Submissions from 2019


Maximizing O&M Services in Rural and Remote Areas through Distance Consultation, Amy T. Parker and J. Tellefson

Submissions from 2018

Physician Awareness of Developmental Screening and Referral in the State of Kuwait, Hollie Hix-Small and Khaled Alkherainej

Promoting the Accessibility of SWPBIS for Students With Severe Disabilities, Sheldon L. Loman, M. Kathleen L. Strickland-Cohen, and Virginia L. Walker


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Fostering Collaborations and Partnerships Through OSEP Grants, Amy T. Parker, Katina Lambros, Carol Robinson Zanartu, and Robert Wall Emerson


DeafBlind Pocket Communicator: No-Tech Innovation Using 3-D Printing, Amy T. Parker and Susan Sullivan


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Submissions from 2017


Comprehensive Personnel Development in Deafblind Education: Exploration of a Model, Catherine Nelson and Amy T. Parker

Considering a Practical Orientation and Mobility Framework to Design Communication Interventions for People With Visual Impairments, Deafblindness, and Multiple Disabilities, Amy T. Parker

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Submissions from 2016

Perceptions of Social Networks by Adults Who Are Deafblind, Katrina Arndt and Amy T. Parker

Child-Centered Play Therapy as a Comprehensive School Counseling Approach: Directions for Research and Practice, Kimberly M. Jayne and Dee C. Ray

Toward a Comprehensive System of Personnel Development in Deafblind Education, Amy T. Parker and Catherine Nelson

Research on Communication Intervention for Children Who Are Deafblind, Charity Mary Rowland and Amy T. Parker

Submissions from 2015

AAC Modeling With the iPad During Shared Storybook Reading Pilot Study, Samuel C. Sennott and Linda H. Mason

Submissions from 2014


Multi-tiered Support Systems and Special Education Models for English Learners, Julie Esparza Brown


Looking to the Future of Deaf-Blind Services and the Role of Interveners: A National Webinar Co-Sponsored by NCDB and NFADB, Amy T. Parker and Peggy Malloy

Submissions from 2013


Response to Intervention for English Learners: Big Ideas and Myth Busters, Julie Esparza Brown


Basic FBA to BSP Trainer’s Manual, Sheldon Loman, M. Kathleen Strickland-Cohen, Christopher Borgmeier, and Robert Horner

Submissions from 2011


Educational Programming for Students Who are Deafblind: Position Statement, Amy T. Parker, Betsy L. McGinnity, and Susan M. Bruce

Submissions from 2010


Practical Functional Behavioral Assessment Training Manual for School-Based Personnel, Sheldon Loman and Christopher Borgmeier


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Submissions from 2004


Teaching Transitions: Techniques for Promoting Success Between Lessons, Kent McIntosh, Keith Herman, Amanda K. Sanford, Kelly McGraw, and Kira Florence