Nasr Alkhafaji, Richard Campbell, and Madeleine Roche

An Axial Cycloidal Magnetic Gear That Minimizes the Unbalanced Radial Force, Hailin Huang, Jonathan Z. Bird, Agustin L. Vera, and Ronghai Qu


A Polarity-Based Approach for Optimization of Multivalued Quantum Multiplexers with Arbitrary Single-Qubit Target Gates, Kevin Jin, Tahsin Soffat, Justin Morgan, and Marek Perkowski


Introduction to the Design and Simulation of Reflectionless Filters, G. Lemire and Branimir Pejcinovic


Inversion of Head Waves in Ocean Acoustic Ambient Noise, Jie Li, Peter Gerstoft, Martin Siderius, and Jun Fan

Clustering Quality Metrics for Subspace Clustering, John Lipor and Laura Balzano


An Extended Approach for Generating Unitary Matrices for Quantum Circuits, Zhiqiang Li, Wei Zhang, Gaoman Zhang, Juan Dai, Jiajia Hu, Marek Perkowski, and Xiaoyu Song

Time-Triggered Switch-Memory-Switch Architecture for Time-Sensitive Networking Switches, Zonghui Li, Hai Wan, Yangdong Deng, Xibin Zhao, Yue Gao, Xiaoyu Song, and Ming Gu


Design of Rubrics for Student Outcomes in 2019-2020 ABET Criteria, Branimir Pejcinovic


Work-in-Progress: Implementing Sophomore Cornerstone Courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Branimir Pejcinovic, Melinda Holtzman, and Phillip Wong

Secure Coronas Based Zone Clustering and Routing Model for Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks, Mayigaiah Revanesh, Varadharajan Sridhar, and John M. Acken

Digital Biomarkers of Mobility in Parkinson's Disease During Daily Living, Vrutangkumar Shah, James McNames, Martina Mancini, Patricia Carlson-Kuhta, John G. Nutt, Mahmoud Ahmed El-Gohary, Jodi Lapidus, Fay Horak, and Carolin Curtze

Quantity and Quality of Gait and Turning in People with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and Matched Controls During Daily Living, Vrutangkumar Shah, James McNames, Martina Mancini, Patricia Carlson-Kuhta, Rebecca I. Spain, John G. Nutt, Mahmoud Ahmed El-Gohary, Carolin Curtze, and Fay Horak


A Quantum Algorithm for Automata Encoding, Edison Tsai and Marek Perkowski


Multi-Scale Decision Network With Feature Fusion and Weighting for Few-Shot Learning, Xiaoru Wang, Bing Ma, Zhihong Yu, Fu Li, and Yali Cai

Scheduling Large-Scale Scientific Workflow on Virtual Machines with Different Numbers of vCPUs, Hao Wu, Xin Chen, Xiaoyu Song, and He Guo


Spectrum Modeling of Out-of-Band Intermodulation for Dual-Band RF Amplifiers in OFDM Modulation, Xianzhen Yang, Siyuan Yan, Xiao Li, Qiang Wu, and Fu Li

Submissions from 2019

Atomic Layer Deposition of 2-Dimensional, Semiconducting SnSe Thin Films, Shakila Afrin, Neal Kuperman, and Raj Solanki

Logical Effort Framework for CNFET-Based VLSI Circuits for Delay and Area Optimization, Muhammad Ali, Mohammed Abrar Ahmed, and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Multi-input Volistor Logic XNOR Gates, Muayad J. Aljafar, Marek A. Perkowski, and John M. Acken

Saleh Model and Digital Predistortion for Power Amplifiers in Wireless Communications Using the Third-Order Intercept Point, Haider Al-kanan, Xianzhen Yang, and Fu Li

Reservoir Computing with Complex Cellular Automata, Neil Babson and Christof Teuscher


A Review of Integrated Propulsion, Suspension and Guidance Passive Guideway Maglev Technologies, Jonathan Bird

Tolerating C Integer Error via Precision Elevation, Xi Cheng, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun


Machine-learning Based Three-Qubit Gate for Realization of a Toffoli Gate with cQED-based Transmon Systems, Sahar Daraeizadeh, Shavindra Premaratne, Xiaoyu Song, Marek A. Perkowski, and Anne Y. Matsuura

Investigating the Performance of a Variable Stiffness Magnetic Spring for Resonant Ocean Power Generation, Emrad Hossain and Jonathan Bird

A Novel Machine Learning Algorithm to Reduce Prediction Error and Accelerate Learning Curve for Very Large Datasets, Wenjun Hou and Marek A. Perkowski

On the Sparse Percolation of Damage in Finite Non-synchronous Random Boolean Networks, Masado Ishii, Jacob Gores, and Christof Teuscher


Evaluation of Bus-Bicycle and Bus/Right-Turn Traffic Delays and Conflicts, Katherine L. Keeling, Travis B. Glick, Miles Crumley, and Miguel A. Figliozzi

Comparison of Propagation Models for the Characterization of Sound Pressure Fields, Elizabeth T. Küsel and Martin Siderius


Electromagnetic Analysis of a Wind Turbine Magnetic Gearbox, Kang Li, Sina Modaresahmadi, Wesley B. Williams, and Jonathan Bird

Electromagnetic Analysis and Experimental Testing of a Flux Focusing Wind Turbine Magnetic Gearbox, Kang Li, Sina Modaresahmadi, Wesley B. Williams, Jonathon Bird, Jason D. Wright, and David Barnett

Designing and Experimentally Testing a Magnetic Gearbox for a Wind Turbine Demonstrator, Kang Li, Sina Modaresahmadi, Wesley B. Williams, Jason D. Wright, Debarupa Som, and Jonathan Z. Bird

Quantile Search with Time-Varying Search Parameter, John Lipor and Gautam Dasarathy

Grover-based Ashenhurst-Curtis Decomposition Using Quantum Language Quipper, Yiwei Li, Edison Tsai, Marek A. Perkowski, and Xiaoyu Song

An Enhanced Reconfiguration for Deterministic Transmission in Time-Triggered Networks, Zonghui Li, Hai Wan, Zaiyu Pang, Xiaoyu Song, Qiubo Chen, Yangdong Deng, Xibin Zhao, Yue Gao, and Ming Gu


Using Homing, Synchronizing and Distinguishing Input Sequences for the Analysis of Reversible Finite State Machines, Martin Lukac, Michitaka Kameyama, Marek A. Perkowski, and Pawel Kerntopf


Transmission-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems: A Systematic Literature Review, Kevin Marnell, Manasseh Obi, and Robert Bass

Through Silicon Via-Aware Layout Design and Power Estimation in Sub-45 Nanometer 3D CMOS IC Technologies, S. Mohapatra, Satya K. Vendra, and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske


Design and Evaluation of a Non-Contact Bed-Mounted Sensing Device for Automated In-Home Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Pilot Study, Clara Mosquera-Lopez, Joseph Leitschuh, John Condon, Chad C. Hagen, Uma Rajhbeharrysingh, Cody Hanks, and Peter Jacobs


Introducing Cornerstone Courses into Electrical and Computer Engineering Curriculum, Branimir Pejcinovic


Challenges in Designing a Mentorship Program for Electrical Engineering Freshmen, Branimir Pejcinovic and Melinda Holtzman


Board 63: Work in Progress: Adapting Scrum Project Management to ECE Courses, Branimir Pejcinovic, Phillip Wong, and Robert Bass

An Effective Clustering Method for Finding Density Peaks, Rui-dong Qi, Jian-Tao Zhou, and Xiaoyu Song

A Framework for Shopfloor Material Delivery Based on Real-Time Manufacturing Big Data, Shan Ren, Xibin Zhao, Binbin Huang, Zhe Wang, and Xiaoyu Song


Environmental Information Content of Ocean Ambient Noise, Martin Siderius and John Thomas Gebbie

Comparative Analysis of Full Adder Custom Design Circuit using Two Regular Structures in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata (QCA), Rahul Singhal and Marek A. Perkowski

Distance-Penalized Active Learning via Markov Decision Processes, Dingyu Wang, John Lipor, and Gautam Dasarathy

Adaptive Scheduling for Multicluster Time-Triggered Train Communication Networks, Ningchen Wang, Qinghan Yu, Hai Wan, Xiaoyu Song, and Xibin Zhao


A High Torque Density Halbach Rotor Coaxial Magnetic Gear, Ho Yin Wong, Jonathan Z. Bird, David Barnett, and Wesley Williams

Cost Minimization of Scheduling Scientific Workflow Applications on Clouds, Hao Wu, Xin Chen, Xiaoyu Song, and He Guo

A Group Algebraic Approach to NPN Classification of Boolean Functions, Juling Zhang, Guowu Yang, William N. N. Hung, Tian Liu, Xiaoyu Song, and Marek A. Perkowski

Submissions from 2018


A Time-Efficient CMOS-Memristive Programmable Circuit Realizing Logic Functions in Generalized AND-XOR Structures, Muayad Aljafar, Marek Perkowski, John M. Acken, and Robin Tan

Electromagnetic and Mechanical Design of a Hermetically Sealed Magnetic Gear for a Marine Hydrokinetic Generator, Hossein Baninajar, Jonathan Z. Bird, Sina Modaresahmadi, and Wesley Williams

Electromagnetic Design and Assembly Analysis of a Halbach Rotor Magnetic Gear for a Marine Hydrokinetic Application, Hossein Baninajar, Jonathan Z. Bird, Sina Modaresahmadi, and Wesley Williams

A Dual-Heat-Pump Residential Heating System for Shaping Electric Utility Load, Emily Barrett, Conrad Eustis, and Robert B. Bass

Parallelizing SMT Solving: Lazy Decomposition and Conciliation, Xi Cheng, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun


Power System Spoof Detection with a Hybrid Hardware/Software Benchmarking Framework, Keaton Dieter, Ben McCamish, Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez, Robert Bass, Scott Wallace, and Xinghui Zhao

Improving K-Subspaces via Coherence Pursuit, Andrew Gitlin, Biaoshuai Tao, Laura Balzano, and John Lipor

When is Altruistic Punishment Useful in Social Dilemmas?, Garrison W. Greenwood, Hussein A. Abbass, and Eleni Petraki

MIL, a Monadic Intermediate Language for Implementing Functional Languages, Mark P. Jones, Justin Bailey, and Theodore R. Cooper

A Magnetically Geared Lead Screw Without Translator Skewing, Mojtaba Bahrami Kouhshahi, Jonathan Z. Bird, A. Jannsen, J. Kadel, and W. Williams

Designing and Experimentally Testing a Magnetically Geared Lead Screw, Mojtaba Bahrami Kouhshahi, Jonathan Z. Bird, Joshua D. Kadel, and Wesley B. Williams

Spectrum Modeling of Cross-Modulation for Concurrent Dual-Band RF Power Amplifiers in OFDM Modulation, Fu Li, Siyuan Yan, Xianzhen Yang, and Xiao Li


Subspace Clustering Using Ensembles of K-Subspaces, John Lipor, David Hong, Yan Shou Tan, and Laura Balzano


Event Detection Using Correlation within Arrays of Streaming PMU Data, Rich Meier, Ben McCamish, Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez, Jordan Landford, Robert Bass, and David Chiu


High-resolution Observations in the Western Mediterranean Sea: The REP14-MED Experiment, Reiner Onken, Heinz-Volker Fiekas, Laurent Beguery, Ines Borrione, Andreas Funk, Michael Hemming, Jaime Hernandez-Lasheras, Karen J. Heywood, Jan Kaiser, Michaela Knoll, Baptiste Mourre, Paolo Oddo, Pierre-Marie Poulain, Bastien Y. Queste, Aniello Russo, Kiminori Shitashima, Martin Siderius, and Elizabeth Thorp Küsel

Litho-aware Machine Learning for Hotspot Detection, Jea Woo Park, Andres Torres, and Xiaoyu Song

Teaching Professional Skills in Microwave Circuit Design Classes, Branimir Pejcinovic


Assessing Scrum Project Management and Teamwork in Electrical and Computer Engineering Courses, Branimir Pejcinovic, Robert B. Bass, and Phillip Wong

A Synergistic Cloud Service Approach for Cold Start Problems, Rui-dong Qi, Jian-tao Zhou, and Xiaoyu Song


Terahertz Imaging of Thin Film Layers with Matched Field Processing, Scott Schecklman and Lisa M. Zurk

Formal Analysis of the Kinematic Jacobian in Screw Theory, Zhiping Shi, Aixuan Wu, Xiumei Yang, Yong Guan, Yongdong Li, and Xiaoyu Song


Head Waves in ocean acoustic ambient noise: Measurements and modeling, Martin Siderius, Jie Li, and Peter Gerstoft

Synthesizing Fault-Tolerant Schedule for Time-Triggered Network Without Hot Backup, Lifan Su, Hai Wan, Yufang Qin, Song Xiaoyu, Xibin Zhao, Yue Gao, Chenyang Lu, and Ming Gu

A Magnetic Gearbox With an Active Region Torque Density of 239 N.m/L, Kiran K. Uppalapati, Matthew D. Calvin, Jason D. Wright, J. Pitchard, Wesley B. Williams, and Jonathan Z. Bird

Buffered-Interconnect Performance and Power Dissipation in 3D ICs with Temperature Profile, Satya K. Vendra and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske


Thermal Management in 3D IC Designs for Nano-CMOS Technologies: Analysis on Graphene- vs. Graphite-based TIM, Satya K. Vendra and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Weak-Assert: A Weakness-Oriented Assertion Recommendation Toolkit for Program Analysis, Cong Wang, Yu Jiang, Xibin Zhao, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and jiaguang Sun

From Offline Towards Real-Time Verification for Robot Systems, Rui Wang, Yingxia Wei, Houbing Song, Yu Jiang, Yong Guan, Xiaoyu Song, and Xiaojuan Li

Comparative Analysis of a Coaxial Magnetic Gearbox with a Flux Concentration Halbach Rotor and Consequent Pole Rotor Typology, D. H. Wong, S. Modaresahmadi, Jonathan Z. Bird, and W. Williams


Modeling Harmonic Impacts of Electric Vehicle Chargers on Distribution Networks, Nicole Woodman, Robert B. Bass, and Mike Donnelly

A Dynamic Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Nontrivial Upper Bounds of Real-Time Tasks in Embedded System Design, Haifeng Xing, Jiantao Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, and Ruidong Qi

Digital Predistortion for Spectrum Compliance in the Internet of Things, Siyuan Yan, Xiao Li, Changhong Jiang, Hui Li, Lingmei Wang, and Fu Li

A Cloud Workflow Model Based on Resources Selection, Jiantao Zhou, Xianyang Li, Yan Wang, and Xiaoyu Song

Temporal Coverage Analysis for Dynamic Verification, Min Zhou, William N. N. Hung, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun

Submissions from 2017

Future Proof IoT: Composable Semantics, Security, QoS and Reliability, Tim Abels, Rahul Khanna, and Kevin Midkiff

Performance Optimization and Power Efficiency in 3D IC With Buffer Insertion Scheme, Mohammad A. Ahmed, Sucheta Mohapatra, and Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Comparison of 2-D Behavioral Models for Modeling and Digital Predistortion of Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers, Haider Al-kanan, Fu Li, and Felice Francesco Tafuri

Extended Saleh Model for Behavioral Modeling of Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers, Haider Al-kanan, Fu Li, and Felice Francesco Tafuri

Modeling Undependable Subsidies with Three-player Generalized Divide the Dollar, Daniel Ashlock and Garrison Greenwood


Shift-Symmetric Configurations in Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata: Irreversibility, Insolvability, and Enumeration, Peter Banda, John S. Caughman IV, Martin Cenek, and Christof Teuscher

Analysis and Testing of a Hybrid Halbach Magnetic Gearbox, Jonathan Z. Bird, Kang Li, Joshua Kadel, Jason D. Wright, Debarupa Som, and Wesley Williams


Feedforward Chemical Neural Network: An In Silico Chemical System That Learns XOR, Drew Blount, Peter Banda, Christof Teuscher, and Darko Stefanovic

What We Know After Twelve Years Developing and Deploying Test Data Analytics Solutions, Kenneth M. Butler, Amit Nahar, and W. Robert Daasch

Instrumentation Receiver for Medium Frequency Propagation and Noise Measurements, Richard Campbell and James Davey

Portable Objective Assessment of Upper Extremity Motor Function in Parkinson's Disease, L. M. Chahine, L. Uribe, P. Hogarth, James McNames, A. Siderowf, K. Marek, and D. Jennings

Modeling Power System Buses Using Performance Based Earthquake Engineering Methods, Vishvas Chalishazar, Chen Huo, Ian Fox, Travis Hagan, Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez, Annette Von Jouanne, Julia Zhang, Ted Brekken, and Robert B. Bass

IntPTI: Automatic Integer Error Repair with Proper-type Inference, Xi Cheng, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, and Jiaguang Sun